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Dante VS Bayonetta | DEATH BATTLE!

Dante VS Bayonetta | DEATH BATTLE!

This episode of Death Battle is brought to you by AVGN II: ASSimilation. Pre-order on Steam, right now, to save 10% AND get the soundtrack free. -Wiz
For some action heroes, it’s not enough to JUST save the world. -Boomstick
They’ve gotta look good doing it! -Wiz
Dante, the Devil Hunter. -Boomstick
And Bayonetta, the Umbra Witch. He’s Wiz, and I’m Boomstick! -Wiz
And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win… A Death Battle. -Wiz
Take a walk down Slum Avenue, and you’ll find all sorts of hangouts for the scum of the Underworld. The Bullseye Bar, a random…strip club, and even a run-down service shop called ‘Devil May Cry.’ -Boomstick
But the services they’re selling aren’t like washing your car, or fixing your plumbing. HOOH no, s’long as you got the cash, this shop specializes in delivering demonic beatdowns. “Who’s CRAZY enough to try making a living this way?” You ask? His name… is Dante. -Wiz
From the very beginning, Dante’s life was always unusual. Born from the unholy union of a human mother and a demon father, Dante and his twin brother, Vergil, had their first supernatural encounter at the young age of 8. -Boomstick
Yeah, see, his demon dad was a badass who single-handedly conquered the Underworld, And imprisoned its demon emperor, Mundus. But after dad died, Mundus’ minions felt brave enough to take some revenge, by…slaughtering his family. Leaving Dante an orphan. Bummer. Hate it when that happens. Wiz-
With his mother gone, and his brother assumed dead, Dante was left with only one option: Become the ultimate Demon Hunter, and…perpetuate the cycle of vengeance. -Wiz
Despite the dangerous nature of his occupation, Dante always maintains a carefree spirit, while dispatching devils of the Underworld. -Boomstick
It’s part of his charm. Hell, when you’ve got abilities like Dante’s, why NOT be a little cocky? He’s faster than the mortal eye can see, strong enough to grapple with the Undeworld’s toughest demons, And straight-up MAN enough to shake off being stabbed through the chest, like, every goddamn day! -Wiz
That’s thanks to his regenerative ability. In fact, ALL of that is made possible due to his demonic heritage, and made even MORE deadly by his plethora of weapons. His favorites being his dual pistols, and enormous sword. -Boomstick
Like any proud weapon owner, he gives his tools of destruction pet names. His guns, Ebony and Ivory, specialize in long-range shots and rapid-fire barrages, respectively. These handcannons are SO powerful, they can each obliterate demons in a single shot. -Dante
I think that look suits you better. *Cue laugh track* -Boomstick
Rebellion is a large, magical sword, given to him by his pops, which can cut any demon down to size in the blink of an eye. He’s also got his brother’s sword, Yamato, which can cut through DIMENSIONS! -Wiz
Throughout his adventures, Dante also collected a wide assortment of additional weaponry called Devil Arms, physical manifestations of powerful demons he has defeated. -Boomstick
Remember Megaman? I-it’s that. But on steroids! His armor, Gilgamesh Gauntlets, increase his striking power, letting him shatter huge monoliths with a lethal, one-inch punch. -Boomstick
With Lucifer – the backpack, not the devil – Dante basically throws infinite lightsabers. He’s also got an electric guitar, which is literally electric. Ice-powered nunchucks, grenade launchers, shotguns, and, I kid you not, a briefcase that can transform into 666 different weapons, Ranging from a giant Beyblade, to a flying turret gun. Where does he POSSIBLY keep all this stuff!? -Wiz
Really, REALLY deep pockets. Or, perhaps, it’s one of his styles, abilities he has also acquired from defeating demon bosses. With Doppelganger Style, he can duplicate himself, with Trickster Style, he can teleport instantly, with Royal Guard Style, he becomes a nigh-impervious dreadnought, AND he can even slow down time with the Quicksilver Style. -Boomstick
On the rare occasion Dante feels he needs to get serious, he enters the Devil Trigger, a transformation that taps into his demonic heritage to unleash his true devil form. Devil Trigger dramatically increases his strength, speed, and healing power, AND he can fly! -Wiz
Being so well-armed, Dante is more than capable of handling entire hordes of demons on his own, although this doesn’t stop some of his allies from joining in from time-to-time. This includes Trish, a demon-lady who occasionally fights alongside him, and happens to resemble his deceased mother…. Talk about giving somebody an Oedipus complex. -Boomstick
Hey, if I may quote an old family saying, “If she’s not directly related, she’s safe to be dated.” -Wiz
That explains a lot… Luckily, and quite surprisingly, that avenue was never explored — thank god. Boomstick-
Dante is a walking, talking, feat-achieving machine. One time, after getting impaled by FOUR demons at once, he pushed one so hard, it exploded, and dropped a ceiling fan on the other three. All while eating a slice of pizza! Oh…and when their friend showed up, he challenged them to a game of billiards. [Asshole, corner pocket.] He won. Dante has run down the side of a building so fast, he caught fire, similar to a spacecraft re-entering the atmosphere at approximately 17,000 MPH. -Boomstick
