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Clean Condition & Polish A Dress Shoe | Spit Shining Formal Footwear | Shine Shoes Like A Marine

Clean Condition & Polish A Dress Shoe | Spit Shining Formal Footwear | Shine Shoes Like A Marine

[Music] Before you get started, you want to cover
your workspace with newspaper or a protective rag. To prepare your dress shoe for polishing,
first, remove the shoelaces. Next, slip in a shoe tree or wadded a paper to give the shoe form during
the polish. Step number one. Clean the shoe. Remove any dirt, any salt, any grime. It�s very important as sand left in the shoe can ruin your final
polished look. Next, lightly apply saddle soap to a clean rag and rub gently over the soap to create
a little bit of a lather. Apply the soap to the surface of the shoe to clean it and to remove any
old polish. Let your shoe air dry for about ten minutes or wipe dry to speed up the process. Step number two. Condition your leather dress shoe. I recommend you condition your shoes weekly if you wear them at least three times
a week. Monthly if you�re wearing them only occasionally. Use a clean rag to work the conditioner evenly
over the entire shoe. Let the conditioner soak in and dry for twenty minutes. Wipe off any excess. Step three. Apply a cream polish to the entire shoe. Take the applicator brush and evenly coat the surface of the entire shoe. Remember, a little goes a long way and you
could always apply a second coat. After you finished applying the polish cream,
give it a quick buffing with the horsehair brush. Repeat as necessary and at the end of the
procedure give it about fifteen minutes to dry. Next, apply was polish over the entire shoe. Wrap a soft rag tightly around two fingers
and apply a small amount of the polish to the
cloth. Coat the surface of the shoe working in small circular motions. Buff it with the soft horsehair brush and
repeat the step once or twice to get a slightly higher shine. To get that coveted mirrored finish, first
apply a very small amount of polish on your rag, dip your fingers in the water and put a drop of
water on the toe of the shoe. Rub the polish in using quick strokes until the surface is clear. Repeat this step many times. In fact, you could easily spend twenty minutes on a single shoe here. What we�re doing is we�re building up
the layers of wax and using pressure to create a mirrored
shine. Now, stay focused on the shoe toe, you don�t
want a spit shine your entire shoe. The reason being is any place where the leather flexes
it�s going to crack the polish, so it�s best to spit shine the toe cap and maybe the back of the shoe. If you�re willing to put in the effort,
you can make your old shoes look better than when you actually
bought them. 2 For a great in-depth look at the shoe shining
process, check out the accompanying article here at If you want more information on how to purchase
the perfect pair of dress shoes for you, go grab our free eighty
five-page eBook. Make sure to like this video, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and let
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Reader Comments

  1. – Click Here To Read The Article – How to Shine Shoes Like A Marine – Click Here For A Free 85-Page Dress Shoe Guide eBook

    Video Summary:
    0:15 – Materials Needed
    1:21 – Step 1: Clean The Shoes
    1:48 – Step 2: Use Leather Conditioner
    2:14 – Step 3: Apply A Cream Polish
    2:39 – Step 4: Use A Wax Polish
    3:02 – Step 5: The Spit Shine

  2. Great video. Only thing you forgot is edge dressing for leather soled shoes. I hate seeing lazy people with black shoes and the sole looks like crap around the edge.

  3. I realized the other day I never taught my son to do this. Amazing right. I was in the navy for 10 years he never really got that I did this and did it for my dad when I was a kid. So this year for prom I was in a mad dash to do his shoes and then realized he down know how. And yes I never had my son play baseball. My favorite thing too. Major fail.

  4. You remind me of my AFJROTC Master Sgt.You both talk and look alike haha I remember him teaching our class about shining shoes.Great videos as always btw

  5. i have a set of shoe shinning brushes both are the same length one is pointy at one end how do i use those two?

    D.A.I. Grazic

  6. When attempting to purchase cream polish for an oxblood color shoe, what color should that be? Brown, medium brown or dusky brown? Anyone know?

  7. High quality video. I only occasionally wear dress shoes, and I resent how dusty and dirty they've become. This will definitely help me get them back to top shape.

  8. hi Antonio,

    brilliant video! just have a few questions. The video video is pretty straightforward with a black Oxford. But how do you find cream polishes for shoes with peculiar colours like day oxblood or for even browns it's quite a big spectrum to cover. so my question is how to find the correct color of cream polish to your respective shoe color?

  9. Do you use saddle soap everytime you polish your shoe? I plan on buying a pair of Paul Evans one day and I want to know what to do every time and what not to do everytime.

  10. Great video! How do you decide which color best suits your shoe? I had a brown pair and tried to polish them and the polish was a few shades off. I couldn't tell at the time of purchase but it ruined them. How do you decide for shoes that are two tone?

  11. This has almost never been mentioned in all of the shoe polishing videos I've watched; do you clean the dirt off shoes at the start using the same brush that you would use later on for buffing the polish? Or do you use 2 separate brushes – one for removing dirt and one for polishing?

  12. I only have a neutral polish and some water but despite getting a beautiful shine via the polish and small dabs of water, as soon as I take a brush to it, it smears it and dulls the surface again. If I put my fingers on the shoe too, it leaves a greasy imprint. WHAT DO I DO?

