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  1. yes i looks like and maybe there can be six mag's but the bag i s made for five magazines:) there can be 30 rounds in a single mag.

  2. Thank's for the info on the sword mate, It's just that many years ago I use to collect military swords so was interested to it's origin..all the best to ya Johannes and thank's to your friend. regards Pete…

  3. my friend told me that it is a danish m1858 sword. i think it is made in Copenhagen. i can make a video about it if you want ?
    regards Johannes

  4. it was easy to get license. it took under a week. they just check that you are not a criminal. and that it is for collecting purpose

  5. mostly the sellers on the market have no idea what they sell, so the prices are low and you can buy stuff that is not that legal (if you know what i mean :P)

  6. i have license to magazines and knifes/swords so it is all legal. nice 🙂 sad we dont have market like these

  7. do you get the magazines without licence?
    tomorrow ill go to a flew market nearby, they also sell (german, because i live in germany :P) WW2 gear
    maybe i could make a video about that if i get cool stuff 😉

  8. du må ikke have våben til selvforsvar. du må have haglgevær og riffel til jagt hvis at du har jagt og riffel tegn. ingen automatiske våben er lovlige. kun halvautomatiske og pistol til bane skydning.

  9. have you ever seen the film stalingrad? since you've been doing rusky weapons recently will you do a PPSh-41?

  10. ja hvis du har en tilladelse. jeg har tilladelse til blankvåben som sværd og knive og tilladelse til magasiner. så ja det må du godt hvis du har søgt og har tilladelse.

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