And he’s even capable of taking out others just as overpowered as himself. Like his brother, Vergil, who was NOT dead, but…evil. He stopped a colossal punch from THIS titanic monster, without breaking a sweat, shrugged off bombardment by meteors, and eventually avenged his mother by defeating the demon lord, Mundus. In space. -Boomstick
You may be asking yourself:
“Can ANYTHING stop this guy?!?” Yes. Dante DOES have a limit to how much punishment he can take, but if there’s anything that could take him down, it’s his own cocky attitude. -Wiz
In the words of the ancient Chinese philosopher, Laozi, -Boomstick
I’m gonna have to disagree with ol’ Laozi here, pretty sure there’s no greater danger than telling a woman those pants do, in fact, make her ass look fat. -???
And, jackpot. -Wiz
From the angels of Paradiso, to the demons of Inferno, there is a name feared by both the light and the dark. And her name… [is JOHN CENA!] is Bayonetta. [I like mine better.] -Boomstick
To any normal guy walking down the street, she may look like your average 7-ft. tall, GARGANTUAN Amazon-woman with good fashion sense. But Bayonetta is ACTUALLY one of the last Umbra Witches, a clan of mystics allied with demonkind. -Wiz
Named Cereza upon birth, she spent her early life growing up an outcast due to her parents being from rival clans. Her father, a Lumin Sage,
and her mother, an Umbra Witch. -Boomstick
See, the Sages and Witches had one rule to follow: DON’T make babies with the opposite clan, because, according to prophecy, it would bring on the destruction of the universe. So, naturally, it was only a matter of time before SOMEbody couldn’t keep it in their pants. Ahh…pullin’ out works every time, but the last time. -Wiz
You would know… With the pact now broken, war ensued between the two factions. In the end, only two witches survived: Cereza, and her rival/future friend, Jeanne. Hoping to prevent the Apocalypse, Jeanne used a special dagger to seal away Cereza’s memories, and put her into a 500-year long coma. -Boomstick
When Cereza woke up from her epic power nap, she took on her new name – Bayonetta – and set out to find her lost memories. Luckily for her, she had just the right weapon for the job: her hair! -Wiz
As an Umbra Witch, not only does her hair serve as her clothing, -Boomstick
Which I’m having a REAAAALLY hard time deciding whether or not that’s hot, or..just disgusting. -Wiz
she can also use it to summon the demon, Madama Butterfly, to aid her in battle. This technique, the Wicked Weaves, creates portals for the giant demon to deliver devestating punches and kicks. Bayonetta can also walk on walls and ceilings with Witch Walk, and even transform into animals to fly, run super-fast, and dodge attacks. -Wiz
But her most useful technique is Witch Time. By slowing down time itself, Bayonetta can dodge..practically anything, while unleashing a barrage of attacks. -Boomstick
Bayonetta is basically a tall, sexy armory. She wields gauntlets, called Durga, which attack with fire and electricity, a huge scythe that ROTS the SOULS of its victims, and a friggin’ lightsaber called Pillow Talk. She has a bow that fires poison arrows,
a chainsaw made of dragon scales, a MASSIVE hammer that can cause earthquakes with every strike, and even ice skates! Which..attack with ice. Obviously. But her most beloved weapons are her 4-pistol set called Love is Blue. Rather than swap between them like a normal person, she somehow manages to wield all of them at once, by using not only her hands, but also her feet. -Boomstick
How does THAT work? Does she have, like, some kind of weird…thumbs on her ankles, or something? (That would kinda detract from the hotness factor just a bit-) OH MY GOD. She’s covered in hair, and she uses her feet like hands! SHE’S A MONKEY. MONKEY WITCH! -Bayonetta
This is awkward. Wiz-
I…highly doubt that. She probably just uses some sort of magic. Speaking of magic, when Bayonetta wants to unleash her full potential, she triggers her Umbran Climax. [Boomstick, you perv.] Which increases her strength and lets her summon Madama Butterfly’s full, unrestrained power. When fully-unleashed, Madama Butterfly can shatter huge meteors by headbutting them. -Boomstick
Ahh…climax. By herself, Bayonetta has pulled off some impressive feats. She’s strong enough to kick military jets into the air, headbutt skyscrapers across the city, and even throw satellites, with her legs, in outer space. Oh, by the way, she can survive outer space. -Wiz
Using Witch Time, she was able to defeat…THIS thing, in only a matter of real-time seconds. Even without Witch Time, her reaction speed is astronomical. For example: When a Lumin Sage stopped time to position newly-fired bullets about 3 feet behind her, she managed to not only turn and identify the incoming threat, but also dodge ALL 16 of them. -Wiz
Considering regular bullets travel around 2,500 feet per second. She must have pulled all that off in less than ONE-THOUSANDTH OF A SECOND! -Boomstick
And then there’s that one time, when she killed God. You know, by scissoring her hair with Jeanne’s, and punching the Creator’s SOUL across the entire solar system, into the sun? -Wiz
Okay, obviously Bayonetta’s feats and abilities are ABSOLUTELY ridiculous! But she IS sometimes rather inconsistent. -Boomstick
Despite her reaction time, she’s been caught off-guard by enemies, ranging from a half-god called Lobster, or…something like that, and even a plant-monster, that managed to grab her out of the air. -Wiz
But, regardless of whatever weaknesses she may have, Bayonetta has achieved more than anyone can possibly imagine, despite being 100% human. -Boomstick
