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Curator's Corner: The 1860 Henry Rifle

Curator's Corner: The 1860 Henry Rifle

we're back here at Wanamaker's tulsa arms show i'm here with GIPSA pika he's the director of the NRA national fires museum jim has once again been wandering the floor Jim I mean I love when you do it because you always bring back great people and great firearms so introduce who we have with us now well James D Giulia auction is one of the great firearms auctioneers in the country and you've brought us a couple of spectacular guns from the upcoming sale and then I ask you to bring these just because there's such beautiful specimens and we're gonna start here with the classic this is the Henry rifle this is that damn Yankee gun that you load on Sunday and shoot all week very early repeater we talked earlier about volcanic sky to being the beginning of the Winchester lever-action line this is when they really started to take shape with the Henry brass frame and this one is this is a brass frame and not an iron frame a brass frame yes beautifully equated nickel plated beautiful original nickel on it it's a lever action it has the 15-round magazine tube underneath the barrel and this is when they really started to get the lever action right it's a 44 rimfire cartridge a very rare gun very desirable gun to do to its significance in American history and its history in in firearms evolution and this one is it's very very rare to find an example like this and unmolested condition as you well know this gun is going on a hundred and fifty years old Wow and to find one in in this type of museum quality condition is very very unusual it did this has been in a family we're told dating to the 1800s the 1880s and so finding a piece of family heritage like this and then having the privilege to bring it to market is really what makes my job so special and we're very pleased that we could present it to you here what's really interesting about this gun not only in the preservation of the exterior but also the preservation of the unique features the Hickory 4-piece ramrod that's in absolutely pristine condition here these were all handmade and not perfect but well preserved and just absolutely impossible to find in that kind of case it's got the the trap in the butt of the stock forum and you can't want to eat you always hope there's a rot in there I mean whatever specimen like this would be a thousand yeah right yeah that's for the rod what's your estimate on this rifle itself items like this come up so infrequently in this kind of condition it's very difficult to say we're going to be very conservative and realistic in our estimation here 75,000 to 125,000 for auction purposes when inspired resourceful people get together anything's possible but we're confident that the gun will be well represented at auction and the hammer will fall at the realized price and we hope it's a pleasant response in a positive response what's doing with James D Julia thank you so much for for coming here and bringing this treasure and thanks for bringing it here our great question we certainly support the NRA and all that you do it's beautiful Jim how do you do it all the time you guys do it they find the great stuff they bring it out we'd love coming to tous arms you're procuring in his corner and and wes is going to stick around because we've got another Treasury we're going to get in the next next segment of curators corner and we'll be back with that soon

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