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CWC Trapped? PROJECT ZORGO Framed Chad Wild Clay! (Doomsday Date & Escape Room Mysterious Riddles)

CWC Trapped? PROJECT ZORGO Framed Chad Wild Clay! (Doomsday Date & Escape Room Mysterious Riddles)

guys what the heck I just woke up I’m in
a really weird place the last thing I remember I was in the elevator trying to
get to the top of project zorgos headquarters and the lights went out and
then the doors opened up and I heard a bunch of people running and they grabbed
me and I smelled something really weird and all of a sudden now I’m here I had a
second guys check this place out oh no am I in jail dang it guys I know
that I’m wanted and all by the but did the get me and now put me in
jail this doesn’t look like a real jail though I mean look at the walls these
walls are really weird there’s patterns If I were in jail why would they leave my
camera here that’s do you think they would take all my stuff I gotta figure
out how to get out of here shoo there’s a door but there’s no handle
there’s another door here it’s locked do not touch it’s really good light
let’s just up here I keep seeing these symbols right here guys it says do not
touch okay guys it’s a project zorgo number
do it did they trap me here I mean I feel fine I feel normal whatever don’t go come back on the
screen let me let me out of here what the heck was that all about guys I mean
that was weird she showed a bunch of weird symbols on the screen and weird
things but I don’t get it like it didn’t mean anything to me and he asked me how
it made me feel I feel fine I felt I don’t feel anything different did they
try to do something to me alright guys if you see anything that might be a clue
to get out of here leave a comment down below you guys are really good at like
finding clues and seeing things that I missed so here’s the bars
in a second there’s a shelf over here yeah I see some weird blocks with poles
with antennas or something are those like radios or something does
another box over here looks like a metal box whoa what the heck is Jay see this
it’s a painting or something of aliens heck where am I just see me check these
things out here they almost look like a screw look like I can put a Phillips
head screwdriver in here and turn this but these don’t seem to turn at all oh
wait look at that panel you guys it looks like it’s looking out further than
the rest of these panels off I grabbed it down here and pull
oh I got it look at this it’s coming off oh the secret compartment check this out
you guys in this secret compartment is a note it’s written on a napkin
day three of being trapped in here wait somebody else has been trapped in here
so I’m not the first one that’s been in here what happened to that person I
think today is the day where they complete the ex pear I meant on prisoners
ex pear I meant on prisoners I’m gonna do something to me in here
I hear them tell me there’s three of them if you’re reading this get out now
okay I gotta get out of here quick oh sure they’re footsteps coming okay
I’m gonna put this back so they don’t see they get suspicious okay guys I’m
gonna lay it out in this bed I’m gonna pretend I’m sleeping I definitely saw
someone coming shut up Chad I know you’re not sleeping
I know you’re awake let me out of here dude let me out a good person I think
they’ve been lying to you about about me rude what is that you’re holding? that’s just my
camera it’s fine what to do man took my camera and all my project zorgo
evidence on there wait there’s a camera here shoot it
Daniel I don’t know if you’ve hacked into projects or post cameras in this
room but if you can see me I don’t know can you give me a sign or something oh
you probably don’t have control of the lights or anything
wait a second they took my camera but they did take my cell phone okay I’m
gonna record using my cell phone hopefully project zorgo was not watching
me through these cameras I hope Daniel was able to hack these cameras so they
can’t see it’s kind of risky for me to use my phone if they see me using this
are probably gonna take this to guys give this video a thumbs up if you think
I should use my phone to film in here they might get mad come and take this too but
yeah I think I think I have to do it alright okay guys I got my cell phone
recording here alright we gotta figure out how to get out of here see the
floors looks pretty normal there’s all these lines all over the
place I know these lines lead somewhere I don’t know if I follow these does it
go anywhere in particular let’s see home home up here wait a second, you can see this
there’s some cables sticking out of the ceiling
maybe I gotta climb up there so how and cut those cables or I don’t where those
cables are going to you know guys I’m just noticing now over on this side of
the room it’s blue and then over here it turns red you guys do that and oh and I
see another cam over here Daniel Daniel is watching us
right now he’s really good at hacking into cameras so maybe he can see what’s
going on I think I think these colors mean something the fact that there’s red
over here and then it turns blue on this side feel like that means something also
separated by this news prison bars here wait a second how did I not notice this
earlier did you guys see this earlier down the corner okay it’s a little
mailbox here great it’s got a lock on it looks like it’s five digits one two
three four five okay I gotta figure out what the code is I don’t think I have
time to sit here and try every single combination because that would be about
a hundred thousand different combination possibilities I hear my footsteps coming
okay guys I’m gonna pretend I’m sleeping again on the bed here I’m gonna be
holding my camera in my palm of my hand I can’t let him see that I have my phone
on me wake up wake up
follow me and don’t try anything funny I got five more members out there then
you can sit down sit down right good hello yes yes subjects in the area now. Yes, alright, alright stay right there. remember so whole group of members out
there waiting for you anything dumb got it. so he did not even notice I was holding