  13. excellent, very convincing video. quick, question: NYC shoe shines I visit like to use dye in the process, which you omit. care to comment?

  14. Suggest sole dressing as well 😉 can be used for the edges of the soles (as intended) but can also be used to dress any stitching that fades … also, should really hit with alcohol using the applicator brush (I prefer an old toothbrush) after initial brush cleaning to remove/redistribute any old wax buildup 🙂 … and hey! we were usually docked if there weren't stars where the shoe/boot flexed HA HA HA!

  15. Hey Antonio im thinking about joining the marines because its a dream of mine. However, i have a pretty thin skin, my loved ones tell me theyd be depressed if i join and i personally fear not coming back alive from the battlefield. What is your opinion?

  16. Hi Antonio, Thanks for awesome videos! All the things you mention here in this video, should I be doing it every time I wear that specific shoe, or should one only do certain of the steps? Should one only shine every time? Also thanks for the linked article. Went through that too, but did not see any indication. Please advise if possible? Am concerned that if I wear my shoes twice a week, that this process may be overkill?

    Also, could you advise: I have a pair of brown leather Chelsea boots. Even though they are brown (light brown), the toe is darker than the body. How does one deal with getting the correct colour polish, or should I use a transparent polish?

  17. In my opinion this is the one of the best instructional videos that I have seen to mirror shine shoes. Plan & Simple & down to the point.

  18. I really enjoyed the background music. This is something i need to do alot more often. Ive been a bad shoe/boot owner for many years and am excited to practiceb better shoe care.

  19. Before this demo, I upped to see my shoes in the dustbin at the backyard of my home, There will always be a period of before watching you and after watching you! You had added a real extra dimension to a world of, somehow thought to be forgotten or neglected, Real Men!

  20. Can you do a review on tasselmate TASSELMATE – THE NEW & ONLY WAY TO FIX YOUR TASSELS, I found this at the shoe Snob, I don't wear tassels on my shoes because they lose there shape.

  21. how long did it take you to get the mirror shine? And yes I know this was uploaded a few years ago

  22. This is an amazing way to polish your shoes. I used it to start polishing my cadet shoes and the first shine was amazing i did this once and after about only 1 week of doing a normal way I can now see my own reflection in the polish and I get no complaints from higher ranking NCOS or staff. Great Advice

  23. THANK YOU! I work at a very prestigious country club in the locker-room/ Valet department and I’m required to shoe shine members boots/dress shoes when requested this vid helped out a lot to up my game and I have impressed some of our members just by watching the vid and learning, thanks again man!

  24. I love this video but legit question, do you wash and or rinse your creme polish brush? I ask because after using a cognac cream polish, the bristles got hard after awhile. The brand of creme polish I used was called Ralyn
    Lmk what you think Antonio
    Or anyone else commenting on this video.

  25. When should i polish my shoes if I wear them at least 2 times a week? And if I condition my shoes do i have to polish them?

  26. When I was little my dad always polished his shoes this way every Sunday evening and I loved watching him. Of course he taught me how to do it and I still do it to this day. Excellent video.

  27. Is this a joke? It took less steps to restore the Mona Lisa. It would be quicker to just buy the leather pieces and make a new pair by hand.

  28. Every time I try to mirror shine, the wax/water just strip all polished layers beneath it. It’s quite frustrating, any tips to help prevent that?

  29. whats your thoughts on corframs… I mean "coro-sham" shoes? I use to spit shine my shoes forever and a day in years gone by, but I have my "plastic" shoes now and wouldn't go back. However, I did notice they do fall apart after a few years.

  30. Brings back the memory from the boot camp.
    Spent so much time waxing boots and dress uniform shoes, my elbow started "creaking" nearing the graduation. XD
    I remember our being yelled for not polishing the tongue of the dress shoes.
    We used more a primitive way of waxing our shoes in the bootcamp:

    1.Brush time multiple times
    2.Spit shine with a regular wax
    3.Fold the new shoes or wear them to break in and remove the residue with the horse hair brush.
    4.Spit shine some more.
    5.Use "Parade Gloss" wax ahead of important inspections and graduation.

    It takes a lot more time shining shoes this way with no help of cream and a leather conditioner.

    By the way if you want to separate yourself from average shoe shiners, don't forget to do edge dressing once in awhile.

  31. It must be something I unconsciously picked up during my military days, but I have never had trouble with polish cracking when I have spit shined an entire boot or shoe. And I have never been able to figure out how it happens, but it works. Spray shine had some popularity; alI I will say about is is; stay away from spray shine no matter what. Using any spray product, including hair spray, will only result on disaster.

  32. Nice video. Finding the right cloth is at least 50% of the battle. In my 20+ years shining boots and shoes, I find that a well-worn cotton t-shirt is the Holy Grail of shine cloths, but they're not easy to come by. Whatever you find, it should be completely soft, smooth (e.g. no pile, or "fuzzies"), and lint-free. Think 30-year-old REO Speedwagon t-shirt. A mediocre cloth will always defeat even the most perfect technique, so I suggest placing at least as much emphasis on finding the right tools for the job.

  33. Great video, but if I may make a suggestion: use a second shoe brush or else you'll be re applying the dirt to the shoe all over again.

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