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David Goggins – The Cure To Laziness

David Goggins – The Cure To Laziness

if you’re not willing to go in there and face yourself I can find anything you can live right here on surface man right here on surface so there is an ending to this world and there is somewhere to go in this a judgement you’re gonna get there and you might see a chart and that chart may tell you who the you should have been and they get to rest your life to think about that man I could have lived a much better life I just would have just suffered a little bit more if I just would have went nuts and realized I had so much more but fear and the 40% and living here versus living here being afraid it stopped me your biggest enemy your biggest the most important conversation you will ever have in your life is the one you have with yourself you wake up with it you walk around with it you go to bed with it eventually you’re gonna act on it but they good or bad you have to that’s what the whole thing about this book I have it’s about you it is about you it’s strictly about you finding who you are so many people die we live 100 years never know who they are never know who they are you have to look in that mirror and know this there’s so much more in here man because I can literally right now be a 300-pound guy spraying for cockroaches through this day if I did not look in that mirror and say there has to be more to this this can’t be it and then we’re willing to go into it dive deep into it and give all I have to find it so that’s what is that’s what all that’s about let’s say there’s ten people in this room and we’re all mediocre but I’m the best of the mediocre people I now think I’m great I’m great we surround ourselves around people that make us feel great they tell us what we want to hear the second we put ourselves amongst the uncommon people we don’t like that feeling that challenge and feel that of that person’s brick about three thirty more hey push it we’re going for a run we don’t like that challenge we like that person who says hey you know I mean I don’t feel good today man and they say oh it’s okay brother I take a day off maybe get a pizza lost a game we like that we love that feeling why cuz you understand man we’re good bro we don’t want that mother who’s like this hey man no bro get your own man it’s not being a punk we don’t want in their lives we don’t want that person who’s constantly challenging our weaknesses we want that process constantly you know macness feel nice and good and secure nurse that’s the mediocrity of life we want to be the best amongst the average people people wonder how do you stay hungry all the time because after I accomplish something I don’t sit back like a lot of guys who graduate buzz graduate this graduate that they get comfortable they wonder why I’m getting weak man I don’t know I lost my edge what’s going on cuz once you hit the top of the mountain guess what happened I’m good I’m good so you wonder why you’re falling down now because way to be top of the mountain you got booked another one that’s mediocrity there’s a lot of people in mediocrity who have a nice resume but their one time was man they hit they hit a one time deal they busted open got a lot of money but they’re good you’re a mediocre now man what are you getting doing today tomorrow the next day that’s where I listen to theorists I don’t listen all that bull I listen to a mother who’s like this man what’s wrong man you’re tired why are you tired because tomorrow I’m gonna do the things begin whatever it is that made me nauseous and sick to my stomach it made me hurt there’s no ending and that’s the person I listened to that’s the person who’s gained knowledge you gain knowledge do suffering and on the other end the suffering is a world that very few very few have ever seen it’s a beautiful world because that’s where you find yourself you don’t find yourself in over here you find yourself on the other end like the hundred mile race I was on I ran for 24 hours I found myself on the other end of that race that 19 hours I found wow there’s a whole nother world out here that never even stopped but the rose in your mind and that’s what all that mediocrity is about the mind has the tactical advantage over you at all times at all times of your life the mind has a tactical advantage over you why is that it knows that you’re afraid of it knows your insecurities it knows your deep dark lies and it starts to push you away from that it pushes you in a direction that is comfortable the mind controls everything so what I realized was that when I was growing up and I was 300 pounds and I got all fat and I got all insecure I realized that my mind kept taking me in this direction when things got uncomfortable for me when I was facing my insecurities I was facing my fears my mind said oh no we have a tactical advantage we just get you separate you from this feeling this feeling over your life’s all about feelings we want the happy feeling we don’t want that feeling of this sucks if in that moment you can answer those tough questions and you are now in charge of your brain versus your brain ruling you that’s where all that stuff comes from so so the 40% rule is all of that you get to 40% your brain says we’re done let’s roll man this is trying to get painful this is uncomfortable so you sit down you have to figure out ways and everybody’s different that’s how the book kind of talks about like we all have these things about you know five steps to this and in four steps to this it’s it’s not more than that that’s all bullshit it’s it’s a practice that you have to it’s a habit so if you know that 40 percent I’m still you know I’m feeling pain and 40 percent feeling pain that’s where the 40% will kicks in now it starts okay I’m feeling pain my mind saying all this to me is saying get out of here run flee the fight-or-flight kicks in okay we’re gonna we’re not good enough and starts telling you all these things you start to believe it because the mind controls all this is the time we have to get control back of your mind it’s okay let me see if I can go 45 percent and once you start giving yourself more and more hope instead of realizing okay their mind starts to be okay what are you doing we’re supposed to be going right and you’re going left you start then controlling your mind start finding more in your in yourself and it goes from 40 percent to a lot further than that but that’s the start of it though get to the spot where your mind is saying stop wherever that is get there first and then that’s when that shit starts to work for you you got to control yourself in that moment [Music] you

