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Closer look – A slightly different Deuce and a half

Closer look – A slightly different Deuce and a half

hey guys look what we got now what we got here you might recognize it as a Deuce and a half and if you're more into this stuff you might recognize it as an M 109 a 3 but it's not this is an M 623 made specifically for the Norwegian army we just wanted to show you this before we really started working on it because we're going to have to do a few things to make this street-legal here one of the things we already did was put a new stack on it because the original one was complete the rest of the way on top of that someone put a roof rack on it I'm not sure if that's an army mod or not but it's not an original feature there's just a few things that set these apart from irregular dues one of which is the tires which on these are 11 by 20s so for anyone wondering you can fit 11 by 20s on a regular deuce they also have single mounted rear tires but their own original spacers so they kept in line with the front wheels now that we're at the wheel level these have another cool feature they were actually made with differential locks in all three axles the differential locks are pneumatically operated just like your front axle you have additional switches for the front and rear differential locks we added the next muffler to the stack in addition to the original one underneath because this thing is allowed because they actually made these without a turbo and we just wanted to show you this you'll likely see more of it in upcoming videos if you have any questions about it just leave a comment thanks for watching you

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  1. Umm,, that so called roof rack is some what of an original military modification, it was designed for us soldiers to store our camo netting, in order to hide the vehicle in combat.

  2. The lockers addition is a great addition for these trucks why the M35A2 never had them on ANY axles if rather amazing! The getting rid of the Duals is another great option! OK so with that said WHY did other countries get OUR trucks but in a version 20 years NEWER? Seriously how does THAT work?

  3. wow cool but it must be really underpowered without the turbo. the later turbo ltd motors were still underpowered in my opinion.

  4. That roof rack isn't the first I've seen so who knows…the first was a troop transport in desert tan and the other in black that was a command as yours…

  5. awesome we pulled this out of drmo junk yard in Iraq. It had been turned in by the army national guard with all the maintenance records a full tank of diesel perfect except for a slipping clutch, weak fuel pump missing the winch cable and broken pin for the winch drive and if memory serves me a slipping belt. Anyway we fixed it and used it to pick up parts and supplies which we transferred to 7 tons and convoyed out to the platoons. We singled out the rear axles and got a winch cable. It was unstoppable in first gear low and could climb up the iraqi air craft concrete shelters where we had our maintennance facility. Suffered from a lot of punctures though.

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