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hello hello you guys good morning it's a little bit cloudy out so the lighting is a little wonky today I thought I would do a comm different with me trips I wanted to make these comforting with me more Bloggie style and just kind of share show you guys like what I'm going to be doing for the entire day have to go meet Olivia and I got to catch my bus so we're going to go to Salvation Army at the Parliament location and then we're also going to go to the Parque del location and I think I might try to find like a ten dollar outfit or something we'll see how scum haha you will quiet I'm bullying for Olivia but I thought I'd look at the HomeGoods first before I head over to the cloud because a clothing racks are filled up a lot of people okay so I first of khana a little sad that I thought this recipe book had no pictures because I was looking at this but it actually has pictures I need pictures to see what I'm cooking yeah I'm really training up my diet so I definitely want to learn a little bit more and cook better food no fears pace to be so obsessed I'm so obsessed with her children [Applause] don't you I found this louse it's so like so much pleat for whatever this is called this is a little too much you think yeah I wanted to do a lot like I want to get some blocks where I could do like coffee shoulder so I'm just trying to see I can find that is what I think it is a kazoo oh my goodness definitely going to try this on so I got a lot of stuff some of the hexane so I'm not going to try on like everything I just like to gather and collect a lot of things before I really try it on but I'm in the I'm kind of like in the lingerie sleepwear section Ivan was cool cool stuff I was like who is that girl I love your t-shirt thank you hello you remember we got it we got it at the park delegation Oh like oh look at you self in Olivia's here because you're looking for something I'm looking for specimens Burning Man and I'm looking for each all gold cool really random is a summer but I'm so grateful for it but it's remulak festival Burning Man right it's not a music festival but they have it oh cool because if you're looking for ski goggles I honestly feel like you would have to go to that section like there's a lot of things going on right now at sister store so you know it's going to be a while you're like look for everything you always surprise me yeah we like every new outfit every time you'd up with a I'm like oh my god they're cool I never thought to like wear it that way like and you guys remember she's wearing red stripes oh and then I generation here I know Jamaican beer now we know it is perfect yeah your budget called Oh representing tikka is that's cool though hey when you pick it up so I already did a little bit jerking on my own and I did I look I look through like every section pretty much except for the men's section but I did find a basket full of stuff as you can see um and we're still going to go to the park a location so I don't want to get too much stuff with me other than that it's pretty pretty good so far so we finally we switched out our cars and we got something bigger now we could look but you're not finding any luck finding a goggle or ski mask right if I don't find goggles on see if I ask the cute I'd be happy with like you looking for high self is your common our Victor box unless they're brand new because some Fisher's have like brand new box but don't check these off new notice yo what size six are you five six or seven maybe you can squeeze it in as well like these are grant my brand brand-new I really so what we like you do they say okay so I'm going to try and get all this sorted out and I'm going to try on a few things Trinity fall you know like not now but simulator so I might as well get like a jacket and I want to try it on this refuge child okay activate dissipation it's a little bit better yeah because the GPL is the details in the February oh my god like for sweets like that though alright I like this leap like that yeah now Nina stressed yeah oh yeah definitely reminds me a grade 9 for some reason right nice yeah like a lot of girls wore this in grade 9 well I guess cute because ganking them yes but [Applause] the Khan bathing suit yeah a bit like look how big I know and it looked brand-new – I'm like that's yeah or like a swim team ya know so we made it into the glory this is my first time here so it's very overwhelming like I got to take my time I like I find me a little bit more organized than it is more calmer way more calmer um yeah so let's look around who is what interesting material I think it's like soaked or something yep soak it is yeah yeah Oh already yeah damn this is definitely something I would wear ooh I like it it's a nice summer piece cool I'm excited oh my god we ship all we should do a picnic hello celery groovy funk big like Salvation Army you like the prices here yes soma yeah yeah so we're going to look through around ooh actually I might pick this up because it's like an awfully shoulder top and I can tuck it into jeans $5.99 you know what though when it comes to distressing you can like you can go in with a certain thing that you want to grab in line but sometimes you don't end up lining it so I always think it's always just go with the flow and then just see you can find something like this almost if they know who's here I know well those are so red I like how it's sprayed at the bottom but that's like way too risk which regi why there weren't you crazy they definitely wool they definitely wanted so I found this I think I want to check this out I just thought like a hook it's so heavy keeps falling but like it's like one of those saggy beach bag I don't look weird but it works yes you don't like the word saggy of course Vegas this is a course that you can show it yeah like a grocery bag kind of thing like you know most girls be it's heavy that's not your job that's like kind of helping it Wow Sam I'm going to see I felt like it I bury you sorry oh you are but it was tiny oh yeah they look really tell Jesus rip I feel girl retarded okay whatever but it's all solid they like velvet I thought these accents would have gone a few together if they were save it but they're actually really clot although they're beautiful have Irish you I picked up as like 30 I you your is getting expensive yeah getting expensive shoes ooh this is cute Rachel Zoe Zoe oh wow love you too like any yeah but it cool color minefield appointed to positions of yeah and don't live it I think bulabog onion cheese all throw a bullet in your head okay when you found this useful I would not have to go on a vintage shop just to find we can like everywhere I like restart and I'm getting like really the kimonos for some reason I want I know a place that you could find a bunch for like 10 bucks in Toronto we getting it look at every color every floral print Wow chatter oh it's that I can still get my finger am i beat its cubing I think you Oh what is that I love oh oh wow this is actually really cool guys we have socks beer and nails paint no nail polish look expired yeah they look a little tired but I mean I've never seen other store that has a nail polish although they have underwear I commit this place fully in the water itself I dig it a lot of donated go yeah yeah it's cleaner here and like look these belts are new to tell they all package though yes we're going to try on a shelf and then and then pick out our stuff yeah I'm always going to get the pain so I'm going to changing room right now I'm going to change into those things I'm going to try it on and see how it fit so yeah time on this beautiful turquoise blue kimono I really love the print of it so I'm definitely going to get this one really escutcheon over kimonos lately I think I just I just like that it's plural and such a perfect thing to wear for somewhere in spring I like the fit of it and it's good so next thing is this cute little polka dot off the shoulder top I get tuck it into my pants and my bra is right there I'm going to use this one because I really like it we're looking for an off the shoulder top something like a cute little phone without print like this and it's very comfortable my only thing is that this office shoulder part is very loose so I feel like you might fall down but nothing is nothing too crazy yes and lift it all right so this one is such a beautiful print but for some reason I'm just not a fan of the krelman pink on me so I don't think I'm going to get this and I honestly feel like I'm not going to wear this that often so this one's going to be a no-go for me oh I'm gonna go purchase myself now and I'm going to head out with Olivia and we're going to continue our doing their bottle bamboo I am back home now and I had such a lovely time with Olivia we had so much fun shopping around I kind of had to cut it sort of roughly just because on my camera was dying but I just kind of wanted to end out become cooking with me trip here and I think I'm going to start changing things around with my my comforter for me I wanted to make it a little bit more vloggy style and I think I'll do a separate video for like a really big haul just because I did pick up a lot of things from both trips and I kind of want to just be more personal with you guys I feel like you just see these videos but you don't really know much about me and I really want you guys to know more about me and I think doing it through vlogs is such a great way so I hope you guys have an awesome one ll see you guys can be next woo come through sing with me video take care come

