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DAN BILZERIAN – PLEASURE IS NOT HAPPINESS: Thoughts on Women, Cannabis & Becoming President-Part 1/2

DAN BILZERIAN – PLEASURE IS NOT HAPPINESS: Thoughts on Women, Cannabis & Becoming President-Part 1/2

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  1. Watch the full episode of Dan Bilzerian on London Real for Free only at

  2. Dan's a smart guy without a doubt. Used to not think so, but seeing something personal like this definitely makes me think differently. I think the wealth and women – that's neither here nor there. Everyone's on their own journey. I dont follow Dan on social media or keep up with his story etc. but definitely is the kinda bloke I would love to just hang out with and talk shit. He reminds me of myself in ways. Enjoy life guys, that's the best anyone can try to achieve IMO.

  3. Acid is the most sobering psychedelic there is. Mushrooms is way more disorienting. I'm talking about your standard does. Like 2g of mushies vs 120mg of acid. Go for it Dan. For the analytical type it's awesome. And worst case – you only really ever have 1 ego death. Sounds like youve already had it, but if not, it will be the best thing that ever happened to you. Don't microdose – take a full or at least a half dose.

  4. Moral of the first 2 minutes: you don't need a lot of money 💰 just enough to buy mushrooms and sit on a beach.

  5. Dan is kind of contradicting in his image vs his words….However I believe he hangs on to the image simply to market for “Ignite”. When you watch him interact with the girls in videos they seem to irritate the fuck out of him and he kind of “ignores” them. Over the years Dan seems to be changing and growing, I still dislike his instagram and most of his online image but overall hes got alot of depth and honesty underneath all the bs….even if hes a trust fund baby so what, you would do the same shit…

  6. I once took 7 grams of shrooms at once and i couldnt move for 5 hours. Shit wasnt scary but definitely messed up. Took 20 hits acid was the worst experience with walls caving in. The balcony 15 stories up looked like the ground was a step away. DMT put me in a crayon world setting. Iawaska i saw interdimensional beings walking around the world. All in high doses. When i micro dosed any if these besides dmt you barely get mind fucked and can enjoy life

  7. HUMILITY my friend…HUMILITY…😌🙏🏻😌🙏🏻😂😅🙄🙄😣😖🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😠 Learn THAT‼️😌

  8. 9-5 jobs suck. I’m sick and tired of ppl saying it’s great. Like I know we have to do it. Shit normally your boss is an azz then you have to ask another grown man for a day off???? Like he is your daddy. That life is trash I’m tryna be my own damn boss

  9. I ike him and his personal choice of life☺ you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know 😂

  10. as a guy currently listening to this between 9 and 5 on low so I don''t get in trouble I would encourage you to stop bitching, because it could be worse. I promise.

  11. Gotta love how he prides himself on being authentic but still has never been honest on how he actually accumulated his wealth (trust fund set up by his father)

  12. This guy is not happy, there is no fucking way this guy loves his life. Everyone around him would stab him in the back given the chance and he knows it. You can see his unhappiness and his boredom written all over his ugly face.

  13. "I never really wanted a 9-5 job, it just never really appealed to me". I've heard so many rich people say that as if it's a choice for most of us. Yea, that shit doesn't appeal to me either but the odds are against most of us and advancing just isn't an option in most situations especially with factors like our financial system, minimum wage being under a living wage, legacy kids, nepotism, racism, sexism, and general stereotyping assumptions. If you want real happiness as a multimillionaire help us liberate ourselves from these chains.

  14. All drugs do is change your vibe. It can put you more into tuned with yourself and other things around you but it's a double edge sword. It can put you out of tuned as well. So know yourself and get your shit right.

  15. I've never understood the hate for this guy. Sure he was born into wealth and didn't have to work for anything major but you can't choose who you're born to. Suck it up.

    I was born in poverty and worked 3 jobs at 14. Quit school at 16 and worked as an electrician until 23. I'm now a self employed furniture designer. I now live upper-middle class with my partner and 2 children

    I used to hate my parents and my life but I realized that bitching about it wasn't gonna change anything.

  16. Says the man who bought all the pleasure what if you can pick up a random guy on the street and take him with you i swear that would be the best day of his life and fuck a bunch of ig whoress yeaaaah

  17. Dan has a really good P.R. person!

    Because everything he is saying is all bullshit

    Because he knows what people who are his fans want to hear him say.

    So he is giving them exactly what they want to hear!

    It's pretty lame!

    Just be your self Dan.

    Yoh are stirring here complaining about how many negative side effects that come with being famous!

    However, the ONLY reason Dan is famous is because he is fo rich.

    So how dare him complain about being famous. Because he was the one who decided to show the world his life!

    No one put a gun to his head and MADE him post his personal life .

    So he should never complain because he sounds foolish!

  18. glad that he dropped the PC piece. that thing alone change the whole dynamic of you life and probably the only most important thing that crippled tons of Americans and produced anxiety in men

  19. spain dirty and food not that great? did i hear that? Food was great and it is super clean. blows france out of the water!

  20. Am I the only one who was annoyed by “HOW MANY TIMES DAN SAID LIKE?” I laughed so hard when I actually started counting & lost track of how many times he crammed “Like” in 1 sentence 😭 love you dan but definitely were not prepared for the interview I’ll remember to keep this in mind for my future interviews 🙄

  21. These women he talks of are just technically prostitutes. They are clearly after his money. He gives them the lifestyle they shag him. If you don’t mind that then fine. Bit sad really.

  22. Imagine if all the women Dan fucks had his kids, he'd have his own little country. That would be my dream if I was in his position.

  23. See?? doing mushrooms with ur buddies is almost free and wayyyyyyy more fun than almost anything u can buy with money..
    stop chasing the big pointless houses and stupid fancy useless cars.. put down ur social media and connect with someone
    my advice to the kids.. fuck school, do what makes you truly happy and not what tv and movies tell u what will make u happy.

  24. Really well done interview – really lets Dan speak for himself. Dan is a fascinating character. Thanks so much for posting.

  25. what a legend, he lives the dream life and is portrayed to be so outrageous yet he is so genuine and incorruptible.

  26. It sounds like he's getting closer to realizing that Jesus is the only path to Happiness. None of the things that he can afford will ever be able to fill the God-sized hole in his heart and that goes for all of us.

  27. Your interview is great, your title is kind of wack. You spent a short time talking about the stuff in the title and the stuff you spent most time on is not in the title

  28. He's like a mirror version of the Dos Equis guy…."The Most Boring Man in the Universe!"

    Kind of like if Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh got an Instagram and bought some guns.

  29. Dan prides himself on the authenticity of his social media?? He got caught out photoshopping Cardi B to make her look skinnier!

  30. Like he's honest, doesn't make the world go around didn't build jets etc but built an empire that does sell a product I guess, and obviously his opportunities I personally find impressive

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