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Craig Unger: There Is a Russian Asset in the White House | The Russia Desk | NowThis

Craig Unger: There Is a Russian Asset in the White House | The Russia Desk | NowThis

One doesn’t like to say it but there is a Russian asset in the White House. That man, who certainly isn’t pulling any punches, is journalist and author Craig Unger. He’s worked for Vanity Fair and Esquire but most recently he’s written a book called ‘House of
Trump, House of Putin’. I got the chance to sit down with Craig to discuss the book where
he lays out Trump’s connection to Russian
organized crime via money laundering rackets, the origins of the strategy Russia used to attack the U.S., and what the ordinary citizen like you and me can do to fight this. You call the cultivation of Donald
Trump one of the greatest intelligence operations
in history. You also see that he could maybe
unwittingly be a Russian agent. Can you explain what that distinction
is. Right. Well this appears to be an
operation that stretched over many decades. More than 35 years and I think it began organically
nearly as money laundering and evolved into something else. And in 1984 Donald Trump met with a man named David Bogatin who
was tied to the Russian mafia and Bogatin and came in with six million dollars, that’s equivalent of about 15 million
today, and said, “I’ll five condos”. That according to the state attorney general’s office of New York was laundering money. It was a transaction that was all cash and bought through anonymous shell companies. That Kind of transaction happened again and again. And if it had only happened
two or three times I think you could make
a strong case that we don’t know what’s going
through his mind. But there has been investigations that found at least 13 hundred similar transactions, all cash transactions, in which anonymous shell companies are buying Trump real estate. That is probably billions of dollars. And you know the legal concept known as willful ignorance or deliberate ignorance and I think a good case can be made that there’s a real pattern here and that Trump was pretty much aware of going on on some level because it was so highly profitable. Can you explain just a basic level
what money laundering is? Money laundering is essentially taking dirty money often from organized crime or flight capital, and Russia has had roughly a trillion dollars in foreign capital since Vladimir Putin has been president, and entering into the western world making it legitimate. Washing through banks. So real estate is a terrific way to launder lots of money and the Russians figured that out. And so did Donald Trump. So why is real estate in particular so
fantastic for this? Well the regulations are incredibly lax. That is it is illegal to buy a condo here in Manhattan all cash through a shell company and no one will know that you own it. So you lay out the case that. Donald Trump’s ties to Russians
started long before 2016. Right. And this is in the Russian
mafia and I think an incredibly important
thing to understand is that the Russian mafia is very different from the Italian American
Mafia we’re more familiar with here in the United
States. And the big difference is the Russian
mafia are state actors they are part of Russian intelligence. I interviewed General Oleg Kalugin who’d been head of counterintelligence
for the KGB and when I asked him about the Russian
mafia he said, “Oh that’s just another
branch of the KGB. So when you unpack what really was going on. That you had Russian mobsters buying into Trump Tower 35 years ago. That they continued to have a presence on and off laundering vast amounts of money through Trump real
estate living in Trump Tower. The FBI searching and finding that Russian mobsters lived there and all the way up to
2013. And you have a huge bust of a gambling ring with Russian mobsters in Trump Tower. And when you understand that these people are tied to Russian
intelligence they have a line straight into the
Kremlin and they are living in the home of the president of the United States that is a massive security problem. So how much of this do you think is
actual long term strategy coming from Vladimir Putin himself? And how much of it is this has been an ongoing operation of
Russian intelligence to try to destabilize the United States? Well by 2013 you see things really start to kick in. And at that time that was sort of
interesting the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
for the Russian military general Gerasimov put out a paper that sometimes known
as the Gerasimov doctrine. And he proposed a policy of hybrid warfare. At the time he was saying that the
Russian military is absolutely no match for the American military. And that’s completely true but he was saying it really didn’t
matter because massive land invasions and old-fashioned wars generally don’t yield very significant results. Look at what the United States ended
up with Vietnam. Nothing. So he proposed a strategy of hybrid warfare that included cyberwarfare media manipulation. You see this massive assault on the truth and it is right out of the Kremlin playbook. The kind of lies Trump tells again and again and again you know you feel you have to respond to them but when you do it you’re playing his
game. You’re being distracted by him. You’re not going after your own
agenda. Trump is wealthy. He was born wealthy, he inherited wealth. Why would somebody like that risk all of this to get involved in my laundering? Well he’s a very odd personality. But you see ties to organized crime going way way back in the Trump
family. His father, who was a real estate developer in Queens and Brooklyn, had ties to the Russian
mafia. When Trump himself started out he also had ties to the Mafia and his lawyer was Roy Cohn who was famous dark prince of the McCarthy era. And Roy Cohn was also a lawyer for the Italian American Mafia which was just about to start
partnering with the newly arrived Russian mafia. So I think in a way this is where the thing started off with Trump getting involved with that and that’s been the source of his whole fortune. They own him. He was four billion dollars in debt after his Atlantic City when he overexpanded there and they came to his aid with a completely different business
plan for him. Now one of the other criticisms of the Mullar investigation comes from
people who say, “Oh it’s a McCarthyite type thing that’s happening in America
right now and there is Russophobia occurring”. But I think that you make a clear case that we’re talking about
Russian mafia actors and state actors. It’s not just the Russians in general as the problem. This is about an assault on American sovereignty. You know I even find the word meddling trivializes everything meddling is what your in-laws do with your marriage. This was an assault on America’s
sovereignty by tampering with our electoral system. Part of the challenge of this whole
scandal is it is it breaks so many taboos. I mean one doesn’t like to say it but there is a Russian asset in the White House. The Russians were able to install their man in the White House without firing a single shot. In many ways I think this is a global
conflict and it is important to see it that
way. We see Russia doing the same kind of techniques all over Europe and they fostered this wave of right wing anti immigrant populism as a way of undermining European and Western unity. Putin wants to destroy the Western
alliance. And he has done a pretty good job of
it so far. I think it calls for a complete
overhauling of our election rules like the Citizens United rule the way Super PACs are run. I think these investigations will be
going on for several years. What can the average person who is
angry about this do about it? Vote. Everyone has to vote. And the voter participation has been
terrible. And it got much better for the
midterms but it was crucial. If the Democrats lost the midterms I think we would
have faced another two years of Trump without the Democrats having any weapon
whatsoever to fight back with. Until the Democrats come back Trump has effectively neutralized checks and balances and what I look forward to is the
Democrats getting back in power and fighting back. Because this is not the kind of democracy I grew up in. That’s it for this week’s Russia desk. Thank you so much for watching. Be sure to share this video with you liked it. Do you have a story about Russia that
you want us to cover? Let us know in the comments and we’ll maybe make it into an
episode. Thanks for watching guys, see you soon!

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