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Completed Surplus rifle collection part 1

Completed Surplus rifle  collection part 1

hey guys what's going on mr. surplus not bringing a video on my surplus rifle collection that I just completed a while ago sorry that I haven't been uploading videos I've been really busy taking on another hobby of mine which I did years ago and now I'm back into it probably upload a food a few videos on that but just wanted to bring a collect a video on how I was able to complete my surplus rifle collection especially the World War 2 era which is the one I'm interested in and I needed two rifles to complete it even though you're gonna see on this table all the rifles that weren't really involved in the world war two conflict but um it was you know as part of that era obviously you know everybody in their surplus collection they usually have some SKS's and stuff but yeah this is the I needed my Arisaka Japanese Arisaka which I bought that a few months ago and I have a few couple of videos on that I got one on the when I first bought it when he how he came out after I refurbished it so yeah you know I received a few comments that I should have never had done that but hey if you looked at all my videos my channel all my rifles that I get I have an FFL 3a collectors and cure your license so I can order these things from the importers and get it right to my hounds but if one of all of these rifles that you see here they I did not purchase them like that they they all came in a way that if somebody doesn't know about you know the how thick what they call the patina on the rifle and and you know how old they look right when they were involved in the war if they did you know purists they keep them like that you know you got the other you're always gonna have two to two groups of collectors you're gonna have the ones that are the purest they like to keep the rifle intact with the gashes the Danes the patina in the metal you know just how how they they looked when they got picked up or brought back from the war and then you gonna have the group that likes to get the rifle back and it's you know original on issue condition pretty much and you know one group shouldn't be criticizing the other you know I don't put down those guys if you want they want to keep their rifles like that so be it and I feel the same way you know they shouldn't be you know putting down all you know your rifle lost the volume you should have never done that it's not worth anything how can you say these rifles are not worth anything especially how the market on the surplus is that is dried up you can't really find a lot of importers or or distributors that really have surplus right now okay one of the main one is jg sales and their rifles are hippies he knows about what the issue is with that and he's got those rifles extremely marked up high the other one that you can you know find reasonable prices considering that they have gone up tremendously it's classic firearms I mean I've been dealing with classic firearms when there were there were classic on classic arms back then like this month like this of my not the mass in the gun the where is it the my k98 mauser this one I purchased this from classic arms before they sold it to the new owner he named they renamed it classic firearms and this rifle it's it's incredible it's got all the German markings on it the suavity caused the everything so it's got all the originals yeah it's a Russian capture it's not by any means a real that's what you can find now I mean sometimes I get comments on my my channel about oh you know there's a Russian capture so what even this rifle right now you can you you will not buy this rifle this que nadie right here go to JD sales he's got him for over $1000 right now and I purchased this rifle for 250 bucks I mean back in 2010 or 2008 and yes I read you know I did the stock I reblued it and it's not counterbored the the board is shiny incredible I mean but you're not gonna find this type of stuff no more you know if if it dries up the market obviously the prices are gonna go up and again on each and one of these rifles I have individual videos that you guys can check it out and again you know yeah Irie Irie do the rifles you know refurbish it whatever you want to call it and people leave me comments oh no no now when your reseller they're not gonna give you anything well that depends on on what group you know you're talking about the even a purist will buy one of these rifles considering how the market is but this rifles are gonna stay in my collection like I've already you know I've even told my son you know you know he's in the Marines right now and he's he likes hunting he's into guns he's into you know so oh this is just gonna be passed down down to my two sons you know it's gonna stay in the family so you know whatever whatever whoever thinks whatever it's up to them again this video you know I want to kind of talk about very briefly on each rifle so you might be more than one part I'm only gonna make it about ten minutes each in case you guys just want to catch on to whatever part I don't want to make it a real long one that's you know half hour whatever so if I stop the camera it's just gonna be one video then go to the other one and I'm gonna upload them like that in YouTube part 1 2 or 3 but it'll be really interesting for you guys to check this out but anyways going back to the you know the reason why I got them all out here in my table is because he like right here I got my two the only 2k 30 ones that were ever made and most of these rifles even though they've been redone I've always tried when I like when the market was fluent and you can purchase these I will try to get rifles that you know whether in the the wood that they had the stocks things like that it would be significant the year the main gear and all that you know something significant about the rifle that I knew that in eventually with time once the market will start drying up and when it eventually does it will be very significant to the rifle itself like these two k98 not k98 my k31 sorry you know these two are the only you know there are the only two rifles that they you know pretty much the stock the stock we're done the beechwood which is this first one here this one has a beech wood stock they both have the I have they both have I remember go to my channel and you can see individual videos on this rifles they both have the soldier tags they came with the soldier tags in the bud play I think I purchased both of these from saenko Santo Global's before they went out of business and the last batch of rifles at classic firearms got their hands on where the the Enfield the British infield which is where mine came from Sankoh global I here in Miami went out of business and I purchased I've purchased like three rifles from them or four or five but anyways so this one is the first one here has the D of each wood stock again redone I didn't have to really do anything to the bluing this rifle is like brand new I mean you will not see a k31 like this in this shape brand new and then the one on top it's the walnut stock what they called out the tiger stripe you gotta get in reading the light to see it yeah it's got a beautiful stock it's got the walnut stock on it and yeah you know it's gonna be very hard to find these type of rifles so again guys I'm getting pretty close to the 10-minute mark I'm gonna probably shut it down in a little bit and I hope you guys can come back and watch the second part of this which I'm gonna start talking about each one of these individually starting from the first one which is the one I really needed I needed to work on the Arisaka and m1 garand and I ended up getting both so pretty much right now I can say that my World War 2 era surplus rifle collection is complete so we'll just come back and and catch catch you guys on the second part this is mr. surplus not I'll be right back

