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Crazy Maps That Are So Bad They’re Good

Crazy Maps That Are So Bad They’re Good

– [Narrator] You might’ve
been on the internet recently and seen some maps so ridiculous, that you’ve had to stop, scratch your head and wonder who made up this nonsense. But sometimes a quick Google proves that despite your disbelief, the map was genuine all along. Ha! So, in this video I’ll take a look at some of the most absurd, but accurate maps on the internet today. Terrible maps that are
so bad, they’re good. (upbeat music) If you ever have a
chance to visit England, rest assured you’ll always
find a place to drink. As proven by this map of pubs in the UK. I mean, sure, we already knew this. Right? But that doesn’t make this
map any less impressive. Maybe it’s not a map, but a route plan. Now let’s compare it to this
map of churches in Poland. In a country that was under
communist rule for decades, maintaining this many holy
places is no mean feat. In the face of brutal persecution, the church in Poland resisted communism, and the countries Catholic population continued worshiping in secret. It might not be much help in
actually finding a church, but at least you know that
when you’re in Poland, you’ll never be short of a place to pray. While in England, on the other hand, you’ll always find somewhere
to drown your sorrows. Okay. So how on earth do you
pronounce these city names? And how did the Icelandic language end up with so many excess letters? Reading town names in
Iceland will make you feel like you can’t read. Not just struggle with dyslexia. Well I suppose I’d better
give one a go then. (clearing throat) (sounding out word) Ah, forget it. Flat maps never treat Antarctica fairly. The frozen continent is much more like the lonely island at the
bottom of the world seen here, than the gigantic straight white land mass that sprawls across the lower half of most maps of the world. And how about the distance
from everybody else? Yeah it’s a cold and lonely
life for poor old Antarctica. But what Antarctica lacks in warmth, it gains in time zones. And this maps breaks down Antarctica’s 11, that’s right, 11 different time zones. I wonder just how few people
have actually used this map? Just imagine the constant
jet lag at the South Pole. How did Croatia get all the waterfront property in this deal? The breaking up of the communist
Republic of Yugoslavia, led to a creation of
six new nations in 1991. And Croatia made sure all the beachfront property went to them. The reason for this goes
way back to how the borders were set after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the region. Way back in 1699, Bosnia only has 12 miles of coastline, compared to Croatia’s 1000. Which has got to be hard on
all those Bosnian BBQ fans. Americans refuse, though,
to use the metric system. Its unwillingness to embrace soccer and it’s stubborn insistence
on refrigerating eggs, yeah, we’re the only ones that do that, are just a few examples
of the ways Americans insist on being different
from the rest of the world. Well this map shows
another example of just how isolated the US is. Most of the world thinks of the day as day day, month month, year year year year. So December 20th would read 20 slash 12 slash 2018. But not in the good old US of A. It’s 12 slash 20 slash 2018 for us. Just another example
of that fierce American independence for ya. Next up, is a map of the
US with the States scaled by the size of its moose population. No big surprise here with
Alaska having the largest moose population in the United States. But how about Maine
coming in at number two? And it’s about time someone
brought New York down to size. Now this map just looks
like a load of lines. And in fact if you weren’t
watching a video about maps, this would make zero sense to you at all. But what we have here
is a map of the world as all 24 time zones. No countries or continents, just how we set our watches. If you look carefully you can kinda see the outline of Alaska and the bottom of South America, but it looks more like something
out of The Matrix to me. And this one, the little
shapes covering Brazil, aren’t to be confused with
populations of a wild animal, like a rhino or some kind
of Amazonian warthog. Each of those shapes is
the outline of Switzerland. And I went ahead and did the math for ya. 142 Switzerland’s fit into Brazil. That’s a lot of meat and cheese. Now this map shows the
answer to the question what do Wisconsin, West Virginia, and South Carolina have in common? All three of these States
have laws permitting ownership of a kangaroo as a pet. Of course, just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it a good idea. Kangaroos are pretty aggressive and unsociable animals. And would be much more
likely punch you in the face, than fetch you your morning paper. Ten years ago this map
would have been irrelevant. But soccer, or football, as it’s known in the rest of the world, is growing in popularity
amongst the younger generation of fans here
in the United States. And that makes this state map of the most popular European soccer teams possible. Now as to why these teams
hold footholds where they do. That’s more of a mystery. How a team from Paris
became the most popular team in Texas and Oklahoma for instance? Well to be honest, I have no idea. Here’s a map no one wants
their home state to appear on. The map of states where
bestiality is legal. The good news is only four states are colored in on this map. The bad news, that four states are still
colored in on this map. If you’re a resident of
Kentucky, West Virginia, Wyoming, or New Mexico, you might want to write
to your representative and ask to get this weird
legal loophole closed. Ugh. This next map shows all the
countries where Queen Elizabeth, of the United Kingdom, can
be charged with a crime. And the answer to the question is– one. Almost every country in the world provides the Queen with some form of diplomatic or sovereign immunity when she visits. The odd one out is the
African nation of South Sudan, where the Queen is offered
no such protection. So I guess the 92-year-old
monarch better mind her P’s and Q’s when she’s on
her next visit to South Sudan. This map breaks down the