Reader Comments

  1. I started watching David goggins about 2 and a half months ago, since then I've lost 40 pounds, have a better job and I'm more driven to do what I have to do in order to become successful. David helped me in my life I'm sure he has with lots of other people too. Thank you for your service Mr goggins and thank you for being the man to put drive into people who've had hard lifes or are going through hard times.

  2. This clip is weak and uninspiring. Nice job editing David and his true words out, you were inspired to get clicks only..I’d love to know how many physical feats have been accomplished by YOU the person who stole his motivational words to make this fairytale video. Anyone watching this, watch the Joe Rogan interview that is REAL. Or better yet buy Goggins’ book. This here is disrespectful and crap.

  3. Wow, was watching until I realized someone censored david fucking goggins. Whoever did that completely misses the point of david fucking goggins. You should be ashamed of yourself, i wish i could block channels.

  4. 𝕀 π•–π•’π•€π•šπ•π•ͺ 𝕔𝕣𝕖𝕒π•₯𝕖 π•™π•šπ•˜π•™ π•§π•šπ•“π•£π•’π•₯π•šπ• π•Ÿπ•’π• π•—π•£π•–π•’π•¦π•–π•Ÿπ•”π•ͺ π•’π•Ÿπ•• π•žπ•ͺ π•˜π• π•’π•π•€ 𝕒𝕣𝕖 π•”π• π•žπ•šπ•Ÿπ•˜ π•₯𝕠 π•žπ•– π•Ÿπ•’π•₯𝕦𝕣𝕒𝕝𝕝π•ͺ ( π”Έπ•—π•—π•šπ•£π•žπ•’π•₯π•šπ• π•Ÿπ•€ 𝔽𝕠𝕣 π•Šπ•¦π•”π•”π•–π•€π•€ ) >

    ΰ·ƒΰ·”ΰ·€ ΰΆšΰ·’ΰΆ»ΰ·“ΰΆΈ සࢳහා ΰ·ƒΰ·”ΰ·€ ΰΆšΰ·’ΰΆ»ΰ·“ΰΆΈ ࢉࢭා ΰΆ†ΰ·ΰ·Šΰ·€ΰ·ΰΆ―ΰΆ’ΰΆ±ΰΆš … ΰΆ”ΰ·„ΰ·” ΰΆ”ΰΆΆ ΰΆ­ΰ·”ΰ·… ࢴ්ࢻΰΆ₯ාව ΰΆšΰ·™ΰΆ½ΰ·™ΰ·ƒΰΆ± ΰΆ†ΰΆšΰ·ΰΆ»ΰΆΊΰΆ§ ࢚ࢭා ΰΆšΰΆ»ΰΆΊΰ·’

  5. I get goosebumps reading all these comments of people that were searching for something and they didn't know what it was. It was goggins.

