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Coffee Crusted Steak On Grill Day 8 of 8 Maine Wilderness Living Challenge /Catch And Cook Survival

Coffee Crusted Steak On Grill Day 8 of 8 Maine Wilderness Living Challenge /Catch And Cook Survival

– I’m Zachary Fowler. – [Wooded Beardsman] And
I’m the Wooded Beardsman. – And this is The Wilderness
Living Challenge: Maine. Yeah! (whooping) The point of the challenge is to gain or maintain our body weight while eating nothing but
wild foods for seven days. Last time we did it in Canada. This time he’s come down to join me in the coastal state of Maine. (dance music) (yawns) Good morning. Day eight. Time to go haul our lobsters. Head back for our first meal. And final weigh out and then we’ll talk about our
final thoughts on the challenge and whether the sustainability
of this lifestyle and what we could do better
and things and stuff. Four a.m., let’s go haul some lobsters. (bluegrass music) ♪ Lifting slowly ♪ ♪ From my bed, shake my head ♪ ♪ I’ve done this before ♪
– Oh wow. Look at that. ♪ So tell me, darling ♪
– Beautiful. ♪ Once again what you said ♪ ♪ And what you swore ♪ ♪ ‘Cause the sight line ♪ ♪ Goes over the treeline ♪ ♪ Lower ♪ ♪ It’s so much easier ♪ ♪ Letting go when you know ♪ ♪ That you got nothing to fear ♪ ♪ Because you’re safely standing ♪ ♪ Miles around, you never see it ♪ ♪ Beause you’re nowhere near ♪ ♪ While the bomb drops
all the way across ♪ ♪ The sea ♪ ♪ All, all ♪ ♪ The way to me ♪ – [Zachary] Not even close. ♪ I chose this life,
now it’s choosin’ me ♪ ♪ And how it interferes
with the lives we lead ♪ ♪ And I can read your eyes ♪ ♪ That you’re sending hollow lies ♪ ♪ For free ♪ ♪ And my left brain tells me never again ♪ ♪ There’s nothing left ♪ ♪ There’s nothing left ♪ ♪ Just go home now ♪
– Good? ♪ You’re skin and bones, there’s no way ♪ ♪ Of hiding yourself ♪ – Boats everywhere. We’re gonna have to mack it outta here. ♪ You’re sending your problems ♪ ♪ From your stream ♪ ♪ All, all ♪ ♪ The way to me ♪ – All right, we are back at
the house, the boat is off. We’re done. The video’s not done but we
are done with the challenge. We’ve successfully
lobstered the third time, caught and brought back
all of our lobster. We even caught some stuff
at the grocery store. We have not weighed yet out so we’re gonna take that in, check our weights on the scale, and then make our first
meal out of the wild something very special for ya, something very special from ButcherBox. – [Bearded Woodsman] Ready? – [Zachary] Go for it! Oh, it’s the mailman!
(knocking) – Delivery! – Oh it’s my ButcherBox, it’s here! My ButcherBox that comes
every month in the mail! Let’s see what’s inside. What have we got this time? (laughs) A nice insulated cover
that keeps your stuff cold when it arrives. And a whole bunch of
yummy delicious frozen, now tenderized meats for
your eating pleasure. It’s amazing. No I’m serious. Seriously, we’ve already opened this. We are gonna eat the ButcherBox steaks. They are grass-fed,
organic, delicious steaks and meats that deliver to
your door when you subscribe, get ’em in the mail. I’m gonna turn it over to my Vanna White, he’s gonna tell us about what is in them. – I have some cheat notes
because I can’t remember anything right now after the– (slurs words) See, I can’t even say it. The TWLC.
– We need to eat. – TWLC, that’s easy to say. So in the first, if you
guys order right away you’re gonna get the
ultimate barbecue bundle in the first order, which is a $59 value. That includes two New York strip steaks, baby back ribs, and two
pounds of ground beef, beef. After June 10th you’re
going to get bacon for life. – There you have it. All of this comes to you in the mail. And I think I might have
added those from the freezer from the time before. So you have to go on their website, link is in the description below. ButcherBox, I’ve been– (slurs words) Both off us, we’re just really hungry, we just finished the
Wilderness Living Challenge and so we’re unwinding from
all that and getting these– (laughs)
He’s ready to chew on the package. I’ve been doin’ this for
awhile, since back in December. I love getting this in the
mail ’cause I’m a single dad and it shows up and I’m like, there it is. I don’t have to pick through
stuff at the grocery store, I know it’s safe, I could trust ’em, and I can have a good meal. As long as I remember to
take it out of the freezer, you’re good to go. That does it for my pockets. Then I gotta switch my
boots back to my Crocs ’cause that’s what I
had on the first time. Whew, my Darn Tough Socks are awesome, but they’re darn stinky now. (laughs) – The scale, so you
know we’re all official, we can jump over here, you
guys can check out the number, make sure it’s all good. So 212.8 was the start. Put your guesses in now
quick before it’s too late. – Drum roll! – Drum roll please!
