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Crummy High School Gym Gets World Class Makeover | Anderson Prep Academy

Crummy High School Gym Gets World Class Makeover | Anderson Prep Academy

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  2. Props to the adults and props for the kids. Use or lose it tho, gifts come at a price and that price is to keep it looking good and to honor the place

  3. next is to hire a personal trainer because damn their form on just about everything is horrible, especially that leg press!!! 29:38

  4. I like the grungey gyms. Chalk on the fucking floor, metal plates, chipped paint, cracked mirrors, mostly free weights.

  5. My weight room feels very crowded when there is 8 people working out at the same time. Worn equipment but still very useful and effective.

  6. I love leaders who see beyond their students and believe that one day they will become someone in life. Leaders that turn plans into reality. Leaders that care. 👍🏽

  7. This made me laugh out loud. It's a Prep Academy, the gym is "crummy" (according to them) because they want it that way or don't place much importance in it cuz 2 to 3 students fees can afford it easily.

  8. way to go! you turned a 5 min video into a 30 min one. Tryign to act like yall are doing good just because. IN all actuality yall have a double agenda.

  9. my school is doing a power lift to raise money to redo my school and if anyone is interested in donating leave me your email and my school will send a link to you about it all it a real thing aynor high school South Caroline each person has a goal to raise $250 each and it would mean the world to me and all the student if you donate thanks God bless

  10. The gym has everything you would need to build muscle and get strong. So there isnt a need to get the gym a makeover.

  11. My high schools weight room is a squat rack, a bench press, and a dip bar with a bunch of weights out in the middle of a grass field

  12. With an old school Universal gym in my old high school, we'd have been in heaven to have their old equipment. I hope these kids realize how fortunate they are and what a good thing these folks have done for them…great job Lift Life.

  13. I love these videos so much. I love that yall are giving back to our kids. I wish I had seen these videos sooner and they all deserve more views than what you have. Keep it up!

  14. I was in rotc for two years n i must say most of them were out of regulation including the instructors they are supposed to be wearing sage green boots when wearing the ABU and one instructor was also wearing a cap indoors n it wasnt even an abu cover even though he had abus on….. what the heck.

  15. I don't think you people in the comments saying there's highschool gyms in worse condition understand. They don't HAVE to do this, it was a submission, it's one of many gyms that needed an upgrade. There will always be worse, these people just wanted to help where they could.

  16. 7:07 – 7:13

    If any kids actually said this "Wow" ice literally been using body weight exercises and 2 dumbbells and a barbell for 7 months and I've been getting stronger.

  17. It's amazing whats been done, I'm just curious though, Even American schools are being militarised that's crazy, why the hell would you have a school in any way related to military? To me it's incomprehensible but then I'm from England, where not even police carry guns. I just don't understand why a country would WANT to have a fighting, military, everyone own a gun culture, it seems crazy and morally wrong.

  18. Yeah when i was done with high shcool i joined the army in my last year. Surgery and illness followed but i keep the core of the army in what i do not gving up cronic pain and fatigue. At the end of it i push past what i or anyone says i can do. Dont wanna live limited. I worked out with a small weight room. And mostly did body weight and more

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