  6. I like David a lot, and his story is inspiring as fuck, but his message is pretty empty and repetitive. Still, the insight into somebody so willing to fuck with pain and suffering is invaluable.

  7. 99% of the people here will revert back to your own lazy ways. Because you're weak and you were not meant to be great. Lazy idiots. Uneducated losers.

  8. This is the acception where u need to not care about fucking money . Yes I'm talking about ads. Don't fuckin censor a man who wants to tell u str8 up what's up. That's pussy ass degenerate beta shit. NEVER DO IT AGAIN.


  9. My goal is to finish school and I don’t know how am i gonna do it please help me someone i have life goal is to start my life in US but i need to finish school somehow😒

  10. I started 140 push ups a day after reading the book, I'm 35 days in and am now doing over 200 on average. After training for many years, this little change to callous my mind has given me the biggest improvements. I hope to hit my 50,000 target well before the year I planned. Go on Goggins….keep motivating the world!!

  11. No more slacking from now on. Cmon I can do it. No more jerking off, no more time wasting, no more. I know ive told myself this hundred times and struggle but I am going to keep telling myselft it untill I make it because if I keep falling I will jump up higher everytime. Cmon you can do it dont give up and keep trying. Ok now that ive gotten words out of my mind lets get it

  12. Love this quote! The idea is that flowing water never goes stale, so just keep on flowing. – Bruce Lee.

  13. All respect to Mr. Goggins. It is an interesting statement on our country that a poor black man has to run a marathon on 2 broken legs to achieve a modicum of success and that even this is not available to poor black women.

  14. Can highly recommend his book on audible cause they do a podcast version of reading it. I listen to this before every workout and can say David Goggin's has helped shine light on my laziness in the past and even to this day. But every day I work towards being a better person with him as a role model.

  15. David Goggins’s language does not bother me at all. Listen to his message, his wisdom. Look at the example of his life! Resolve to emulate his determination and achievements. I would hate to avoid his brilliance because of some words he uses. This world is blessed by the presence of David Goggins!

  16. If You Need Some Good Instrumentals To Get Motivated Please Visit My Channel ! Here for people to get inspired.. don't even focus on the word lazy its a disease!

  17. A lot of great points in this video. The one I personally resonated with was about suffering/knowing yourself. For me, running brings me joy and pain at the same time. The pain is obvious; however, the joy develops from consistency and perseverance. After running a few months straight, I’m able to go faster and farther without my body feeling as taxed as before. This allows me to enjoy the benefits, as well as the beauty of running. Persevering with running translates directly to the rest of my life, allowing me to bring this mentality everywhere. I am able to complete task when I might not feel like it or claim to be too tired to complete. Great video!

  18. I've overcome physical emotional and sexual abuse , depression anxiety poverty the murder of my only child alcohol cocaine heroin Suboxone tobacco sugar high cholesterol prediabetes high WBC then went back to school at 52 yrs old and went from 205lbs to 150lbs w 7percent body fat …Dave is spot's battles just make you tougher (if you get off your ass)

  19. he just obliterated American parenting theory! he is the .05%…most people watch the movie, the road most taken…few live the movie. we live in a push button world…technology is producing greater imbeciles who let the 1% think for them…i think this is why tv shows like Survivor were so popular…on an island, what do i really know? without buttons to push, who am i really? for most, you aren't jack shit! that is the humility of David Groggins…face yourself first. How do you and I react to criticism? criticism can be the greatest blessing…yet the tough love of our grandparents…SUCK IT UP (toxic masculinity millennials call it today) needs balance…I love Groggins, but is he still controlled by his toxic shame past? Perfectionism? the maturity he speaks of doesnt come until you can stop judging others who are not willing to make the effort…you gently encourage them over shaming them because YOU did it, therefore…you simply say, "I wish you the best"…and if they are inspired, then they will drink at the well.

