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Clip vs. Magazine- Are They The Same Thing?

Clip vs. Magazine- Are They The Same Thing?

everybody might be back here with another video we're calm today not having a better pace I was on Monday it's a Friday so that's a good thing in that video that I posted about the difference does it matter to call you know yourself building an AR or assembly and they are if you're you know a million from parts and what not and how that actually doesn't matter because the definitions are interchangeable they are exactly the same and both the words we used correctly in context I saw a lot of you guys posting that it's the same concept as the clip versus magazine argument and I actually disagree with that 100% and here's why there's a lot of videos and there's been a lot of articles on you know people being condescending assholes or clip it to magazine I'm just going to explain to you why like it actually does matter because there is a difference saying build and assemble you're basically saying the exact same thing courtesy the English language we have 20 different words to say the exact same thing just using different context I guess people that spoke English got bored over the years and said oh we don't have enough words so let's just make another one up that means the exact same thing anyway so a clip is a piece of metal usually it's one or two possibly three pieces of metal but it usually holds the room with the cartridge or at the base of the cartridge nonetheless and they're usually five rounds there are you know 5 10 and 15 round clips that do not directly feed the weapon itself like you can't feed like this is made for an FN 49 right semi-automatic rifle you can't feed the weapon using this clip solely like you can't just put the clip in and it works you have to actually load the magazine of the weapon and in that case it's an external box magazine like this that can also be fed from the top of the receiver via clips so that's a very interesting kind of hybrid there are very few if any weapons that are actually fed directly by a clip like this and blocks are different things and blocks like animal very many five or a kakano that's different that's a different design that's kind of based off of a packet design from like the de Vere 88 series weapons and that's meant to stay in the rifle or the firearm while it's being fired and usually drops out or pops on the top of the last shot that's not technically a clip it's an end block but I'll do that another video this is a clip right this is a magazine okay this is an external box magazine like I just said a lot of rifles like so far we're going to be loading into uh Springfield model 1903 with this clip I would not be loading the rifle itself I would be loading the magazine okay and then the magazine would feed the round into the chamber etc etc I know I'm breaking this down to like very basic new gun owner of like levels here but I was kind of weird you've seen those comments and they're from people who are gun owners how it doesn't matter and it actually does matter in context because same than a clip in a magazine of the same thing and it's interchangeable it doesn't matter to an extent you're correct like if you say I got you know five clips from a hdk USP 45 I'd be like well I know what you're saying I get that but it just kind of helps to preserve the correct nomenclature in the gun community I mean there's enough people attacking the gun community on politically and just kind of socially in otherwise not getting into that shit because I'm worth getting upset about it so we're done who cares but anyway so it kind of helps if you've got a community who actually takes they're gonna create sort of you know different parts of you know their hobby and weapons and stuff seriously and knows the difference between the two so that's basically I mean it'd be along the same lines of saying the barrel of the rifle and the cleaning rod if you've got like a k98 or you know old-school Mauser of any kind of mosinee god they're both long they're around there along the same part of the weapon but they're two entirely different things so if you would just go by appearance and use those interchangeably you're gonna be confusing people who all is it the clearing rod a cleaning rod or is it the bare what is it so it's kind of the same thing here and I'm not trying to be a snob or an asshole I'm not being condescending I'm literally just explaining that there is a physical difference between a clip and a magazine now you know I just said it doesn't matter because they are so different and it really helps to know what you're talking about if you're a more advanced or you've been collecting firearms longer for the most part you should know the difference and usually when I'm talking to somebody that's been in it for a while you can tell because they talk about a magazine or a clip being not changeable they're two separate things they work together sometimes but they are not exactly the same and that if I see someone that's either new at the hobby or doesn't own guns but is into him or is very anti-gun they're gonna be the people that call a magazine a clip because I hadn't really heard it in video games in the 90s and I don't care if you created on a video game or you read it in a book or whatnot it's technically not correct so just yeah I just kind of it's not like a lecture video and I'm telling you that you know what to do we're saying if if you now understand there's a difference may be able to help you out too to use the words not interchangeably because there are two different things like I mean worst case scenario you say oh yeah I need I need 10 clips for my bail right I need tank lips for my I fail and somebody sends you 10 of these to load the magazines for your fail there's gonna be a bit of a difference there right so it just helps some miscommunication and whatnot and kind of shows that you know what you're talking about a little bit you're more advanced into the Hobby itself and yeah so I hope that really helped out I don't know how better to explain it I mean a magazine the rounds are gonna be enclosed generally speaking for the most part they're gonna be enclosed whereas a clip they're gonna be exposed except for the base of the cartridge even in like a 1903 or bolt-action rifle with an internal magazine the rounds are still going to be covered in that magazine within the weapon itself so that makes sense – it's another great way to tell the distinction more explain it to somebody doesn't only difference so yeah all right hopefully I covered all of our bases and you learn something and I just just wanted to be very clear that I don't agree with that at all in that and there was more than one person so don't if you if you comment it's not I'm not singling you out I definitely saw four or five different people say the exact same thing and these are people who I believed to be in the firearm community and know what they're talking about and it just kind of kind of worried me to see that you know it was the same thing yeah it's really not again yes I'll know what you're talking about but then I automatically assume that you don't know anything about guns I want to pray I talk to you differently than if you said oh yeah I have a magazine for this you know or I got five magazines and blah blah and they work great okay yeah you're speaking my language and now we can talk and whatever so okay not being kind of saying that single anybody however be pissy just wanted to make it very clear hopefully I've done that hopefully the rants are too long thanks for watching everybody appreciate that if you're new consider supporting the channel even if you're not new in the links in the description for that I'll see you on my online store I send military surplus items and gear equipment and clothing all that stuff and collectibles sometimes like these guys right now already Jeanette fail magazines so anyway appreciate you watching guys and we'll see on the next video