– Leave those guesses in the comments! First person to get it
right gets an ‘atta boy. (laughs) – An ‘atta boy, all right.
– Here we go! – What number is it spittin’ out to us? – 200.6. – 200.6 is going to– – So 12.2 pounds. – 12.2 pounds. Zach, can you explain your weight loss? – I didn’t eat enough. – You didn’t eat enough. You burnt more calories than you– – I burned more calories
doing this than I did eating. You know, I found with all my weight, too, I had a hard time eating
too much, you know? Like I feel like you get hungry
quicker ’cause you’re leaner and I still am not at my fighting weight. I’ve gained a lot of my weigh back since the 30-day survival challenge and so it’s like I have a little
bit more body weight on me and so I eat until I feel like I’m full and that means I lost 12
pounds doing all of this. – I think you did pretty good. – I did.
– Considering the amount of hustle that you guys don’t
necessarily see off the camera with the filming that’s going on, it’s like constant marathon. – Yeah.
– You guys aren’t seeing that. – And one catch too is
that we have to do it per the laws and rules and had we done it per not laws and rules and just, and if it was
even back in the day, we probably wouldn’t even be able to haul those lobster
traps up without two of us yearning on the ropes. ‘Cause it would have
been full of lobsters. We had to throw back 50
lobsters every single time we hauled a trap.
– Every time! If we just ate those lobsters– – We coulda ate lobsters
morning, noon and night. And laid there moaning about lobster and not lost any weight. – Yeah, and it was clearly enough to eat, it was very filling. Okay, so I punched in mine.
– Your turn. – 147.9.
– Is that 147 kilograms? No I’m just kidding. We’re going English here. If he wants to leave it in
the, I’ll put it right here in kilograms for you guys, you Canadians and other people, all
the rest of the world that does it the right way. Let’s see what you got.
(laughs) – All right, so I’ll consider
this a success if I am within a pound or two.
– I think that’s fair. I mean, if you lose a pound, you coulda just because you had
your morning constitutional. – Exactly. All right, so you guys ready? Camera’s rollin’, all
right, let’s jump on here and see what the scale spits out. 141.8. 6.1, that’s right, 6.1 pounds. – Yeah, so we both lost. Losers! – Roughly a pound a day. But not quite a pound a day. A pound of day you will lose if you do absolutely
nothing, lay on your butt, and not do anything. – You’ll lose a pound a day? – You’ll still lose a pound a day if you don’t consume
and food and you just– I mean, if you have a regular activity. But we exceeded the level
of activity this time by a long shot. We ran around all the time. We ate a lot of stuff but we– – And we made it look good ’cause we’re pretty good at doing all this and all the stuff that we did, but at the same time,
instead of running all around from here to there and up,
down and all over the place to do this, Native
Americans, they’d go down to the clamming spot and they’d live there and do their thing and
then they’d smoke some, bring ’em back with ’em, like
oysters, stuff like that. They do the thing there and they do the most seasonal things. They would go and eat the
alewives, just the alewives, and smoke tons of ’em and then send them up to
the rest of the village or something like that. So now you can eat, now you can eat. It’s a big difference in how
much food can be harvested and sustainably lived. And you need all the seasons
to be successful, I think. We proved that last season by– – And no laws. – Well, yeah, yeah. But we proved that last season, so if you haven’t seen that,
go back, watch season four when we did it in Canada up at his place. – Don’t spoil it for them. – No, I’m not saying
anything, I’m just saying– – Watch it! – Yeah.
– ‘Cause you’ll learn– – We prove that you need all the seasons, that’s all I’m saying. When you go back and
watch it you’ll understand what that means. You can’t just live off one thing. You can’t live on bananas
unless you’re a monkey. – This is a good banana. – Yeah, it is probably, but– – It’s really good. I think I knew I was gonna lose weight because I did the stomach check. So I pinch here and see
how much fat’s there and I can actually feel
it dwindling over time. So you get like a big chunk at the start and it just kinda slowly
starts to diminish. Which is exactly why we have body fat. In case you miss calories on one day. So obviously it’s not healthy to store excessive amount of calories because it’s hard on all your organs. I’m not saying you, I’m just
saying generally speaking. I’m not mocking anybody out there. – I’m lookin’ at you, McDonald’s
three days a week guy. (laughs)
No I’m just kidding. – No, no offense to anybody out there. – You can eat McDonald’s all you like. – If you wanna get lean–
– It’s not gonna help ya. – This is a pretty good way to do it. – Oh man.