Wait, she IS human!?! Dibs. -Bayonetta
Alright. Let’s dance, baby. -Wiz
Alright, the combatants are set. Let’s end this debate once and for all. -Boomstick
But first, we made another videogame! And it sure would be swell if you buy it. The nerd is back for an all new adventure. Crush your enemies! Navigate new puzzles! Fucking helicopters! Giant fucking alligators! Fast fucking race cars! FUCKING FLAMING TANUKI BALLS! And lots more shit! Coming March, 29 to PC and MAC. Preorder now on steam and get 10% off and a soundtrack free. But right now, IT’S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE! -???
Another wandering, lost soul, I see? -Dante
Wow. Lost? Nah. I’m looking for something called a ‘Left Eye.’ Care to give me a hand? Could be fun. -???
Hmph. I see. But if you’re looking for the Left Eye, that would either make you an angel… -Bayonetta
…or a demon. -Announcer
FIGHT! -Bayonetta
Get back! -Bayonetta
Take this! -Dante
Woah! -Bayonetta
Too slow… -Bayonetta
Take THIS! Mmm…what a disappointing finish. -Dante
That all you got, sister? -Bayonetta
Ah! Looks like you’re more of a man than I thought. -Dante
Come on! -Bayonetta
No touching… W-what?! -Dante
Haven’t used THIS in a while. Still got it! -Dante
In the money! Hahahaa! Jackpot! -Bayonetta
You’re a naughty boy, hitting a girl like that… YOU need to be taught a lesson! -Dante
Ohooh! Now THIS is what I’m talkin’ about! -Bayonetta
If you like that, you’re gonna LOVE this… *Nom* -Dante
Phwoo! Your breath STINKS! -Bayonetta
This is where we part ways, love. -Dante
After you. -Trish
Dante! -Dante
Ah, c’mon, Trish! You missed. -Trish
Oh, don’t be a baby. Let’s finish her off! -Bayonetta
Jeanne. -Jeanne
Cereza. Having some guy trouble? -Bayonetta
Not to worry. I’ve got this one handled. -Trish
Wait. We’re getting PAID for this one, right? -Dante
Come on! -Trish
This is gonna HURT! -Dante
Trish! -Trish
Bye-bye! -Dante
What’s wrong? Can’t keep up? -Bayonetta
So close… -Jeanne
Where DID you get that outfit? A thrift store? -Trish
You’re one to talk. That color looks terrible on you! -Jeanne
Ugh! BITCH! -Dante
Trish! Wait! -Bayonetta
Best pay attention, boy. -Bayonetta
Pretty or not, DON’T fuck with a witch. -Bayonetta
No! That’s not possible! -Bayonetta
A-hurgh… n-not…possible… [Insert some sort of thrusting innuendo.] -Dante
Bullseye. How come I never meet any nice girls? -Announcer
KO! -Boomstick
Worst. Date. Ever. -Wiz
Yeah, they even lost their friends..I-I think? What happened to Trish and Jeanne? Are they still fighting? -Boomstick
Well, I’LL show you how I think it went down in my new show, DBX! -Wiz
Wait, what. [I’m just as surprised.] D-did you actually do analysis on your own? -Boomstick
Heheh! Hell no. I’m just gonna make’m fight!
[And there it is.] -Wiz
Eugh, you would… And what actually matters, it’s true that Bayonetta’s satellite-throwing feat trumps any and all of Dante’s physical displays of strength, however. Dante edges out in every other catagory. -Boomstick
His arsenal matched, and exceeded, Bayonetta’s blow-for-blow. Hell, even a giant demon like Madama Butterfly is nothing new to this Demon Slayer-for-hire. But most of all, Bayonetta didn’t have many ways to actually…KILL him. I mean, the dude shrugs off mortal wounds EVERY day, like they were nothing more than bug bites! Both can take a bullet, but, unlike Dante, when Bayonetta is stabbed, it HURTS. That’s why avoiding attacks was her specialty. -Wiz
But she could only dodge for so long against somebody like Dante. Early in their careers, Dante and Vergil obliterated each and every raindrop within a 12-foot radius. Briefly creating a completely open space in a rainstorm. Up to 30 raindrops can occupy a cubic foot, on average, meaning they destroyed 108,000 raindrops in less than a second. Without ANY extra abilities or styles. Even with Bayonetta’s absurd reaction speed, Dante striking so much space in so little time FAR outclasses anything she has ever had to avoid. -Boomstick
Even when she tried avoiding him with Witch Time, Dante’s Quicksilver evened the playing field. Basically, making it useless. -Wiz
It was just a matter of time before Bayonetta suffered the fatal blow. -Boomstick
Well, y’know what they say: Hair today, gone tomorrow.
[Boomstick, why…] -Wiz
The winner is Dante. -Boomstick
Hey everybody, I’m Chad I play Boomstick. -Wiz
I’m Ben I play Wiz. And thank you for joining us for the premier of season 3. We got a ton of awesome episodes planned for the rest of the season, the rest of the year. Thank you for joining us! -Boomstick
And thank you so much to Angry Video Game Nerd 2 Assimilation. It’s actually OUR GAME who sponsored the episode so it would REALLY mean a lot if you clicked the link in the description and check out the game. If you dig it, you can preorder it right now and get 10% off and a free soundtrack. -Wiz
And speaking of links, click that link over there to check out our new show, DBX. It’s kinda like Death Battle with fights and everything. But there is no rules, no analysis, only bloodshed. And this time you get to find out what happened, to Trish and Jeanne. -Boomstick
Or for more shameless promotion. We have T-Shirts! look their sexy we wear them. -Wiz
Oh yes they are. -Boomstick
You can buy them by clicking the merchandise link. If you are a RT sponsor you save 5% -Wiz
Be sure to follow us on social media to find out who Bowser is gonna be fighting. -Boomstick
We had a lot to say. -Wiz
Yeah we did. -Boomstick
See you guys in the next one!

