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Cuban Missile Crisis – The Failed Checkmate – Extra History – #1

Cuban Missile Crisis – The Failed Checkmate – Extra History – #1

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  1. Why would Khrushchev put missiles in Cuba? It would be like the US putting missiles in Turkey… oh, wait.

    This series on the Cuban Missile Crisis brought to you by DomiNations!

  2. Почему вы говорите так плохо о русских? Вы хоть понимаете как сильно США провоцировало СССР? Только потому что русские очень добрые, они отказывались раз за разом нажимать пусковую кнопку. Это полный провал с точки зрения военного руководства. За отказ выполнения приказа их полагается расстрелять. Вместо этого, им поставили памятник, как ставят памятники полицейским, которые не открывают огонь по преступникам.

  3. The piece at 6:59 – 7:06 needs to be replayed over and over again in every US middle-School, Highschool, College, University and whenever this topic of history is to be discussed with an American.

  4. “We won’t abandon Cuba to the imperialists”
    2 minutes later
    Khrushchev: “Maybe we should just abandon Cuba and let them do this themselves”

  5. what did kennedy look like when he raged at khrushchev's move to put soviet medium-range missiles in CUBA? -100% IQ khrushchev

  6. The air-force chief of staff is just like the military commander in Rick & Morty (from the Get Schwifty episode

  7. It's honestly nice to hear communist portrayed as real people, rather than stupid masses ruled by supervillains
    "Counteract imperialist aggression"

  8. My dad was around 16 years old when this happened and said it was the scariest shit he’s ever experienced in his life

  9. Yeah Bobby, air strikes aren’t that effective, that 15% damage penalty gets a little weird. And don’t forget those Pyros.

  10. So glad that the air strike didn’t happen my grandma and grandpa lived in Cuba and I can’t believe I could’ve never been born if she would died I’m actually embarrassed to be Cuban I didn’t even know they were on the Soviet side my family always hated Fidel Castro but he died a few years back.

  11. 9:10 Soviet Union: calls America Imperialist
    Also Soviet Union: Literally enslaves half of Europe

    And that’s what consistency means folks.

  12. The US does this to a lot of countries around the world. The Russians are just one of them that can truly defend themselves against US. That makes us scared, but we should let live and stop getting involved in everyone's business.

  13. "Kennedy is furious at Khrushchev's betrayal!" Ahh, What betrayal?
    Kennedy is the first one threatening the Soviet Union, if he didnt stationed nuclear missiles in turkey, then all that would never have happened!

  14. June 1, 1961 the USA stationed missiles in Turkey and Italy, then they get into a panic when a year later the USSR makes a similar move in Cuba. Hypocritical don't you think. But MSM don't tell THAT side of the story.

  15. I was 14 and in high school when this happened. We were not told at the time that the US had missiles in Turkey…..

  16. the Russians had withdrawn the missiles from Cuba, only after the North Americans had withdrawn the missiles from Turkey. otherwise the sea was in place of the united states. lol

  17. America: Puts Nuclear Weapons in Turkey
    Soviet Union:

    Soviet Union: Puts Nuclear Weapons in Cuba

  18. I love watching history videos on YouTube. I have learned much from them. But why do you use that strange voice here? I've heard it on a few videos and honestly it makes it difficult to finish the whole video. It's like a chipmunk sound. I got to a minute and a half and I had to stop it or else I would have ended up pulling out all my hair. Great subject, horrible voice. I'm not trying to put down the maker of the video, I'm just saying that it makes it hard to watch and I'm not the only one who feels this way. And lately that voice is taking over many videos and also new age rap music as well.

  19. Guys guys guys. GUUYS! I can't afford to support your patreon right now, even though I really want to, but if you have time after doing all the videos they suggest, can you cover some notable Onna bugeisha, or female samurai? I was really surprised to learn about them.

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