– You’re super active, we’re learning new things,
learning new skills, we’re out there trying to– – You wanna get lean, watch Jeremy there. – One Wildcrafter, shout out to him. He’s eating wild foods for a whole year. He’s using kinda the same techniques but he’s not collecting them, it’s not a year-long
Wilderness Living Challenge. – No. He started off with three months worth of food in his freezer. But he’s losing piles of weight. – What did he lose so far,
like 40-something pounds? – Yeah, 40 pounds. – 40-something pounds.
– In a half a year. (whistles)
That’s a lot of weight. – Yeah. – And he’s eating whatever he wants, whatever people collect for him. – As much as he can.
– He’s cheating a little bit. – As much as he feels comfortable. So it’s– – Check him out. – Obviously people did
it for centuries, so. – Fighting weight. Fighting weight’s the key term. So you’re gonna end up
with a leaner person and you gotta remember
earlier humans were shorter. You know they’re like five-foot tall. – Like you. – Hey! – That’s why I’m out of frame here. – No, they were shorter,
they were smaller people. – I did say it the first time I saw you, I was like, I thought you
were taller on YouTube. – That’s because I film like this. – He sticks all the
tall people behind him. See, we have the exact same height. You can’t even tell that
he’s taller than me. – Trick photography. (laughs) All right– – This is when we stand side-by-side here. – Yeah right. Whoops, I almost tripped on the scale. Yeah, no it’s more like this.
– All right so let’s get on– – It’s more like this. All right, so– – Get on to cooking our final meal which is from ButcherBox. – ButcherBox, thank you. And bananas from somewhere
else, appreciate it. (dance music) – All right, we are done! Our food is ready! And yeehaw. Let’s say grace. You’re like, agh! Just ’cause I made him go
out and take cover photos and all that stuff but– – Yeah, I’m hungry. – We’re hungry. Lord, thank you for this food. Thank you for this wonderful adventure and all the wild game you gave us. In Jesus’ name, amen. – Amen, let’s do this. – And thank you to our
sponsors like Blackout Coffee and ButcherBox. – Thank you for saying so. And I don’t have to say that– – Oh my gosh. – Can you believe that? – No, you’ll be thankin’ ’em once you start cuttin’ into this. (laughs) You just lost a tomato. – Well it’s not gone forever. – That’s unforgivable. No.
– Yeah, right? – Well, considering
everything we’ve eaten– – I’m sure it’s fine. – We could grab that off
the floor pretty easily. – Caesar, Caesar’s on the menu. I’m gonna grab it now ’cause
I feel bad for leaving it. All good, I’ve eaten worse. Even on this challenge. – Yeah. – Talk about shellfish overload. I’m gonna lead with the salad but I should probably lead
with the ButcherBox steak. – I’m worried that my stomach’s shrunk, ’cause I ate a whole head of broccoli, that if I go to eat
this then I’ll be like, all right, I don’t have room for the steak and that’s just not okay. All right, here we go. I’m pretending it’s my first bite because I just told you it wasn’t. Mm! Mm. That is good. I did this nice before with my girlfriend, and it was so good. That coffee flavor, I’ve never done something
like this before. That coffee flavor just… Just makes that steak poppin’. – I think this is a good representation of what you people at home
should be thankful for. – Us eating? – No! – Us making videos? (laughs)
– Stop. No, that this is available to most people that are watching this video. – Oh yeah. – You know what I mean? – And you get bacon for
life if you order now. – Exactly. How about that? – You weren’t talking about ButcherBox. – I think the Wilderness
Living Challenge, to me, represents being thankful for
the things that we do have, even if they’re just small joys. You know, if you lost your
food, and that’s pretty primary and that’s probably one of the last things that most people who are
able to watch this video are thinking about is food. ‘Cause they probably have that. They’re thinking about big things. They want fancy cars and big houses and… You know? – Solid. – All these other things
that don’t even really matter at the end of the day. – I need a napkin not for my mouth but because I’m crying,
this salad is so good. – Oh the steak’s awesome
too, perfectly cooked. This is really tender. – Yeah, we nailed those steaks, huh? – Oh yeah. – Here you go. – Thanks. – Let me try this one. Oh, that one is so… Oh I was gonna pull it. That doesn’t like to focus on it. There we go, look at that, ooh. Juicy. – What do you callin’ that cook on that? – The bacon-wrapped steak?
– No, the doneness. Doneness.