my phone the whole time I think I got it all on camera for you guys I was just
about to try to use some ninja skills on him but then he said he has five more
members outside that door so I decided okay I better just wait
because I don’t think I could handle him plus five more members all at once a
little too risky who’s he talking to on the phone what
did he mean get ready guys did you see how he opened up this door right here he
opened up this lockbox he took a laser out and he shot the
laser into this mirror and it went through the mirror and then the laser
went up it looked like it hit those cables up there that I pointed out
earlier and then that I mean this this big open up locked again okay so I think
if I can get that laser I should be able to get out of here and open up that gate
let’s grab this box shoot it’s just out of my reach my arm
needs to be like six inches longer and I could reach it maybe I can find a stick
or something in here to bring it towards me
here is a lock box I don’t know the combination looks like the combination
is some sort of directionals it goes up down left and right it was just blank
blank piece of paper okay right there’s all this crazy stuff up here okay so
here’s a block it’s like it’s stuck to the table it’s not coming off we’re
gonna hear whoa it’s from the alphabet and then a bunch of symbols these
symbols aren’t the same symbols I’ve seen project zorgo used before we
remember that this is here so might come in handy
another luck there’s a lot of lock boxes over here okay a flashlight okay oh I
don’t even notice us down here on the on the notes board it says experiment
number seven news technology found at padlock Club right arrow padlock and
then like a notebook and glasses okay guys I know that we know some of these
symbols like this one I think Rebecca got that one that was an R I think do
you guys know what these that mean we’ll leave a comment down below I’m pretty
sure we can figure out what this says maybe I can use this flashlight
maybe it’ll Oh guys it’s one of those black light flashlights that’s blue in
color well if you guys can tell on the camera but it’s a blue which reveals
like certain clothes and I don’t see anything strange over here
oh maybe on the whiteboard there’ll be a secret message no I don’t see any secret
message because this will reveal anything written in invisible ink whoa
it says Konami code you guys see that you can’t even see it when the
flashlights not on it but then I put the flashlight on it and you can see it okay
Konami code that’s gonna have something to do with this box
Konami code I know at least one of you ninjas has to know what that means if
you do comment down below here’s that alien poster again very
strange yeah blue oh wait guys okay I’m gonna hide my phone down here hey mr., what’s going on there
you can’t let me out of here know what one month to be a wonder talking to me
thanks I guess is really weird guys he just came in and
brought a sandwich for me do this should I eat it I don’t know what if it’s like
what if they did something to the sandwich and what did he mean by one
last meal while you’re still our enemy I pretty sure I’m gonna always be their
enemy until they change their ways you know I think I’m trying to good guys I
can’t imagine that no I don’t know what do you guys think should I eat the
sandwich yes I can what kind of sandwich is this it’s just two pieces of bread I
need a sandwich what kind of sandwich is just two pieces of bread guys no meat no
cheese no mayo no ketchup you still gave me a fork I guess huh well he bread with
a fork I don’t have time to eat it guys I got to get out of here
gosh Konami code Konami code that’s gotta be that’s gotta be something um
wait a second oh yeah video games I used to play this game called contra I used
to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and those were all by Konami and there was a
secret code you could use to get like free lives and stuff I remember on
contra you get 30 free lives if you entered up up down down left right left
right BA that’s the Konami code okay all right so since this says Konami code
gotta be up up down down left right left right BA I don’t see any a or B on here
but let’s try it top top down down left right left right
whoa that’s sweet all those playing video games paid off finally see what’s
in here maybe there’s a key and I can get out of
here whoa wait a second I’ve seen this before
where have we seen this before I know that we’ve seen this before
somewhere leave a comment down below if you remember where we’ve seen this
before m MK you in the bunch of blocks I’m starting to
remember now look at this it’s hooked up to his brain it’s got wires going into
it cables and stuff like they’re trying to
read his mind or something over there remember in this wall here we found that
note and that note it said day three is the day that they perform an experiment
this looks like some sort of experiment and then over here on the whiteboard
experiment number seven use technology for controlling this looks like an
experiment for maybe controlling his mind oh and when he brought the food he
said last meal for the last time you’re our enemy are they gonna try to hook me
up to this thing and make me not want to be their enemy wait I hear footsteps I’m
gonna put my phone down here again guys guys guys they’re good they’re coming in
here okay I gotta figure out what to do shout out to all of you notification is
just thank you so much for all your help I’m showing your comments down here
thanks for getting here during the first hour of every video guys I don’t know
where V is she needs to know exactly where I am I’m not sure if Daniel is
watching me through these cameras I need one of their help click over here to go
to these video let her know that I need her help let her know I’m in project
zorgo’s prison and if you’re not subscribe to both of us, subscriber to both of us, but okay okay
I’ll see you guys soon please go tell V or go tell Daniel as well I think
they’re coming in here right now I just heard them talking about what I feared
the most alright kickbump

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