Reader Comments

  1. I still see them around not really hard to find specially the 91/30s. I believe the US got more surplus than any other country on the planet. Just because we don't get anymore from other countrys doesn't mean they dry up. I still see them rifles around and handguns to. K98k,Enfields,91/30s and other rifles are still around but collecting dust because people are not going to pay 400$ for a 91/30 600$ for Enfield and 1000$ on a non matching beat up K98k. Its so bad now i seen a no4 Enfield for 1000$ and its been there for 4 years now. lucky people here know better not to over pay for a 80+ year old used rifle that is still common. And this is coming from a guy that owns 20+ surplus rifles. Just don't pay what people are asking and the price will have to come down, if not let them sit. Cabelas here have about 19+ 91/30s and asking 400$ a rifle and some are in bad condition. Me and a few guys looked at a few and cringed. Not worth it.

  2. I am one of those purists that you were talking about. I’m a collector and have 70+ milsurp rifles from WWI to post WWII. I have never refinished, refurbished, or altered them from their original condition. That said, your collection of rifles is absolutely beautiful. I have an untouched K31 but I would definitely add one of yours to my collection in a heartbeat. I believe in protecting the history but I admit it’s hard to be a purist when you see them looking so good.

  3. Very cool video.  I agree 100% with you.  I am more of a purist but I don't knock anyone for enjoying their firearms.  Do you shoot them?  They look so nice I might

  4. Don't even worry about cleaning up a rifle . Back when these were issue soldiers took pride in keeping there equipment looking good .
    just avoid sanding off proof marks or personal marks. don't change stocks , magazines or bolts . Leave it original. But I agree why do you want them to look old and like they have been sitting around and no one took care of the gun . Its like a classic car you find in a Barn
    I like them cleaned up to driver condition . Not rusted coated it dust and dirt . And you should be proud of all your Rifles

  5. Fantastic collection so far, keep going!

    Edit* who cares, a Russian capture means it’s a war rifle! If it’s got all the markings what more could you ask? Really nice collection

  6. Beautiful rifles, but where are the G41, G43, SVT40, MAS40 and M1 carbine? I think you still have a ways to go before you have a truly complete collection but that’s part of the fun!

  7. Great collection. U just need a 1916 7×57 Spanish Mauser. Id say it counts as ww2 era because some Nazi Germans and also British/Americans fought there. (Edit) The spanish civil war I meant.

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