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Daniel Radcliffe Reacts to Harry Potter Memes

Daniel Radcliffe Reacts to Harry Potter Memes

-I was wondering
if you ever see — If you go on the Internet
or anything, you ever see a meme of yourself
as a Harry Potter meme, and you go like,
“That’s pretty funny?” -I have. I think, like, maybe,
a couple over the years. but nothing that I can
immediately remember. -I thought you —
-I don’t seek them out. -I thought it would be funny
if I showed you a couple just so you could see.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah. Please.
[ Cheers and applause ] -They’re funny. -Yeah, I feel like I should —
I should be educated. -Yeah. Here you go, yeah. Tell me you like them or not. This guy here is — -This is Harry Pugger.
I mean, it’s — We’re starting off,
you know, slow. -I mean that’s —
What’s not to like? That’s great.
-That’s great? It’s cute. -Solid pun, cute dog,
-Yeah. -It’s great. -If you’re having
Quidditch problems, I’ll feel bad for you, son. I got 99 problems,
but a snitch ain’t one. [ Cheers and laughter ] That’s a good one.
-That’s pretty good. -That’s what — You know, what’s cool
about that stuff is that, like, I never, as a kid, and you’re just insecure
at that age. I never felt cool at any point
playing that character. and sort of these things go
like, “No, that was — People thought that
was pretty cool. -Of course, it was cool.
Absolutely. Yes. [ Cheers and applause ] Very cool. This one is one of my favorites. It says, “Ron, hold on!
Are those shoes on sale?” [ Laughter and applause ] Ron, hold up. -That was —
That was what… -That was the actually
the dialogue. -…I, the actor, was thinking. Yeah, absolutely.
-Actual dialogue. And this one here is… “Thinking about
all them school loans, wondering if your wizardry
degree is gonna work out.” [ Laughter ]
This is a deep thought. -You know what that
actually is, though? -Is that you in deep thought?
-No, that’s me like — That’s me, like, years ago,
out for lunch or something, realizing that there was
a paparazzi to my right and being like, “Ugh.
[ Laughter ] Like, what do I do?” Yeah, that’s
my deep thinking face. -My last one I want to show you
is actually a video. and this was just everywhere
the other day. It’s called “Hermione Dancing.” I think this was at
a Comic-Con or something. But check this out.
I think this is funny. -♪ Here we go ♪ ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ]
-I mean, that’s… -I mean…
-Not bad. -That is great.
-That’s — -I don’t — that — We need to remake the films
as a musical. -We need more of that.
-Yeah. -Pal, I’m excited to see you
back on Broadway — “The Lifespan of a Fact.” -Yeah.
-This is a brand-new play. Why don’t you tell us
about this? -Yeah. So, as you can see, it’s myself, Bobby Cannavale,
and Cherry Jones. We play — Well, I play a fact checker
that is sent to check an article written by an author,
played by Bobby. And this author is not used
to being held to kind of journalistic standards
of integrity — of accuracy. So he’s kind of — I just go in and make his life
hell for a few days. And Cherry’s character
is our editor, who kind of has to,
like, make the decision whether or not to publish
the article in the end and sort of keep us
from killing each other. But it’s a comedy.
-It’s comedy. -I should say that as well.
[ Laughter ] -And the other thing I will say, because it will get me
to see any play, is it’s one act
straight through. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Oh, I love that. -Yeah.
-Oh, I love that. -Yeah, no. I’m…
Yeah. -But how are you gonna do this
and still be into football? ‘Cause Sunday is a big day
for Broadway. -Yeah, me and Bobby have
been talking about this. ‘Cause he’s in
fantasy leagues, too. And we’re just —
We got two shows on a Sunday. -Yeah.
-And, you know, that’s when all the games are,
so it’s just going to be — I have two exits in the play. Like, if you come
and see the play, forget that I said this,
but I’ll be — There’s basically, like,
a little cupboard that I go into at one point in the play. I have, like, five minutes
in there. I will have my phone
or something in there. -You’ll be checking scores?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll be coming out, saying —
-You’ll be in the cupboard. You’ll be like… “Awesome! Oh, my God.”
-[ Chuckling ] Yeah. It will be like,
“Thank you, Jordan Howard.” There will be stuff
like that going on. But no, it’s —
Yeah, it’s really — I won’t lie —
-Do you get in the thing — Do you ever do a play and get distracted
or something like that and you forget a cue
or a line or… -I’m pretty —
I’m generally — Like, the fear of screwing up
keeps me concentrating. But I’ve definitely had —
There are moments — When you’re in a bigger show
with a bigger cast, as well, and there’s, like,
stuff going on on-stage, you can kind of drift off and
look at the audience or see — Well, ’cause you can’t really
see beyond the third row. But there will occasionally
be people up front that really grab your attention. -Really?
-Yeah. My favorite guy was a guy —
not, obviously, on this play — but I did “Rosencrantz and
Guildenstern are Dead” last year in London. It’s like —
It’s a long play. It’s, you know, sort —
-Yeah. -It’s fun, but it’s complex. And this guy just, like, came into the first act,
sat down. My scene partner, Josh,
was doing most of the talking. so I was just able to watch
this guy come in, sit down with his rucksack
in the front row, put it down, rummage around in it
for a second, produce a foot-long
wrapped in tin foil… [ Laughter ] …proceed to unwrap
half of it, go to town. So, like, the first two scenes,
just eating this massive thing. -He’s eating a giant hot dog.
-Eating a giant hot dog. And then, like,
as soon as he was done, put the stuff away
and went to sleep… [ Laughter and applause ]
…for the rest of the act. -Totally worth the ticket price.
-Yeah, but that’s the thing. He came back for the second act and seemed to have a great time. He got up and stood at the end
and clapped. -Standing ovation? He’s like, “I’m coming back.
This is the best — -“Yeah, I got food.”
-“Dinner.” -Yeah, it was —
-Took a nap. -No, it was —
But that’s the thing. Normally, you can like — You can end up getting
mildly irritated with guys like that
in the audience. but actually, that time,
we were just like — -“I love this guy.”
-“You’re great.” [ Laughter ]
-I love this guy. -You don’t care at all
that you’re at a play. -No, not all. This one, you don’t have time
to bring dinner and a nap. Congrats on this.
I will go see you in this one. “The Lifespan of a Fact.” Daniel Radcliffe, everybody.
[ Cheers and applause ]