top Google Autocomplete response for each nation in Europe, as Googled from the United States. For example, if you type in why did Germany, in Google, the top autocomplete response is why did Germany invade Poland? Pretty pointless, but
definitely interesting. It seems we can’t quite understand why people joined certain unions. Or leave for that matter. In fact almost every
nation in Europe’s top autocomplete results had something to do with war or politics. That is, everybody except for Norway. The Scandinavian nations top response was why did Norway knight a penguin? Which is a good question. So, when a Norwegian army
Lieutenant visited a zoo in the 1970’s, they appointed a 3 foot
penguin as their mascot and made him an honorary guardsman. The tradition continued
and the current mascot, a penguin named Nils, has risen through the ranks
of the Norwegian military and was given a knighthood in 2005 on behalf of Norway’s, King Harold. But interesting autocomplete results aren’t just reserved for the Europeans. Check out the results
I found for US states, as typed into Google search. Basically from the US I
typed in the state like, Iowa is, into Google search, and then got the auto complete results. I eliminated some unwanted results, like questions and state abbreviations, and put the most satisfactory
result on the map. Responses include: Alaska is melting, New Mexico is the new China, and New York is killing me. Dark. I learned a number of
things from this map. First, I did not know an
Encyclopedia Metallum existed. It’s a website listing bands from various forms of heavy metal music. Second, Chili is by far
the king of metal bands in South America. In fact, the race is not even close. According to Jakub Marian, the slim Indian mountain nation, has 113 metal bands. Almost double the 58 claimed by Uruguay, number two on the list. But if you though that was a lot, you’ve seen nothing yet. On the world scale, Chili
is outdone by Scandinavia, with Finland containing the
highest density of metal bands. There must be something
about cold climates that makes people wanna
listen to heavy metal. This one might depress you a bit. Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder, who’s done amazing things for the world by pioneering the personal computer, has more money that most
of the nations in Africa, every country in Central America, all of the nations in the Caribbean, as well as Greenland. Though that shouldn’t be a big surprise, considering that it’s
just a big block of ice. Maybe he was planning
on buying up a country some time in the future. He can name it Microsoftopia
or the United Gates. Unless Jeff Bezos buys the
whole world up first, of course. Now, you’ll see the Golden Arches in almost any country you go to, but there are a handful
of nations who’ve held out and have defended their borders against Ronald McDonald and his crew. Some countries have even
kicked McDonald’s out. Bolivia, Iran, and Iceland
have all decided to get rid of their McDonald’s franchises. Citing a mix of political
and public health reasons. Now Toto only mentioned
the rain down in Africa. They neglected to inform us of the intense lightning that comes with it. The problems of poverty and disease on the
continent are well known and often unfairly exaggerated. But what about that big
black blob in the Congo? That represents lightning
strike intensity. And it looks like the most electrifying place on earth happens
to be in Central Africa. As for the US, Florida leads the way. Ah, Florida. The weird one as usual. What if Tampa were still known as Angola? What if Miami were still
known as Fort Dallas? Or what if Washington DC was
still known as Georgetown? These are some of the original
names of major US cities, when those places first formed. Some of them show clearly where the roots of the modern city name came from. Nashville was Fort Nashborough. Pittsburgh was Pittsborough. Cleveland was Cleaveland. But some city names had no connection to their future identity whatsoever. Atlanta was Terminus. San Francisco was Encinat. And what were they doing in Portland to earn the name The Clearing? From the Twitter of horror
writer, Stephen King, this map highlights the weirdest
city names all over the US. Santa Claus in Indiana might
be one you’re familiar with, but is there anyone out
there from Chicken Bristle, A city in the neighboring
state of Illinois? It also makes sense that Minnesota would have a city named Little Canada. And what was the motivation
behind the name of the city Mormon Bar, California? And is anyone in West Virginia
proud to be from Booger Hole? You may have come across the rankings for the top States in various categories, including education, medical
care, and average income. Well as this map from 2011 by the Cartographic Research Lab at the University of Alabama illustrates, every state is dead last in something. This map of shame presents
some obvious results, such as California being
dead last in air pollution or New York having the
worst commute times. But who knew Maine would
be the dumbest state? Or that Louisiana would
be the gonorrhea state? And everything is bigger in Texas, except the graduation rates, which are the nations worst. In a similar vein this next
map shows the most popular swear words by state. Big shocker here. The Midwest cusses less on Twitter than anywhere else in the country. The Midwest coming in as the most polite, shouldn’t shock anyone. As for the part of the country that comes in with the worst language? That distinction belongs to the Southeast, who came in first with three of the words, including the S-word, the
B-word, and the C-word. The F-bomb was used equally amongst the Southeast and Northwest. And surprisingly, California in the West, showed the most frequent use of a certain derogatory term directed at gay people. Not a cat person? Well too bad. Because this map proves the world is just one giant cat knocking Australia
around like a ball of yarn. Another creative way to view the world, is this orange peel map of Japan. I’m guessing this was
the work of a soccer team with too much time on their hands. So, have these maps taught
you anything about the world? And which one did you
find the most absurd? Let me know in the comments down below. And thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

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