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Close look inside a new 2008, $140,000 US Army Armored Humvee.

Close look inside a new 2008, $140,000 US Army Armored  Humvee.

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  1. when i was a little kid i went to some random party at the city park and there was the exact humvee. i got inside because there was tours and i shut the door turn the ignition but not starting it i pulled that red stitch open and flicked the toggle and the fire extinguishers went off scared the crap out of me and they shut that party down.

  2. masive air filter,,, omg looks like a trailer filter,,, how is the cost of maintenance of this vehicle??? use oil mineral or syntetic ?? 20w 50 5w 30 ???? anyway looks awesome!!!!!

  3. @rm250ar yes its sadly true that many soldiers died in the humvee because of IEDs but the humvee concept is not failed. It was never designed to be an MRAP. IMO the humvee is a great vehicle

  4. Know what would be way better?
    2001 ¾ ton dodge with Cummins 6BT Turbo Diesel- approx $13,000
    Urban Gorilla humvee body kit- $5,000
    To armor the body kit yourself- approx $2,000 in 3/8" steel plate
    Congratulations! You just built your own armored Humvee for $20,000!! And, up to 26 mpg with appropriate engine performance modifications(unarmored of course). Not to mention having solid axles front and rear instead of the cheesedick independent front/rear suspension that H1/Humvees have.

  5. more like 220k now. Has the smaller generator. We always use sacrificial glass to save the 1500 dollar windshield.

  6. You say this because you had the lucky to born in America my friend… I would like to see your opinion if you were one of those in the hands of a bloody dictator. It is too easy question stuff when you still seated in your comfy chair drinking your wine and watching TV… Try the other side. Just remembering that we are all humans.

  7. all vehicles are extremely vulnerable in urban areas because of its blind spots awhich can be taken advantage of easily by infantry with rocket launchers. that was why in WW2 the Nazis had the Panzer grenadiers which was essentially tanks and tank detroyers supported by infantry with half tracks so they could keep up with the tanks and deploy to root out enemy infantry taking advantage of the tanks blind spots.

  8. Why does it matter? There is no staggering tech in them that is "secret", and no way for anyone to drive one off. If you didnt already know, civilians can purchase older HMMWV models, from the early 90's and late 80's

  9. btw: wtf are they leaving an army humvee parked on the street so any random civilian can work up and look inside.

  10. by military standards 140,000 dollars is nothing, you do realise that 9 out of 10 us dollars is spent on military hardware, if they could just lower it to 80%, but they wont, because like everyone with power, amercias government and basically every single countrys is corrupt and only have self interest at heart.

  11. i will gladly..|..but it dosent have to be new. just in good shape….1997 GMC Safari Explorer=1000$ armor plating for protection=7000$ estamasted. want more power and pprotection? go ahead and throw in 50000$! still WAY less the the price of the othere vehicle

  12. and thats another reason why this country running out of money and spending it at the same time. i also know where to get a armored swat van for about 6500$

  13. sweet, so new humvees do come come armored… old ones didn't only special "modded" ones did. so before this new humvees came out, buying a H1 was almost the same as a humvee(old ones)

  14. got me, but the newer ones had the 6.5 turbo.. still a total dog though. they put upwards of 10k lbs with armor and gear and whatnot on them.. good luck if you drive off the paved/gravel road. seen so many of these just sunk. had to use multiple others to pull that one out too.

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