Reader Comments

  1. I agree there’s definitely a difference but in NAM if someone yelled either we didn’t stop and correct. You’re a well spoken young man that seems like he doesn’t give a fuck. I like you.

  2. it makes sense to at least try and use correct terminology and also try not to bash anyone in the reverse position

  3. Mikey!! off topic.. you should review some classics ie; The Great Escape or Sands or Iwo Jima.. basically less modern day shit, old hollywood stuff if ya know what i mean

  4. I think it’s important to educate people. ESPECIALLY folks who “try” to write gun laws, they sound ignorant when using the incorrect terms.

  5. There's a difference in a political sense. Not so much when I'm shooting with with my friends in a casual setting.

  6. Definite important difference. News people constantly get it wrong. Wikipedia has a decent "clip"article explaining the difference between stripper clips, en bloc clips, and full and half moon clips.

  7. If you try hard enough, you might feed gun with a clip. Or load rounds into clips with mags. All you have to do is believe in yourself and try hard enough.

  8. Hey now, I know there is a definite difference. My point was it's the same concept as jumping down someone throat when they miss speak when referring to magazines. It's a noob thing to call a magazine a clip but it's no reason to be a smart ass.

  9. Bit of an unusual case here, but I heared that some try to make it more clear to distinguish a stripper clip from a en bloc clip; by calling them a charger and a bloc clip. What do you think about that?

  10. Do you have any plans on returning to Bayonet Videos or collecting them in general. I was watching your old Bayonets of the World series and was wondering if you could potentially return to it.

  11. It doesn't really matter weather you use the term clip or magazine people tend to know what you mean. Yea there is a difference but if you say clip as referring to a magazine it's not the end of the world. It's like saying en bloc VS Mannlicher clip, it really doesn't matter. Sure I would always use the correct nomenclature but it doesn't bother me nor does it really matter if people use the wrong names for similar or the exact same thing.

    If you want to blame anything blame the English language because the only rule in the English language is that it's no consistent. Definitions change over time, new words are added, old words die out and old words come back altered.

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