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Company Sells Bulletproof Whiteboards To Stop School Shootings

Company Sells Bulletproof Whiteboards To Stop School Shootings

was in vogue so you know there’s been an
absence of congressional action when it comes to you curbing arm the use of guns and gun
control and and and that absent a private companies coming up with its
own lucrative solution to solve all these problems one manufacturer a light wat armored
cars for public figures are now making marketing a bulletproof whiteboards they can be used to bar classrooms are under attack the
International arming corporations state board started
eighteen hundred dollars now are you a hundred dollars and either
side there its it lock over the door and fall away from
the wall creating a shield that for 37-year-old that sure up to 37 up to 37 people 37 70 skews me reading the the Papillon according to Fast Company arm I i know i guess i understand what
companies are doing this because company thing he let me go to protect the
school’s we r protect the student and guess what
the united states government is doing nothing to help in this process
United government unquiet almost it deafening silence on gun
control because the NRA has our congress by the
ball and we can get anything done background checks making sure the
schools are gun-free zones making sure that nobody in school has a gun not arming teachers being sure that
nobody has a gun and so what’s happening is companies and
private sectors coming in them hell watson’s we know that there might be
another gun shooting again my day we should give you the used by these doors that are bulletproof
why I don’t like bull approved or urs don’t
in school like don’t resonate in the same like lexicon for me use a bill
approved or than ago jail Police Department bolt mobile I don’t think I love first grade second grade kindergarten
teacher with an Apple kid learning nap time those all resonate that sparked a problem are the major
drama we have in this country there where down now

Reader Comments

  1. The US Government needs to protect Americans from the US Arms Industry, but you'll need to get the US Arms Industry out of the US Government, first.

  2. Bullying Fines!!!
    For the love of God…Bullying fines.
    100$ – 500$

    Most shooters are targets (of bullying) themselves.
    The problem has a great opportunity to be curtailed.
    With bullying fines.

    Fines for bullying in schools, work places, or even in public.

  3. So… that little whiteboard is supposed to save.. who, and how? I mean, how are they gonna use this – are the teachers gonna charge a gunman with this in front of them, or use it to deflect bullets a la "Wonder Woman" style to save students (all 4,500 of them)? They should have used the $60K to buy some common sense.

  4. Schools are gun free zones already! Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994, telling a man that has a firearm that he cant bring it onto the school property with it, isn't as effective as you seem to think it is.

    We have background checks already, however having background checks beyond the point of sale at a dealer is impossible to regulate without a registry, and we keep being told that we wont get a registry, as it is so people are ether naive or lying. I feel that a registry would go against the intent of the 2nd amendment anyway because the government shouldn't know who has firearms,  like it or not part of the 2nd amendment is the free state clause that includes defending against government tyranny. Our country was founded on fighting a war to break away from another country we were given the means to do it again. Again I am sorry if you feel uncomfortable with that but that is the reality.

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