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Czech Army Canteen

Czech Army Canteen

hey everybody its Julie from Swiss link with another product info video here's our Czech canteen Czech army canteen I believe they're from the 50s possibly just a great item we've had for ever comes with the wool cover to keep it insulated you can get it wet to keep whatever it is cold or warm it helps with insulation you have a cool leather belt that you can attach to any any gear any belt backpack anything and has the cool cork stopper which you don't see too much Cork anymore and it's just a great item very cool looking of course functional and just a great surplus canteen

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  1. You should really tidy it up and have it properly together before presenting it as "really awesome":.. I mean, you couldn't even snap the wool cover on before showing it? Whats more is you should have someone use it for a prolong period out in the outdoors/wilds to give an HONEST opinion on it..

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