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Danner Marine Expeditionary Boot: 7 DAY WEAR REPORT

Danner Marine Expeditionary Boot: 7 DAY WEAR REPORT

Okay… …clearly the.. …having this mounted on the tripod. It’s not going to function you’re not going to be able to work I’m not gonna be good to show you what I want to you I’ll just go by my notes here really quick. I’ve got the Vibram outsole. Oh This is unit 13 and why I chose this boot, the Marine Expeditionary Boot It’s the boot I’m going to be wearing for years to come Is what it looks like they’re worth every penny I paid for it to this point We’ll find out six months to a year from now also, alright back to the boot It’s got this Vibram outsole Perfect for my needs except for this rocking which is in another segment of video Goodyear welt Oops, let me get this cam down. Goodyear welt all the way around Not just sewn part of the way. Like I see in some of these other boots. What about the heel coming off or something? I don’t know what that’s all about Sewn all the way around Well, that is I’d say what trying to shoot this That is pretty amazing trying to pull that off I feel like an acrobat now On to the next part of the list the leather upper And Cordura this stuff seems to be holding up really well and as uh, As the days are passing Darn it, as the days are passing you can see that this is there’s a lot of more flexible ability in this boot and goodness! Sorry, about that! Comfort Let’s see, what else what you can’t see is the gore-tex liner Seems to be working because I sprayed these boots down the other day and they didn’t get wet. This didn’t soak through So, but at this point the gore-tex liner is working And since I’m at this exact point in the boot no vents every boot I’ve ever put on.. I had original pair of Vietnam issue jungle boots with vents and I think I wore those maybe two weeks at most before I stopped wearing them because every time I had to step through a puddle I got wet feet and so much for the vents because of my my feet didn’t dry quickly. They stayed wet the rest of the day Which is why I got rid of the boot Uh, what is, what else is all on the list? Yeah, so no vents Oh Lace adjustability. Let’s see if I can Bring the camera, right? When I first started, uh wearing the boots I over tightened it in a few places down here causing pressure points along the edge of my foot so Just with some fine-tuning and adjustment I can get it tightened up the right way here in this section of the boot over this part of my foot and then I can keep this tight which holds this down around my ankle. Oops? Ankle and supports across the arch here. This is really nice to have that dip It really snugs it up where you want. It makes it feel like the boots on your foot and… …then this, these speed laces here work really nice because you can pull them up all at once I think I showed that in one of my other videos It’s not like you just want to jerk this thing up Pull it all up at once and you’re going to be happy with it. You’re not you can see there’s differences here in the width it’ll make a difference in comfort and then I also noted how on the see if I can do this on this left side here this wrap one of these wraps of the lace was across this loop Oops just like it is on this boot and it was causing me all kinds of problems. It was putting all kinds of pressure here What we go over here actually here on my on my leg. It was unbearable Once I figured out what was going on you can see I made this adjustment here And no more problems just doesn’t bother me at all Okay, excuse me Doesn’t bother me in the slightest bit So, let’s see if I covered everything. We got the outsole Oops. Okay. We got the outsole the uppers the Goodyear welt Gore-tex liner what you can’t see No vents versus vents, I’ll skip the vents because When I was living in New Mexico I still had to step through water oddly enough You may not think that you’re going to come across water and have to step in it. But if you have vented boots Suddenly you have wet feet for a long time Even in those dry climates it takes a while to dry which is another reason I’m glad they don’t have a lot of extra padding inside these boots because If they had a bunch of padding inside these boots they take forever to dry So I think goodness for that and they are quite comfortable Without it. They fit like a glove. I love this Fit like a glove fit Alright so that, that’s the vents, the lace adjustability. I covered the rocking of the soles. This. I Don’t know about this Overtime that might bother me, but I’ll just get used to it because the boots are so comfortable and then there was also the this ankle point and where When bending down something with my foot in this position here right here is where it creates that pressure point and It may have also had to do with how tight though All right Well why they got cut off there that was interesting to watch we were somewhere about here We switched over completely different let me make sure this is focused. We switched over to another little iPhone 5 so pressure point now if your knelt down for a while just might start bothering you, you know, you can shift around and move a little bit and that does help if I can demonstrate this tilting thing now if I’m If I’m here and I need if I couldn’t say if I’m if I’m trying to pull somebody let’s see if I’m trying to pull somebody from there to this direction and I’m trying to fight that I want all of the surface of this boot to make contact with the ground not just this little section over here so, I don’t know how I like that but Like I said, I’ll just get used to it over time pressure point covered and let’s see, but the other thing was And then Getting caught up in all kind of cables That lace loop which you know that’s self remedying if you just pay attention to it. That’s all so that’s really a non-issue It’s just those little things that you deal with That makes a boot more comfortable I Think that’s about the end of it. Okay, here we are at this footage where it’s it’s super slow-motion footage in an attempt to show this it’s it’s ever so slight but completely noticeable when I’m when I’m when I’m in the boot is step down that foot just as it comes down. There’s a little bit of rocking motion and then as that next foot comes up that left foot comes up. There’s a slight rocking motion There’s because there’s no flatness. So there’s no place for it to stabilize once the roll It almost doesn’t get visible until right at the beginning here….’er right at the beginning At the very end the last couple steps kind of show it pretty good See that subtle movement there watch that left foot slight rocking Right foot comes down, it’s not perfect, but watch that, see how there’s slight roll motion to that?

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  1. You'll only find vent in unlined boots. The vents are there to push water and warm air put and you're supposed to change your socks to help dry them out every few hours to prevent trench foot. You only wear them in hot weather i.e. the jungle or desert. Gore tex boots have the gore tex bootie in them so you don't need the vents to push water out with each step. They're a temperate weather boot like in Washington or other wet areas.

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