Reader Comments

  1. Despite liking Bayonetta a lot more then Dante, let's admit. Bayonetta literally uses demons to attack and Dante kills demons. Unfortunately, Bayonetta didn't have much of a chance

  2. Awesome fight. I was rooting for Dante in this one.
    I want to see how Dante from Devil May Cry 5 does
    against Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate.
    I think Dante might loose that one.

  3. Dante's Logic:
    If Dante stab in his chest, he just pull the object, wipe the stab part and his wounds are gone. Also for the jacket.

  4. Bayonetta: "That's not possible!"
    Dante SHOULD have said: "Darling, you have no idea what's possible."

  5. say why wasn't alastor or ifrit aswell as the nightmare-b in his arsenal not that he needed it aswell as the devil sword sparda

  6. Rewatching this after finishing Dmc 5 makes me realise how much dante actually shits on bayonetta, or so i think at least(I don't really know much about bayonetta) but if she ain't Universal she ain't even leaving a scratch on Dante.

  7. These two would make a great couple ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Well if they weren't at each other's throats in this fight.

  8. I mean, Bayo is already covered in hair, it’s obvious that she would use some to pull the triggers under her feet?

  9. The only time you're gonna see a man win a fight against a woman in this channel. Every other death battle between a man and a woman, the woman always wins

  10. As badass as this fight is, screwattack should make Dante vs Kratos. Action game icons battle for the title of greatest action game king. The ghost of sparta vs the son of sparda. Who would win ? Make it happen screwattack.

