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Darker Than Vantablack—Absorbs 99.9923% of Light

Darker Than Vantablack—Absorbs 99.9923% of Light

Okay everyone, today I’m going to be showing you something I created that is blacker than Vantablack. So if you haven’t heard of Vantablack before, Vantablack is a new material that’s made from carbon nano tubes and it absorbs 99.965% of visible light. Now this stuff is black. But today I’m going to be showing you something that’s even blacker than Vantablack. And I’m going to be showing you how black this actually is by shining the world’s brightest flashlight, this 32,000 Lumen flashlight onto it and seeing if we can see any reflection. And then we’re gonna take it even further and shine this five watt burning laser onto it and see if we see any reflection then. So first let me show you what it looks like and then after I do my experiments, I’ll tell you how I made it. Okay, so here it is on this piece of paper here. So, I don’t have any Vantablack to compare it to but I have 2 other blacks here to compare it to. So, this is my black that’s darker than Vantablack, this is Black 2.0, and this is a black Sharpie. So, Black 2.0 is the blackest paint available on the market and I’ve done some experiments with this before. It absorbs around 96% of light. This black sharpie marker, not so sure how much this absorbs But my black here, should absorb more than 99.96% of light. So let’s see how different these look under some bright lights. So as i do this experiment the light’s gonna get brighter, but I’m gonna let it auto-adjust the I.S.O Meaning that it won’t look like the light is getting way brighter As i increase the lumen’s, but in reality it is. And the reason I’m doing that is because if I don’t do that then there’s gonna be a lot of bleed over from the reflections. Even if this square isn’t reflecting anything there’s gonna be some bleed over into the pixels so it will look like this is reflecting stuff. Okay, so we’ll start off with a 120 lumens So you can see that the black 2.0 is doing pretty good at absorbing most of this, the black sharpie marker you can see it’s not really absorbing all of it There’s a little white coming through, it’s not very black, but then my black here is still just as black as can be. Lets move it up, we got 500 lumen, you can see the difference here, 1500 lumen, so even now the black 2.0 is staring to get some reflection here Black sharpie is getting a lot, but my black is just as black as can be over here, Five thousand lumen Look at that! Cant believe how black that is 13 Thousand lumen Holy cow! Look, the sharpie marker almost completely turns white Same with the black 2.0 You get a total reflection here But then when i move it over this one Still just as black as it can be Can see this is not just some edit here. K, now lets move up to 32 thousand lumen, you ready? Three Two One Holy cow! So the black sharpie is almost white now. And the black 2.0 is getting white too But the black over here is just still black as can be. Can’t even notice a change in it.

Reader Comments

  1. You know thats kinda racist……you couldve said 'Vanta African American' or 'African American 2.0'……

  2. Uses smartphone app to measure luminance and expects anybody to take this seriously. You sir a collosal moron.

  3. If I open my mouth doesn't it means I became a black body …of so why I didn't get burn.
    Waiting for your reply Action lab♥️♥️♥️

  4. Excuse my ignorance, but if it did not emit radiation, would it not actually get hot? Can't you only feel the heat because it's energy being radiated?

  5. Note that the theory of blackbody radiation is wrong. The only thing that works in a box is carbon black. Physics has many many errors. Try a carbon black coating on the inside of the box and the hole will be blacker.

  6. Wish you had been straightforward with the box thing, then I probably would've enjoyed the video more without having to think you were bullshitting for 10 minutes and feeling cheated. Still really cool and clever though

  7. I waste my 11mins watching this lol.
    im just doing this when i was kid playing with my flashlight….hehe

  8. and here I thought he actually invented some new black paint that was even blacker. I waited through the entire video on where to find how to make it yourself or whatever. Only for him to show a black cardboard box, well darn

  9. Omg the laser hurts my eyes soooo much that it hurt my skull oof plz make a warning there is a lot of light in this I’m begging you

  10. 1.Put vanta black on solar panels
    2.get billionarie the sun
    4.sell solar energy to Earth people
    5.gets zillionarie
    6.colonize all the infinity universe using your money smart niggas to find immortality
    8.only makes yourself immortal
    9.Now youre the king of the universe with unlimited power and fucking immortal

  11. what purpose would this even serve? you'd die going outside wearing something like this. But the most stupid thing about it is that BMW made a vantablack car (for real!).

  12. How is there such a very little chance of lite escaping the box 📦 if lite is very small in can easily escape

  13. I was actually starting to believe he somehow came up with a black so perfect that it wouldn't reflect any light, but it's actually a hole that piece of paper, not black paint.

  14. why am i watching this? i was watching a biology lesson on youtube, then i spent 11 minutes here watching a dude talk about a color.

  15. I'm so sorry but blacker than black kinda sounds racist idek how I thought that but tbh it wasn't funny at all

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