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Conan & Andy Richter Learn A Traditional German Dance – CONAN on TBS

Conan & Andy Richter Learn A Traditional German Dance  – CONAN on TBS

I’m here with Hans and Simon. Is that right? Which one are you?
(laughs) No, no. What?
I’m Franz. Franz, I thought you were Hans. No, Franz. And you’re, what are
you, you’re Dietrich? You’re Simon. Simon… Hans.
Hans. No, Franz. Franz. What? Franz. Arrgh. I’ve had a lot of these. Today I want to learn
traditional Bavarian dance. You guys are experts. We are. You are brothers. This is the, what is happening now? There’s a vest here. That’s a vest, yes. This is like sort of
like a leprechaun thing. And then you have- These are lederhosen. Well, they’re bondage shorts. What’s going on with the socks? [Franz] It’s called loferl. I’m sure that’s German
for pieces of socks. (audience laughing) What’s going on here? You’ve got two spoons in your pocket, what do you use those for? (spoons tapping)
(folk music) (audience applause) It hurts! It’s painful. You brought a musician with you? Appreciate you leaving your
cuckoo clock to be here. (audience laughing) It’s a big house. How do you say “zing” in German? Zing, got him. Right? Yeah. You guys have worked together before? Yes, we, have. Are you their father? (audience laughing) You’re the father. No one told me that! What the hell? You just found out that
this is your father? (audience laughing) Suddenly I’m the German Maury Povich. I deserve a swig after that. I think I should begin, learn some dance, we’re gonna learn some, what
kind of dancing is it called? Schuhplattler. Schuhplattler. Schuhplattler. You can’t learn the Schuhplattler when you don’t look like a Bavarian. (accordion fanfare) (audience cheers and claps) I’m ready to learn.
Looking good. Good to see you. Groupa, schtarmia, let us begin. (singing in foreign language) (Conan holds a high note) (Conan sings in foreign language) (audience cheers) We’re gonna show you
what you got yourself into. Okay. (shoes tapping) (folk music) (shrieking) You think I could learn this? But I’m not like your
sons, you can’t beat me with a wooden stick to make me dance. They didn’t want this, this
isn’t what they wanted. They wanted to work with computers. (audience laughing) No, no! They can do both. (audience laughing) Come on.
Come on. The guy’s a monster. One, two, three, four,
onetzee, pantzee, badampampam. I mean close enough. Closer, please. Closer. Stick. You guys know what I’m talking about. So one, two, three, four, pa- Where are your hands? Exactly. You knew where my hands were. Don’t be a dick and say “Where are they?” I think we know where they are. How come you have no accent? I don’t understand what’s happening here. First of all you are, I mean, clearly you were carved out of a sausage. (audience laughing) And then you actually
seem like a German guy. This guy is like, “Dude, let’s wax up the
board, let’s catch some rays.” What’s happened to him? Do you know Billy Joel’s the piano man? Yeah, I’ve heard about. (speaks in German) We’re not talking about that. I’m just asking if you knew
Billy Joe’s the piano man, that’s all. Later on. First work, then the fun. (audience laughing) Fun childhood for both of you. Two, three, hit it. Hey, one second. Again, ah? So you play- I think you started a little early. No, I just gave you the
chance to be in the right spot. [Franz] So Conan, come on. Does he ever admit he’s wrong? No. One recommendation, group therapy. Would you think about
it, with your two sons? (audience laughing) So you’re saying no
therapy, let’s just keep with this insane scheme of yours, to make your children
dance and dance and dance until the grave. Ready? Just one suggestion. Don’t spread your fingers like this. We know you have 10 fingers. It looks better to do that. (audience laughing) (audience aupplause) Two, three, four. (hands and shoes tapping)
(folk music) (shrieking) (audience cheering and clapping) Pretty good. You know, I’m only in
town for a couple days. I think this is pretty good. Now, I know not by this guy’s standards. There are certainly a few
things which we could improve. You just do like, you just hit us. Got it? (hands tapping) Oh. (audience laughing) Hey! Which one hit me in the face? Who did that? You guys have been doing
this since you were fetuses. I mean, literally you were born, your dad squeezed you
into some leather pants, started hitting you
with the wooden spoons, and making you live out this sick dream. And now you’re ganging up on me. And I don’t like it. I wanna bring in someone who’s
the most German guy I know. Could you come in here, please? Wie geht es, boys. Andy. What are you doing here? Well, this is the only place I can really be in my natural state without breaking up too
many marriages (laughs). Hear these? This is like the reason
you put a bell on a cat. So it can’t catch too many birds. Ladies gonna be sneaking up on us. Because of your German roots, I think this is gonna
come very natural for you. Alright, let’s give it a try. Okay. (folk music) (hands tapping) (shrieking) You condone this? (audience laughing) Yes. Brother-on-brother
ass play, that’s insane. That’s kinda weird. Yeah. Hold on. (folk music) (audience laughing an cheering) You enjoyed watching that? Us slapping each other’s asses? You like that? It’s part of the show. Oh yeah, everything’s part
of your little show, isn’t it? I know what you’ve been doing, and it stops now. It stops now. (folk music)

Reader Comments

  1. Ich hasse es, dass bayern immer mit ganz deutschland verbunden wird. So sieht keiner aus, außer in bayern und aufm oktoberfest.

  2. I'm part German by my father side of the family, born & raised in Nicaragua, but those dances & German songs, damn,. I don't think girls would be impressed by.

  3. I can't see a tiny bit of comedy in Conan's sketches.. he tries so hard to be funny, but to me he only looks silly. He used to be comical in previous days, but now he just makes himself look like a fool.

  4. It's sad to see that if there's a video about Germany, no matter what it is, there are ALWAYS self-hating Germans in the comments despising their own roots and being ashamed of their culture.

  5. Franz is the straight opposite of the german stereo type which is that germans have no sense humour. He's amazing xD

  6. I love how in the beginning, even Franz was confused of his own name. Saying that he IS Hans hahaha!

  7. When growing up in Germany one of the first things your parents tell you, when your young is: “erst die Arbeit, dann der Spaß” ( First the work than the fun) and they are right. Applying this to your every day life you can be successful! And yes his (father) attitude is a very common practice with our German fathers. It shapes our work ethic. Mia san mia! Guade representation Jungs! Mia san stolz auf euch

  8. For God's sake, as if those few nerdy Bavarians were typically german. Even 99.9% of the Bavarians would run away.

  9. I think that Conan and Jimmy Carr are the best improv and comedic geniuses of our time. Robin Williams goat

  10. Hahahaha I knew it!!! Did you see how devestating that finger to the eye was for him? He's like a soccer player but with no talent lol no soccer talent that is.

  11. I love this one. Lol. Hilarious. Loved the dad and the one with the accent is hot. The bros have gorgeous hair but yeah it's strange that one has an accent and the other doesn't.

  12. Can we PLEASE just push the bavarians into independancy? Im tired of seeing this type of stuff be depicted as german.

  13. watching this clip, I thought of only one movie, European Vacation with Chevy Chase and then all hell broke loose

  14. This was funny, but mostly painful to watch due to how disrespectful to Bavarian culture Conan's comedy ended up looking.

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