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    Friday, August 11th @ 2pm-4pm at Trinity Bellwoods Park (come hang with me and my lovely friends and meet us by the front black and white gate!)
    *Bring your old clothes to swap and trade with everyone!

  2. The kids blazer was so cute. U could've just shrugged the sleeves up. Also those believer boots !

  3. i live in toronto and some of the thrift stores like value village are either expensive or messy bc im going back to school and all but thank you introduced me to 2 new locations so thank you

  4. Yes, I go to the Parliament thrift store location often. Huge store and lots of items but yes it it can be a little crowded and it's a little unorganized. The Bloor location, was that near Lansdowne Station? Love the vlogging style thrift videos, and the items you picked up. I really like the polka dot off the shoulder top and the kimono 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness, the turquoise kimono is magical!! Your OOTD was gorgeous too. Excellent thrift vlog, I love the vlog style of the come thrifting with me videos. Sending good vibes and hugs xo <3

  6. you are a thrift QUEEN. and the music in this video is incredible!!!! pépite is playing on repeat right now ❤️

  7. I love your videos, especially your thrifting ones! You have such a beautiful style, I can't wait to see the haul! xxx

  8. Am I the only one who hears culture club karma chameleon playing in the background at 8:21 💕😂👌🏽

  9. Come Thrifting With Me At Salvation Army…… Hi !!! Anna, LOVED The Lil' Pol-ka- Dot Top !!!!!!Maybe You Could "Find" A Way, To Tighten It Up, Where It's A Lil' Bit Loose. Maybe "Inside", You Could Put Some "LOOSE" Elastic, So It Won't Be Quite So Loose. It Looked Really GOOD On You !!! Not Really "Into" Kimono's. The Outfit That Olivia Had On, Really Liked That, But NOT With "That" Particular T-Shirt Underneath…LookingForward To M-O-R-E Video's……………………

  10. Love your videos! I did a haul of what I found using the gift card I won from your IG giveaway, and also gave you a shoutout. It's on my channel (most recent video) if you get a chance to see it :). Thanks again for doing the giveaway! 🙂

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