– Oh, I would say that’s medium rare. Not rare. – No. – We came close, but– – What were you aiming for? – Rare. (laughs) Mm. – Gotta go after the bacon bits, mm. So this would be a
pretty well-rounded diet. I would add a few more carbs but– – Yeah, he would add
carbs, I’m good with this. – I got two. – Oh that bacon. That bacon’s from ButcherBox as well. – It’s really good, the
whole thing’s really good. – Mmhmm. – I’d be really happy
to get that every month. – Mmhmm, I did a video once before and did a bacon-wrapped
steak on the water wheel. It was so good. That was so good. I just took the steak
and I kinda stretched it and wrapped it around the stick and then just took the bacon, stretched it and wrapped it around the stick and put it on the water wheel and spun and cooked over the fire, it was so good. – This is probably better for you than just eating the solid salt. There something about the oils that help– – Also helps combining things. Out there, unless you’re super fastidious and super hard crazy worker, you’re stuck with one thing. We got one lobster, we got one of each of these things to eat. We got some cattail shoots
and some fiddleheads. – You definitely gotta be on your game. – But we don’t have any
oils or oil dressings or butter or the important things. – They’re harder to find. – Or a big, fatty piece of meat. Where we can render some of the fat down to fry up the fish in. – One lobster, just one lobster. No, we forgot– – To sit down and eat.
– To cook the lobsters. – Oh man! – We totally forgot! Doing this whole steak cook, I’m gonna have to save it for later. – We’ll be havin’ those for dinner. – Anyway, I’ll save that for later. But I’d like to thank
you guys for coming along for the ride. – I tell ya, it was
worth every minute of– (laughs) Having to eat the two days worth of clams just to get the salad and this steak. All right we didn’t really talk about it but which one is your favorite? The coffee-crusted steak,
or the bacon-wrapped steak? – You’re asking the wrong
person, you wanna know why? – ‘Cause you don’t like coffee. – Yeah. I mean the coffee’s
good, I just don’t like, I’m not a coffee drinker. I like the smell of coffee, I don’t particularly
enjoy the taste of coffee. – Okay.
– But it’s good. – Yeah, even for a person
who doesn’t like coffee. – Yeah, exactly.
– It’s pretty good? – Yeah. – But if you had to choose, of
course you’re gonna choose– – Oh, all day long.
– The bacon. – Yeah, all day long. – Thank you for comin’ down, Chris. – Thanks for havin’ me. – Thanks for oh, just bein’,
for havin’ me up there so we could have an adventure. If you guys haven’t seen it yet, check out Wilderness Living
Challenge season four, the one that we did
before this last October, which is right there in the playlist on my YouTube channel. And probably I’ll put a link below so you can find it right from here. And of course stay tuned for more from me. I’m gonna be doing 30-day
survival challenge in the Rockies with Greg Ovens. That’ll be the next one that comes up. It’s been great having you here in Maine. – I had fun. – I can’t wait to do it again. We gotta do this again in
like the fall or something. – 100%, we gotta pick
a new location maybe. – Yeah, yeah. – I mean, we can do it
again here, be better at it. – ‘Cause we didn’t do,
there’s all that fall stuff. We could be doin’ the duck, the deer–
– Deer. – Bear.
– Turkey. – Bear! – Yeah. Or we could go to Florida and go swim with the alligators. – You guys have to let us know. – Yeah, leave in the comments
below, what do you think? Where should we go next? – I kinda like the idea of Florida. – We had talked about that already. – Florida in the winter, Florida when it’s not nice here. – Florida boar, alligator. – There’s beaver there too I think. There’s everything. – My life dream is to
wrestle an alligator. – Let’s do it. – I’ve always wanted to do an alligator.
– Let’s do it. Okay, awesome.
– All right, man. – All right, I’m outta here. – He’s got a long drive. And yeehaw. Look for more from the two
of us but not right now. (laughs) Yeehaw, there he goes. What an adventure, what an adventure. I do love my adventures,
and so does this guy. That’s why it’s fun hangin’ out. Well that’s it for me and
the Wooded Beardsman for now. Stay tuned for more. Fowler out. – [Narrator] This season of
the Wilderness Living Challenge has been brought to you
in part by Bath Subaru in Woolwich, Maine. LP Aventure for making the
Adventure Mobile a reality. Hidden Woodsmen Backpacks,
the best backpacks made on earth of the best materials. Iunio Survival Shovel. Gerber Knives and Multitools,
made right here in the US. Outdoor Vitals, the maker
of my favorite jacket, sleeping bag, and this really cool pillow. And Hoo-Rag. Have Hoo-Rag make you a
custom company Hoo-Rag today. (Zachary laughs) Links in the description below.

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