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Crossing border into ARGENTINA. Motorbike Around the World – ep61

Crossing border into ARGENTINA. Motorbike Around the World – ep61

I told them now they can mix it with some coca – well folks here we are two months after getting to potosi now it’s been sunny cold winter up here and we’re heading on out again going down south the argentinian border get out get back in with a brand new visa and then head to Santa Cruz funny thing came here with the shits I’m leaving a bit with shits again I mean alright it’s just copy by the end the game by the way during my time here making lots of videos I finally discovered that the microphone external microphone cable of the camera doesn’t stick into port properly anymore the port is damaged due to all the violence the vibrations on a bike while the camera listening in the tank bag so please excuse me for all the windy footage and hopefully I can get that fixed at some other time better end set a bad audio and I have to do it the onboard microphone which isn’t great so be it wealthy [Music] hey all under Kunis’s rule on me okay and this is Europa with a little over than much yeah but cool muchas business have a go [Music] with us once a temple do us on us just my age timing that’s unworthy there’s no fuel for the next two hours the knife for the top [Music] [Music] Murray’s expecting furries in Bolivia [Music] oh don’t sing gasolina saying attack immune so you know that you know the mother more on this yeah everybody’s refilling at the same time so they absolutely won’t sell here doesn’t force the countless she the fuel is 8.8 80 I’m talking to the guy look man what do you know I said the word female you don’t say that first so you walked a bit with me out of side of the camera say you see that open door over there that guy that place [Music] it just makes a big difference in price when I witness gnarls Yemeni sake a steady finding a gasoline hockey now say for the Kings they win till it was the PNA no say exact oh yay not a thank you yes super never used one of these before nope that’s 110 meters see that was a little bit more work but I paid five faces per liter here honesty and petrol station will cost you 880 it’s almost almost it all adds up you know and what if I’m quite surprising until now is that these kind of folks quite honest about their prices a guy could ask me for six easily just says five because they pay for so they make like a peso for leader that’s really dope of them it’s always everybody that gives me gives me five I always give him twenty it’s a thank you cuz that’s dope you know they can easily like seven you know say that’s fuel life in Bolivia if you paid a gringo price and the paying more than Chile more than earn Russia Japan [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] let’s check if the porker is open I’m gonna stir this you gonna put forward a star accuracy star say star beer telephone Tara after a smooth energy or Bolivia wara boliviana see possible okay to open until tonight I can do this this border man feel economy been great just riding on the road get lower altitude alright help so bad news not related the day yet but today is actually my last safety cell wise I thought it was tomorrow because that’s the bike I understood that I could actually come back in for 90 days just like that one more time try to confirm that with people at the one I in potosi and they said yes yes yes I can feel how are you sure are you sure cuz I heard I read otherwise but I’ve been hearing different things now now it’s like and I can’t come back he’s planning come back for three more months you spend the night in Argentina coz I got to get the hell out otherwise they’ll confiscate the bike oh that’s it the bike is today’s last day I still had one more day so let’s get rolling [Music] see you again briefly probably okay we got a winner here [Music] or less tonight that is cheaper than expected but there’s always potential for that at a border town no way anywhere else sweet does it say anything and got some 98 super fuel in there get some nice stuff in elf before we go back to Bolivia we’re on the butts of good stuff see and I like to guy yeah see [Music] okay let’s do this well back here at the Bolivian boarding well back yard the Bolivian border good morning just left Argentina but the internet is down here so can’t process me and other people in the system so we have to wait for the internet to be back up to leave the country and I’m waiting here with some other motorcyclists from Argentina and of course they brought their my dad it’s essential its life in Argentina but it has yes I told them that it can mix it with some coca – this isn’t no way no yeah oh good afternoon already here in Bolivia ducking down because I’m still at the border you can’t record here Oh God in have to get a different kind of visa I got a work visa now basically which is valid for 30 days and after 30 days I can extend it for another 30 or tops 60 it’s the only way to get back in the country I pay for that but flat out was a possible some bad information before that I could come back in another 90 days but that wasn’t the case at least on the standard tourist we’re back in adjacent paperwork had to go to a notary get some documents made copies made but all in all it’s done almost two o’clock and something to get some breakfast we’re back in Bolivia and that is super dope they really fight resist welcome to Bolivia welcome back that is see ya I can see I am hungry peckish I’m great you met some argentinian fellows here invited me to dinner and tonight’s the first cup america game so i’m going to stick around game no no I’ve no no no I have no spine yours so now we’re going to look for a place and we’ll stick around town with these fellows I’m learning this stairs oh very good [Music] No [Music] [Music] you

Reader Comments

  1. I can't help but feel that your moto adventure would be a hugely different experience if you weren't able to speak the native language of the country you are visiting. Thank you for sharing your adventures, Pedro. Rubber side down, amigo. P.S. Any time you meet another motorcyclist, please show us their motorcycle. Thanks.

  2. Pedro the Mate is a good alternative for digestion problems also It helps with fluid retention because it is a natural diuretic, als je me niet gelooft, vraag het dan aan de koningin.

  3. Got a haircut too! IDK when did this happen, but just in case you are in Argentina, all the roads/tracks in the altiplano between RN40 and RN9, as well as the ones in the mountains east of RN9 are awesome, similar in terms of solitude to the ones in Bolivia. Since we had a 30% devaluation, I guess your Euros are much more valuable now.
    Keep up riding and uploading content!

  4. Hola Pedro!!!,bienvenido a la Argentina!!!.Si venís para la provincia de Córdoba,tenés techo,comida y Wi-Fi en mi humilde casa,vivo en Capilla del Monte!!!.Un fuerte abrazo!!!

  5. Hi Pedro, nice video. i can see that you've been already corrupted by latin philosophy by buying fuel " sin factura" hahha , that's provably stolen fuel . Here I'm in Wales watching your video and drinking mate like you. Thanks for the video, ride safe

  6. Check out the whole trip so far through South America

  7. He man love your video's. I'm planning my own trip because of you. I was wondering how do you navigate? You won't have cell reception everywhere.

  8. Hey Pedro, do you plan on visit Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil) as well?
    There's a road between Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina called Serra do Rio do Rastro.
    And if you get to Acre on Alp you are a hero! Some say there are still dinosaurs there…

  9. My friends Rebeka and Tyler and I were just denied the ferry crossing from Baja because we screwed up and didn't enter Mexico properly. It's funny that you're dealing with something similar.

  10. Do you know that Syrians drink Matte also. They call it with the same name as well. I was surprised to see it in Bolivia.

  11. Pedro, you are so great I’m so many ways! Your patient tenacity is admirable. Finding the dope deal on fuel & paying extra (love it) & rolling with the punches at the boarder & meeting people everywhere you go. You inspire me on so many levels!!! Bless you

  12. I get that you try to save money on petrol, but honestly if you go to the shadiest places to fuel up, you can't complain about getting crappy fuel which makes your bike run bad 😀

  13. Met Pedro at the Salt Flats in Uyuni. Im back in Canada now, and here i am watching him getting into Argentina. Cool stuff, pretty happy i can follow your journey.

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