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Condor Summit Softshell Jacket Preview – The Outdoor Gear Review

Condor Summit Softshell Jacket Preview – The Outdoor Gear Review

hey there guys Luke here with the outdoor gear review thanks for tuning in today for this episode we are doing a preview not a review but a preview of the Condor summit softshell tactical jacket check this thing out this is a sweet jacket right here so guys get comfortable and we'll take a look at this awesome jacket from Condor now to start off this preview I will start by showing you guys a bunch of photos and kind of going over the details of this jacket this jacket costs roughly $90 but it will depend on the size that you get and the color that you get there are six colors there's multicam navy blue foliage it's like a green color coyote brown black and an olive drab the sizes vary from extra small to triple XL now guys there are two different versions of this jacket there is a summit zero and a regular summit which this is the summit 0 model is for warmer climates it won't keep you as warm as this one so make sure to pay attention when you go out and make your purchase if you decide to do so make sure to get the one that you want now with this jacket it is three layers you have the outer layer which is 100% polyester which is 4-way elastic high-density fabric with a Teflon coating the mid layer is a breathable film membrane and the inner layer is 100% fleece which will keep you nice and toasty during the fall months of course for the winter you may want to layer of course to stay warmer now as you guys can see this jacket has a ton of pockets they are everywhere you have two here on the front which you can say are kind of like your your hand warmer so to speak you have little pockets inside of those and there's a little bit of a lining to it which will keep your hands somewhat warm let's just say in fall temperatures so you have the to zip up pockets here in the front you have a zip pocket right here on the arm very nice you also have another zip pocket on this arm again very nice you also have an elbow pocket on the left arm right here yeah you could stick I don't know maybe your phone in there something like that on the inside you do have a zippered pocket right here maybe for your cell phone who knows what you also have one on the other side on the back of the jacket you also have another zippered pocket as you can see you of course as you can see it is zippered up the front you do have elastic pools so you can cinch it up around your waist you have pit zips on both sides it also has as you can see a nice hood which I happen to like a great deal it doesn't fold down in front of your face all the time it fits perfectly this will work nicely with a hat anything you happen to be wearing as you can see it is sensible on both sides so you can really hunker that thing down if you need to it does have a piece of velcro which attaches to the back here so it don't get in the way of course here on the cuff you do have a Velcro adjuster so you can get just the right fit very nice the zipper here on the front is a YKK zipper on each arm you do have the four by four velcro for your patches and so on now when it comes to a softshell jacket such as this it's important to know how to use it it's good for stopping the wind block the wind it's good with water resistance but it is not fully waterproof this is not a hard shell jacket so if you're out and about in a light drizzle something like that you're going to be fine but if you're going to be out in a pouring rain or a super heavy wet snow this is not the type of jacket you want to be wearing this seams themselves are not taped and they are not sealed so over time with enough moisture it will leak and you will get wet also with this jacket it is not meant to be a full-on winter coat the lining on the inside that fleece will just keep you marginally warmer you know than just say like a t-shirt but if you're moving around you're going to be comfortable there's no doubt about it really for me this is a perfect fall and spring jacket it can be extended to the winter months like I said before with layering and that is really really important so guys there you have it there's the look at the condor softshell tactical summit jacket I have to say that I really really like it it's very comfortable to wear it breathes very well it does a good job of blocking the wind and some light moisture for 80 bucks you can't really go wrong of course we'll have to put it through its paces over the next coming months and we'll get a good review up for you guys of course you know if I notice any problems I'll make sure to you know point those out in the review itself but so far I'm really impressed I know you guys happen to like this thing as well definitely just by the looks of it the amount of comets that I have gotten over the last week or so since you guys had seen this jacket has been enormous guys thank you so much for joining me for this preview as I said the review will be coming later of the Condor summit tactical softshell jacket make sure to LIKE comment subscribe all that good stuff and I'll see you guys soon take care you you

Reader Comments

  1. I had it for one year and after you need to through it out. such a waste of money becuase softshell is coming off and waterproof function is not anymore waterproof. SAD.

  2. Sweet jacket. That thing's got enough storage to be a modernized survival smock! Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I own the PHANTOM. I've often wondered how durable it is. Is it as durable as the U.S. military's ECWS parka?

  4. Can you recommend a similar tactical softshell jacket but with a more slim fitting thru the arms? All the tactical jackets I've seen pretty much have baggy sleeves.

  5. Excellent review, perfect explanation, sir thank you very much, you can teach others how to review simple complete and concise.

  6. The original of this was designed by TAD(Triple Aught Design) which sells for $200.-(online)
    Condor Jacket can be bought at about $90.-
    You can buy Chinese version at about $35.- in Ali(express).

    They all are probably made in China, possibly in the same factory.

  7. hi
    i bought me one of these after looking your review. I had the same problem with the zipper, and thats really annoying, when its otherwise a good jacket.

  8. How is yours wearing?  Mine lasted just over a month before it began to unstitch itself.  What a disappointment!

  9. I own 2 of these Softshells, got the black and olive green colors. I suggest purchasing them on I might purchase this color you have on your vid, great video by the way!

  10. How does Your Gore-Tex DCU work over this jacket for cold/rain/windy/ sleet crap days?  I have this jacket and I did order the DCU after watching your vid. Great work !

  11. Hey Luke,

    Thank you so much for your review about this softshell.

    I'm from Europe and I'm looking for a Softshell who can bear our Spring and Fall weather. Something handy, not bulky.

    Great job about Pros and cons.

    Just one question: About size, as I'm not really used to US size.

    Does it Size big or not?
    I'm Chest 109cm (43 in), Back length 65cm (25in) …

  12. i really like this jacket i read about that and i think i very good jacket…
    good video my friend…
    and tell me what size did you use in the video and how tall are you?
    thank you

  13. Just about to purchase the summit zero… Wondering what size jacket you're wearing there. What height are you, i'm sure you mentioned it in a past video. Thanks

  14. Hi just got this jkt in coyote today. Couldnt decide whether to get medium or large but went with med in the end as although i layer underneath the large would have been imo too big. Iv got the rothco jkt which is essentially the same BUT the hoid on this rolls into the collar perfectly whereas the rothco one is just too bulky. Also the fleece seems thicker on the condor. Nice review by the way !

  15. For the past month or so you have done an awesome review on literally every peice if gear I've been intrested in. Subscribed!! Keep em coming!

  16. Just ordered mine. I noticed your wrist cuff rubber velcro is not black and is a solid tab unlike the other summits reviewed on line and even the one on condor outdoor's website. When and where did you get that from?Yours is way better and i will be very dissapointed if i get a different outdated tab on the wrist velcro. Good review, i hope i'll be just as satisfied when i get mine.

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