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Das Boot – Trailer

Das Boot – Trailer

be here if you return. I can’t be waiting. My heart will burn to– – We are the ones
who grant peace. (SINGING) If I turn myself– We permit you to
live everyday lives. But we’re free to take
it away any time we want. [GUNSHOTS] (SINGING) What we
could have been– – We are the victims. And all we have is our
right to fight back. [EXPLOSIONS, PEOPLE SCREAMING] – Your resistance mostly costs
the lives of French citizens. The people here hate
you more than us. – Whose side are you on? [THUD] [CRIES OUT] [SUBMARINE BELL SOUNDING] – Your brother has
something I need. Now he’s at sea. [THUD] – War is the greatest economic
engine ever discovered. War makes money. And money makes war. [SCREAMING] – Do you really think she’d
be willing to die for us? – For me, she’s

Reader Comments

  1. This is so random but can someone recommend some good dark comedy shows? I've ran out to watch already. It doesn't have to be in hulu

  2. Hulu's been hitting it out of the park lately…
    Catch-22 mini-series starts this week and Das Boot next month. WAY TO GO HULU! Makes me glad I recently became a customer (regardless of what the various malcontents on this comment forum have to say).

  3. This looks like it has nothing to do with the submarine and crew apart from the fact that there happens to be one in it…

    Original was great at focusing on the boat and crew. Almost made you forget who’s side they were on..

  4. Let's take a really great movie about the struggle of dying men, and turn it into a love story!

    I'll take a hard pass on this one.

  5. No. Please tell me this never happened. You cannot improve or replicate perfection. This is not even in the same ballpark.

    Wolfgang Peterson and Lothar Günther Buchheim particularly will cringe at this.

    Where is the characterisation? the claustrophobia? the casting, the score, the location of the original will just never be surpassed.

  6. For everyone thinking this is a remake, it's not. The series takes place several months after the events of the original Das Boot film, and contains elements of the sequel novel that was written by the original author, in 1995. In addition, a second season was ordered back in December.

  7. Has anyone read the books, and if so, does this trailer actually depict either or both of them in any recognizable way? I’m not asking for speculation if you haven’t read the books. I love the Petersen film, and this looks horribly watered- down, no pun intended.

  8. Another worthless Millennial version of an original great production. No doubt the virtue warriors in Germany were trying to find a way of having a woman in a sub show and this is it. Back to the original.

    Edit: For those of you have not seen the original Das Boot watch it first, before you complain about us be easily triggered. You will see why we are mad.

  10. I can't imagine any submarine film coming close to the original masterpiece. However Hulu did an admirable job with Catch-22 so I'll give it a whirl before I cast judgment…

  11. Was really excited to see this trailer. The second I heard some 2019 whine-o music 0:08 seconds in, I facepalmed so bad I have brain-damage. I watched the rest of the trailer, but only out of the curiosity one would have in seeing a slow-motion car crash. Congratulations HULU. You took a beloved title, traded in it's name for a few hundred thousand clicks at the cost of millions of dollars and convinced the majority of the viewing public that this dreck will not be worth watching. Hint for future productions: the submarine is not a background prop for a flick called Das Boot.

  12. What is this war is the greatest economic engine ever discovered line in the trailer on Hulu itself are they implying that world war two was fought for money or is this Hulu just virtue signaling that it's woke af and all the sjw hipsters should take note

  13. Essentially: Someone came in with a script about the french resistance that had NOTHING to do with DAS BOOT. The DAS BOOT elements were added by marketing executive purely for brand recognition.

    This show is a travesty and fell very disconnected from the source material both in tone, and message.

  14. Das Woke?!?! Das woke is a joke!! I wonder if they’ll have a Tranny Antifa member with purple hair onboard????

  15. This is a sequel to the movie. Also, it's based on Lothar-Günther Buchheim's 1973 book Das Boot, but with additions from Buchheim's 1995 sequel Die Festung.

  16. As an American, I do not approve adding an American central character, especially in the almost non-existent resistance. The secondary character, the rich American? Fine. That's a plot device. But the girl Resistance member takes up German oxygen that should be for German characters. It's about them.

    Don't get me wrong: I'm happy Brits and Americans are making this. This would never be seen if the Germans were left alone to make it themselves: they need a Netflix or a Sky to make it work. But that's the end of their involvement, I should think. I'm watching Das Boot to see a German show.

  17. First Catch-22, then Midway, then this. Are filmmakers so out of ideas that they have to remake EVERYTHING these days?

  18. No, no , no you don't get to use that as your title… There is only one Das Boot. 😡 and this is not it!

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