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  1. I'm liking these history videos. Since I've subscribed I've mostly only seen science and math. Good to see you branching out.

  2. Yeah, once the History playlist is more developed it will be such a resourceful library for its information and entertainment value. I would rather watch these videos than the history channel on television.

  3. I dont have a test, quiz, or currently taking a history class, but for some reason, I can;t stop watching this, WE WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I always think communication between enemies while at war/on the brink of war is a really interesting thing to look at, it seems really strange that people can still negotiate even when they are mortal enemies.

  5. History is an important subject. Also a controversial one. But I'd love to meet Americans with a better grasp of non-american history or politics in the future… Of course not all US-Americans are *that* bad, but I often have the impression they don't know a lot. Just not a focus of their educational system….

  6. @doomsword86 To appear strong and not admit mistakes. Of course, in all other countries they intend to increase internet coverage and maybe even dissidence through that, while in Cuba they take steps for that not to happen. Also I sometimes think the sanctions on Cuba are meant as some kind of "showcase of a failing communist economy", while communists would argue communist Cuba would thrive if it wasn't for the sanctions. All a big kindergarden of politics if you ask me….

  7. Awesome vids mate. Could you comment on the Hawaii Annexation and perhaps the American Samoa takeover. Im interested in your comments on those. Thanks

  8. Loved the comment about how "the Soviets are always talking about labor", hilarious! Good work on these history videos!

  9. @SalsaTiger83 Especially when the US refused the aid Cuba offered after Katrina. 1.500 doctors and tons of equipment would have saved many lives, especially when every minute counts.

    But nooo, rather having your citizens die than saying "thank you". It's so irresponsible that you would expect that only a petty dictator is capable of doing something so stupid.

    Yet, most Americans are convinced nobody in the world offered any help at all. Those poor dumb bastards make me so sad…

  10. @doomsword86 I don't think it's all for show. They are not gaining anything from doing business with a country that doesn't have a private market.
    In fact, by isolating them they are protecting their own market because a communist regime playing the free market is like competing against giant corporation that owns a huge island with eleven million employees at it's disposal.

    China on the other hand is/was different story because they have (partially) opened their market for foreign investors.

  11. @noxure that is assuming that cuba would not have changed in the past four decades as a reaction to trade with the U.S. … I think the very reason they don't have a significant private market is that they can't really have much of a foreign trade market. With the point about the "corporation that owns an island" I have to disaggree strongly. It would be one heck of an inefficient corporation. Market protection never really works the way it was intended anyway….

  12. @noxure They had to turn it down given prior policy. Not that the actual prior policy was sane, though. Also, the U.S. can afford to pay for it's own health care if it wanted to…. They don't really need to have child death rates higher than libya….

  13. computer science!!! i really want you to say HELLO WORLD! java would be best, but c or c++ is good also. i have to admit that qBasic would make my day : )

  14. @SalsaTiger83 I know, considering that the health and safety of your own citizens should have priority over that's exactly what I meant. And yes, off course; but the main issue is getting enough qualified personnel over there as fast as possible. Money only helps in the aftermath.
    The irony is that a poor country like Cuba is unique because it has so many doctors it could afford to send a lot of them over there without impeding their own healthcare system.

  15. I would look up any technical stuff that was needed for a job or an exam, including fundamental math, science and economics concepts. I think it is better to get videos on history or geopolitical type economics. I think videos like this history set, or like the ones that explained the China-USA currency situation would be more popular. Videos about who is likely to win present wars (rather that who has the moral highground) would also be good.

  16. Sal saying he would read that letter made me think about him reading actual books. I'd love to hear your voice in "A Brief History of Time" or similar. Oh! Read the American Constitution!

  17. my bet, The CIA made the U-2 spy plane vulnerable to get shot down so they could justify their position for a full scale attack and convince kennedy to change his position and invade.

  18. The difference between the proposals was due to power struggles in the USSR itself. It shouldn't be forgotten that Kruschev was himself fearful of being seen as a weak figure too and feared the Soviet military was plotting a coup against him – and indeed he was disposed as a consequence of what was seen by the Soviet military as a humilation.

  19. @khanacademy Please do one about the "Philippine Insurgency" (known as "Philippine-American War" in the Philippines)

  20. hello i survive this time in history, i recall , anti aircraft missile falling from a truck in caretera central caimito near san antonio de los banos cross from my house.nise work. God speed

  21. Hi, Sal. Can I request? Can you make a long video or combine multiple videos to one and arrange mutually exclusive timelines paralleled so we get to understand the whole world history in just one video? Because some of the incidents would be connected to each other and it is difficult already to align your history videos and mentally connect the dots. It would make things a lot easier for us or at least for me If I am not being too selfish, Thank you! And please keep uploading your videos……!

  22. @HostingReviews1 This is not just theory. After 40 years all countries have to freely give out all documents unless it endangers the lives of people such as witness protection and undercover agents. Anyone can access the private documents that countries handed eachother in private. Some of them are truly interesting.

  23. @river777runner I had a teacher who was great at that, even if it completely opposed his opinion, he would always add both sides of each argument, it really made learning so much better when you have two perspectives.

  24. @XtruxtioN Uhhhhhhh…. you're wrong….. A socialist nation is a nation which controls all its means of production… theoretically a democracy could be socialist. A communist nation is run by the people in which all are equal Cuba was communist or in the process of accepting communism. Marx stated communism could not occur until about 100 years after the people had destroyed former gov and eventually everyone would be equal.

  25. Imagine if G.W. was in office during this time. The whole world would have come to an end. After G.W. would waste a year or two attacking Canada on "sound" CIA intelligence.

  26. NICE, ARE u a historian? may i pls know what cool program u use here to be able to write on pics? tks

  27. Stop the missiles getting there in the first place by providing air support for the Bay of Pigs invasion, like Eisenhower did in Guatemala.

  28. You mean the failed CIA invasion, but subsequently successful Colonel's coup that overthrew the democratic government of Guatemala and replaced it with a military dictatorship that killed 200,000 in attempted genocide? Yep, that was under Eisenhower

  29. I'm very proud Kennedy was assassinated and his stupid whore wife gave herself cancer.

    There was never any danger of war at all. Kruschev admitted the whole thing was a ploy to force Kennedy to remove all US missiles from Turkey and Italy.

  30. What I don't understand is why the USA didn't just remove the missiles from turkey. From what it sounds is that neither side wanted to back down

  31. Its the US which retained its machismo by not declaring in public the withdrawal of missiles from Italy and Turkey!

  32. Right or wrong, you have to give credit to both Kennedy and Khruschev to have sorted this out via diplomacy. Thanks to their mutual desire to not look weak, they both avoided nuclear war – which would have made the world a very different place today.

  33. It was my understanding that the main reason for the requirement by the U.S. that the removal of the missiles from Turkey not be disclosed was that removal of our missiles at that time would have violated the NATO treaty and they did not want their NATO allies to know.

  34. I am student of diplomacy from Slovakia, I have to learn all conflicts in a history in a few days and your video helped me a lot, much easier than studying from the books.. So thanks a lot , what u r doing is very meaningful and helpful.. I'm gonna check your others videos

  35. Kennedy left the freedom fighters in the Bay of pigs out in the cold to be killed. He told them that he would help them but didn't. I think that leftist Communist Ideal's was becoming more appealing to him and his fellow Democrats.

  36. Can you tell me the software you are using to arrange the images, text, etc. on a board in front of you.  Thanks!

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