  20. This guy is undoubtedly driven, but he just doesn't seem very bright. His motivation and desire for pain and punishment far outweigh his intelligence.

  21. It's funny how he always says he hates the word "motivation" and that "motivation sucks" yet every second video others post on him on Youtube is labeled "Goggins motivational video" or the likes. πŸ˜€

  22. I dislike people in the comments talking about β€œchanging your day” or β€œI’m going to do something.”

    The point is not to change your day or to do something now. It’s to change your life and to keep doing things. People listen to these things and are soon to forget. You’ll change shit for a day, maybe a week. People who actually learn something are those who change the way they live. It’s easy to make a temporary change, do something actually worthwhile and stop cheating yourself. Stop listening to these videos and doing NOTHING because I guarantee 90% of you will loose the spark this video gave you. 90% will cheat yourselves of what you could have been. 90% of you will fail yourself.

    Don’t be that 90%, change your damn life.

  23. I am not sure how I feel about all these FuckJerry-like youtube accounts now that basically does nothing but takes other people's work, snip it out, put a title on it, put in some cliche stock clips of dudes looking out into the sunset or through the windows, add some epic music, and plagiarism at its finest again.

  24. Mediocrity is subjective or objective one of those. So dont compare yourself to others and base it on your own goals

  25. I started watching you yesterday, damn i needed this. September , i ship out the marine bootcamp listen to Mr. Goggins motivated me to the fullest and started doing every little thing that can be a task thank you sir .

  26. Being afraid cost my mom everything when she had it all in her 30s. Always making excuses on why she couldn’t press harder as a patent attorney.How she let being laid off from a Fortune 500 make her lazy and just substitute teach.Now she looks at her life in her 70s and can’t believe how much time she wasted. She can’t believe how expensive it is to live on just Social Security.

  27. all of These Videos are saying you have to be better than others, run 200 miles, try to earn mio of money, become a star, to make the greatest career etc… . what most people don't get is that this is the weakness! real strong confident people are trying to find something to do that makes them happy and what is for them, not something that makes you exhausted, stressed and challenged to become something that is glorified by others in a capitalistic consume society πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ.

    enjoying the way, that is the overall goal. otherwise you will waste your life…

  28. This video started a major turning point in my life. I realized I was way more tired of being mediocre than the tiredness I felt when I worked out and ran a mile. I think back of that tiredness of mediocrity every fucking day… and say hell no I ain't going back there man.

  29. 2:34 I feel that all the time, I want to change my life, all I do every single day every hour is watch YouTube and I need to change I barely can go out and have fun with my friends because I’m lazy and don’t feel like it but now ima change starting tomorrow morning

  30. This is so retarded with the censorship, FUCK OFF the video is now garbage! Why??? Ads??? Because nobody who watches videos with swearing in them buys anything???? FUCKING BULLShIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs down!!!!

  31. I’m 15 and throughout the last 3 years or so I’ve been telling my self to change and I haven’t been able to change but this summer I’ve felt motivation that I have never felt before. By the end of this year I will change, on my mother, father and everyone that has ever supported me.

  32. I love listening to Goggins, and his Audiobook is unbelievably good. BUT…it’s easy to put someone like him on a pedestal, so people start believing everything he says.
    This idea that we’re gonna be judged at the end of life, which comes from his Christian beliefs, should not be the reason we go out and do our best in the world.
    Because then he’s only appealing to Christians and other branches of western religion. If we were to imagine there is no creator, would there still be reason to kick your ass into gear?
    YES! Because it makes you live as though this is it. There is no afterlife, and no final judgement. And life is a whole lot better if you live up to your potential, whether God exists or not.

  33. Been working out consecutively 5-6x a week for 11 months now and I suffer from anxiety and depression and when I’m out there fighting my demons is where I really feel alive! Working out saved me, it’s my therapy and now lifestyle

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