  11. The bayonetta subreddit got butthurt and said she won just cause kamiya said she is more powerful.

  12. They don't calculate the boulder plus bayonetta has even been shot in the head hit by a missile killed 2 gods and one demi god plus also has an expertise with demons and devils rematch

  13. Both of they’re games are fun and still made by platinum games. But still Bayonetta is better and excited for Bayonetta 3

  14. Of course… Dante can survive a BILLION ATTACKS of weapons that have been prove to defeat demons…

    Quicksilver consumes Dantes magic. Wich time GIVES Bayonetta Magic.

    In a real battle… Dante will never be able to even touch her more than a few times. Gameplay proves it. Dante moves like a Tank if you compare him with Bayonetta.

    The animation is so cool… but regardless… I Think the witch will win.

  15. Top 5 Death Battles

    5.Terminator v Robocop
    4.Optimus Prime v Gundam
    3.Snake v. Sam Fisher
    2.Thanos v. Darkseid
    1. Dante v. Bayonetta

  16. so how exactly was this a fair match-up? seriously? love bayonetta but she never stood a chance in hell.

  17. Dantes briefcase that can turn into alot of weapons exclusively the turret gun, reminds me of Coco from RWBY.

  18. Meh, our new deadweight pizza man Fighting a ladies.

    Me : dude come on, just use your royalguard, vergil (the motivated boi) will be motivated too, and still searching more power

  19. No one is going to question how Trish was able to move at regular speed with Witch Time and Quicksilver active?

  20. For what's it worth here is a video of Dante Bullying Vergil and blocking a summon sword with a rose

  21. The dialogue is so on point with their personalities in this, the choreography is astounding, the music is fitting, the abilities are so smooth when they use them, the camera angles are superb, and even the models look decent. So why do they keep using pixel characters XD lol

  22. One of the best episodes ever love them both was hoping bayonetta would win tho 😒 but it’s okay

  23. who's watching this AFTER the release of DMC V wondering what kind of factors they'd throw in from that game to make Dante even MORE broken of a character for this fight? 🤣🤣
    can we say, "Sin Devil Trigger"….? lololol

  24. This is the biggest mismatch I've seen awhile. Bayo has all the feats of Dante but more as well as the capacity to defeat the God of her universe. Dante legitimately cannot outperform her. She outclasses him like 'an ant trying to fight the sun (favorite Galactus quote).'

    Nothing Dante has done, can do, or will do can top Bayo defeating God.

  25. just came here to debunk this entire video and the reasoning why they are wrong. This video uses the argument that Dante and Virgil are faster than Bayonetta because in their duel they were swinging their swords so fast that they created an air pressure umbrella to shield themselves from the falling rainwater, an impressive feat, but they made the assumption that Bayonetta didn't do something similar that exceeded it, thus I'm here to point out that they did and its only makes sense that they did since Bayonetta came out After Devil May Cry 3, and Hideki would naturally only improve his characters not go softer. During Chapter 5 near the end of the chapter Bayonetta has a duel with Jeanne, they both duplicate the Dante vs Virgil feat but better, as they do it with their legs only, while two of their guns each were knocked up into the air and where practically suspended in midair, so reasoning that, not only did they create the umbrella air pressure dome with their legs, they also managed to show that practically no time was moving given the guns didn't fall yet unlike Dante and Virgil who had no other objects to reference during their fight, So not only is Bayonetta faster than Dante she's considerably stronger given that her legs performed the feat rather than her arms, everyone knows your leg strength is at least twice as powerful as your arms on average given their considerable muscle mass and regular use in comparison to the arms. I don't do math calculations as I don't have all the measurements but I'm throwing this out there for anyone else who knows the measures to do the math for me. There is also the fact that Bayonetta was impaled in the opening story of the game and a spell was cast on her to put her to sleep, she clearly can be impaled and not die given certain circumstances, the point is to NOT get touched which is her style whereas Dante tries to just muscle through damage, normally Dante's style might mean he can absorb and hit just to come back with a counter assuming he can keep up with the opponent, my argument is that he can't keep up with Bayonetta even if we spot him his normal tricks from weapons whereas Bayonetta only needs her natural abilities. If the assumption is that nothing can put Dante down I'll point out that Dante still suffers from being quite human in many cases and decapitation is still something he avoids, as well as suffocation.

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