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Czech Army Watch Cap – Preview

Czech Army Watch Cap – Preview

hey there folks Luke here with the other peer review hope you're all doing well it is military surplus Wednesday and today we are taking a look at the Czech army watch cap go ahead and get comfortable let's take a look at it now as I'm sure you guys know this is brought to us by keep shooting calm those fine men and women over there always have some pretty awesome scores some really good military surplus so make sure to check them out so as you can see here we have the Czech army watch cap this is knitted this is a cotton blend very very thick very very heavy duty speaking of heavy duty this weighs 3.6 ounces and it's also very inexpensive I'm gonna go ahead and grab the camera we'll take a closer look at it you can see there that knitted cotton very very thick indeed that is a heavy duty toboggan for sure very good sized toboggan no doubt about it this is big enough to fit over any sized head so if you have a large head it's gonna fit you just fine it's going to go over your ears as well and if you have a small head kind of like I do it'll fit you just fine as well I'll go ahead and throw this on for you so as you can see there it is plenty big definitely big enough to really clinch it down say if you're in a good snowstorm the winds are really blowing this is gonna be really really nice and warm for you when it comes to the color options you only have one olive drab that's it now this is authentic military surplus so you may get a new one you may get a used one this one's used but it's still in very very good condition now when it comes to the price for this bad boy you are looking at four dollars at keep shooting calm you will find a direct link in the description box below now for me personally I think this is a great toboggan very very thick it's gonna do a good job of blocking the wind when the snow is coming down this winter it's going to do a good job of just keeping me nice and warm now these are so inexpensive and they're so thick such good quality I plan on actually purchasing a couple more of these I'm gonna buy at least two maybe four of them and I'm gonna throw them in my emergency vehicle bag I'm always out night hiking backpacking around and oftentimes if I'm not careful I can easily forget something and that's why I have that emergency vehicle bag not only for the conditions if I get stuck somewhere but just in case I forget something so having a couple of these Poncho's and food water flashlights batteries all that good stuff is always a great idea now folks if you guys have any questions for me please feel free drop me a line let me know make sure to LIKE comment share subscribe all that good stuff and I'll see you guys around take care of my friends strength and honor

Reader Comments

  1. Cotton? I wouldn’t even review that trash. Making it an emergency piece is even worse. Get a wool one for the same price from a surplus

  2. Love the videos, Luke, but I have to point something out. A "toboggan" is a wooden or metal sled with a curved front. What you are describing is a "toque" (pronounced "tOOk" as someone below pointed out). That hat wouldn't make a good toboggan as it wouldn't even cover your butt or slide down a hill. 

    Nice hat, though.

  3. Cotton is the WORST thing you can wear in cold/freezing temps. Cotton retains moisture, loses its insulating value, and promotes hypothermia. COTTON KILLS. A watch cap should be wool, or if that's not available, acrylic. But definitely NOT cotton.

  4. Have you tried their french mess kit?  It is heavy duty aluminum.  Everything I have got from them has been excellent quality

  5. I like the idea of the emergency bag, been stuck in my old car in the winter and boy did it get cold quick.

  6. I always love the regional differences in language in a country as big as ours; Case in point, here in northern New England, a toboggan is a wooden sled rather than a knit hat. Fun stuff!

  7. that is a heavily worn, disgusting looking hat Luke…Have you ever considered doing a review on a Czech mate? LOL

  8.  You lost your Military Surplus Wednesday magic box ? well to bad Luke whit the tuque that you so call tobogan.

    hey says the Canadian Patrice from montreal

  9. Pull it all the way down over your eyes and then bend it all the way around just hight enough so you can see again, this way it wont get in your way on the back of your head xD thats how i wear it

  10. Love watching your videos… Ive watched all your campouts, and can't wait to see next…  Keep up the good work… 

  11. great vid luke, i have a british commando style hat and by the looks of it has been made of the same material so i can confirm like you said its great for all cold weathers keep up the great work you do with the channel. clint uk

  12. I would recommend German army watch cap, its 100% wool, with goretex windstopper membrane, very thick knitted as well, but totally windproof.

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