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Combat Pants Overview (Crye, Drifire, Beyond Clothing, UF PRO)

Combat Pants Overview (Crye, Drifire, Beyond Clothing, UF PRO)

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  1. Personally, I prefer the standard traditional old style BDU…..still west my old issue woodlands and 3-color desert…..I also love my 5.11 Tacticals…..just a personal preference

  2. You want to really put these pants to the test give them to a working man for 6 months omg or woman so I don't trigger anyone🤯… I go through a pair of wrangler jeans in a month im a electrician I walk kneel on concrete wood dirt im in trenches I can wreck some pants fast I started getting vetex pants from a gun show in Ohio and I can say they held up better than Duluth trading fire hose pants and all the other brands I've tried this is just my experience and I'm just throwing it out there

  3. I've picked up a number of crye kneepads on the DZ because dudes wear them on the outside. They look cool, but it's better to close the flap over them to keep them from flying out.

  4. I wear Tru-Spec for everything from work to paintball and even lifting weights. They are baggy if you get Medium Longs but Medium Regular fits real nice. No zippers, no Velcro, its all buttons on these. With those UF Pro pants if a zipper breaks convert it into a button up pocket. Pre-plan your button spots by seeing how many fingers you can fit into a gap you make then close off desired gap sizes. For those thigh pockets to open horizontal and vertical without losing anything go for at least 3 buttons  with 2 closing off bottom.

  5. I was in northern Iraq and we would move out to remote locations around Mosul we moved out to one and my buddy only brought one pair of pants and he ripped them day one so for like 20 days he had his dick hanging out nobody wanted to give him a pair cuz we did not have showers lol

  6. I love everything about the Crye pants, they are great for shooting, hiking, Bouldering and etc. I especially enjoyed the fit, knee pads adjustability and of course the dip pouch! heavy used, universal, comfortable.

    Anyhow what do you think of the G4?

  7. Sadly i thought EXACTLY that of UFPRO pants after buiying it 😂 Very cool product but the non adjustable knees is very uncomfortable. I will try to fix it myself with velcro and "crye like" homemade design. Hope to succeed 😅

  8. I can't wear my UFpro pants without that goth kid from high school quote ringing around my head. Thanks a lot…

  9. Neat video but other than prom or checking in with my p.o. or maybe going to my neighbor's daughter's quinceañera, when in the hell would i wear these? I've been rocking tac pants from for about 10 years. At around $20 on sale ypu can't wrong. They even come with a ripstop bourbon reservoir sewn into the crotch.

  10. Here's some reality–how many of those pants are NIR? How many have some insect repellent applied during the manufacturing? Those without are just posseur pants.

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