Reader Comments

  1. Who else cringes when you here Him talk cause the Harry Potter voice but no Harry potter

  2. The makeup artist did a pretty good job covering his scar, is he wearing contacts because I don’t see and round glasses unless he‘s using the invisibility cloak.
    (Disclaimers note a lot of thinking went into this-about 10 minutes oh sorry I mean 10 seconds)

  3. I kinda feel bad for Daniel, because he has so many other movies and things he’s done, but everything is still centred around Harry Potter for him.

    On the other hand, HE WAS HARRY FREAKING POTTER!

  4. LOVE Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead!!! Some friends and I did it for the court feast at an SCA event many, many years ago, it was super fun!!
    Dang…now I've got to go watch the movie that I have on my hard drive, yayyy me!

  5. That's not Harry, it's a fucking muggle who stole & drunk polyjuice potion I dropped at platform 9 & 3/4..

  6. My fave was if your having quidditch problems i feel sorry for you son i got 99 problems but a snitch ain't one😎😎😎😝😝

  7. I heard Daniel once kept dreesing in the same coat zipped up so the pictures were useless to the papparazzi and that went on for months I would have laughed my butt off

  8. A musical version of Harry Potter 🔥🔥 I can't imagine Voldemort singing, dancing from left to right while murdering Harry 😂😂

  9. My fav meme :

    Harry:voldemort is after something something he never had before

    Ron and hermoine :a nose 😂😂

  10. you can tell Jimmy Fallon thinks Daniel Radcliffe is weird lol. I've never seen Fallon so nervous on his own show

  11. I wonder how dan feels knowing his acting career probably peaked when he was a child…. I mean how do you go up from being the lead of harry fucking potter? Its so widely loved and approciated of a book series and movie series that I doubt anyone could go up from it. Damn dan is definetly rich for one but damn them feels when he realizes that

  12. Hermione: I’m going to bed
    Malfoy: Can I slytherin?

    I laughed way harder than I should have when I first saw this one😂

  13. You don't SEEK them out!!!! (Get it!? As in seeker! Dan it I ruined it didn't I?! By explaining the joke. 😉)

    Okay so who caught my second pun?

  14. 10 years later:
    kid: Daddy how do u looked when u were little?
    Daniel: Well….*shows the series Harry Potter*

  15. I got excited when I saw this, started clapping and my cat stared at me like I was insane so I just looked at him and said "I know I have a problem, sue me"

  16. My favorite Harry Potter meme was the one of Radcliffe doped out of his mind and looking super sketchy and the caption was "Hey guys you wanna buy some magic?"

  17. Draco to Harry : Hi my parents work for the man who killed your parents, do you want to be my friend?
    Lololololol XD

  18. Hagrid: your a wizard harry
    Harry: yeah i know
    Hagrid: that's a lizard harry (points lizard)
    Hagrid:what a blizzard harry
    Harry:ugh! I know! Sectumsempra!
    Hagrid :im almost dead harry
    Harry: i know! Avadra kedavra!!!
    Hagrid: im dead harry
    Harry:leave it!!!!!

  19. Jimmy carter:
    U know the harrypotter memes?

    German 30+:
    Huh this crazy kid screaming at his pc is pretty funny tho…

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