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Cooking in Disguise – Gordon Ramsay

Cooking in Disguise – Gordon Ramsay

I’m on a mission to road-test some of the best celebrity chef cookery courses on offer to you first phonetic Albers le is my next target the cheeky little bastard said maybe one day I’d learn how to cook poppy well now he’s got a chance to teach me so I’m going undercover to road test these cookery course to have a bit of fun and to see what I can get away with Sydney’s course cost 352 pounds and on it you learn how to make stock different types of pasta and how to prepare and cook fish gonna come and see up here sir good night gentlemen up come up here to learn some things today to get on this course for beginners I’ve told him on a novice but will he notice that there’s really an award-winning chef in his kitchen time for a bit of fun and the odd clue so many colours into the stock the minute colour vegetable the stalks overheating so I take the matter in hand Willie twig mr. silly I think it’s the image I think it’s really okay he’s impressed but oblivious brilliant next up lilies shown us how he makes pasta now it’s our turn finally I’m on a course where I get to make something see this is when you’ve added too much flour so quickly okay so it’s really hard so he thinks his crap does he time for a second clue will he spot that his mission star has to be made right under his nose never make pasta before their lower got fettuccine we’ve got round limey even after all that he hasn’t clicked come on aldo to housing and the course moves on to sillies favorite fish we’ve gotten prepare our own plates of fish for cooking let’s see what he makes of this surely he’ll smell something fishy when I finish before most of the others have even begun so Jack Scott I that no I yes that means thank thank you he’s never done it before so the nice shoes so al does miss the true yet again or has he looks like he’s dead are you sure he hasn’t seen me that I’m about to get rumbled trying to come clean Gordon Ramsay would season them good the Run will season them I’ll see I see is enough to after cooking because I don’t like salt I can’t eat too much salt and good couldn’t go to Randy he’s a fucking nightmare and so are you you know you know you know I’ve known you since you were standing there right I came today to learn something and and you’ve learned nothing I’ve learned fuck holes keep it on you look much better

Reader Comments

  1. Man, why is Gordon Ramsay so much more likable on British shows than the US shows? I much prefer the casual Ramsay over the yelling version.

  2. HI GORDEN! I’m here from 2019 and remember this video! I thought I should have a little throwback. I never New 9 years ago I would still love u!

  3. So I guess this is what I got to look forward to after google chaged their algorithm for a more pro corporate model. I like Ramsey but I come to youtube for undiscovered artist off all kinds. Not some repackaged safe tv shows.

  4. Wtf looked like he been laying on salt n pepper all day n just showed up hahah fuck he on thinking anyone gonna fall for that lol

  5. nice recommended but like… I don't get these disguise videos, there is literally a huge camera shoved up in the chef's ass the whole time … like does the show expect the viewers to not realize about this ? or is the camera for the chef and im too stupid to realize it

  6. 2009: no
    2010: nah
    2011: nope
    2012: no way
    2013: not a chance
    2014: definitely not
    2015: um… no
    2016: how about no
    2017: zero chance
    2018: too soon
    2019: LeTs ReCoMmEnD tHiS tO eVeRyOnE

  7. I would figure you was trying to feed me cooked human flesh. That's the vibe I get from that makeup job.

  8. 2009: nope
    2010: ehh no
    2011:still no
    2013: no no no
    2014: erm nope
    2017:its still a no

  9. Holy shit this video is actually 10 years old… I remember watching this video when it came out, damn I feel old now

  10. I died when the chef said, " keep the face on, you look much better…" 😂😂😂
    Chef thug life 😎🎩💎🔫

  11. Wow, either everyone in this fucking kitchen has the brains of a fucking muffin, or it's staged. Wonder what it is.

  12. Who doesn't feel fishy when a random stranger that claimed to be a novice with camera crew suddenly wanted to work in your restaurant xD

  13. Hey Gordon Ramsey if your reading this then your a horrible piece of shit
    And I thought my abusive dad was horrible, Gordon Ramsey is worse
    if Gordon Ramsey has a wife then I hope she gets devorced, no one deserves to live with Gordon Ramsey
    Gordon Ramsey is a horrible monster
    He’s the Satan of this earth
    If you want to send a. Hate comment to me then go on, I don’t care

  14. It’s like uncle drew but cooking doesn’t require any youthful physical attributes so it’s just funny because it’s a just a regular chef

  15. YouTube:

    2011 nope
    2012 nope
    2013 nope
    2014 nope
    2015 nope
    2016 nope
    2017 nope
    2018 nope
    2019 mm yeah let’s recommend this to him.

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