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Classic Canvas Tarp Setup

Classic Canvas Tarp Setup

hello welcome to Waypoint survival today we're going to be putting up a new tarp that we just received in the mail I'm pretty excited to put it up so stay tuned okay so let's talk a little bit about this tarp it is a canvas tarp and it's made from Sun Forge your canvas I had it custom-made at a company called blockade runner down in Tennessee a little place called Bell Buckle and I will make sure to put a link in the description box below but this is for a video series that I'm hoping to do in the future and something along the lines of an 1880 camping series and so I wanted to get some gear that would be similar to what people would be using in the 1880s which would be a lot of Civil War type military surplus and of course the canvas tarp is very very useful this one is nine by nine I'll get it laid out so you can see what it looks like give you a shot of that [Applause] okay so as you can see on the other side of the camera here this is nine foot by nine foot and of course it has on each corner it has loops and then all the way across all the way around every three feet so it has two loops in the middle on each side and then it has a loop in the very center there you can see the loop in the center and also all around all four sides which has sewn in loops it doesn't weigh a whole lot I'll make sure and weigh it and put the weight on the screen but really happy with the way this tarp turned out and it is made of Sun Forge your canvas which is very very waterproof and rot resistant and all of that so pretty happy to get a hold of it and I'm gonna set it up and see what it looks like but first I got to go cut some poles so behind me is a section of our property and it's pretty extensive runs back through here that I call pole heaven because there are so many small trees growing in this area and if you know anything about forestry you know that most of these small trees aren't gonna make it to maturity they will thin themselves out as they compete for space and sunlight and so it actually does the woods a bit of a favor to cut out some of the extra poles and so everyone small want to have a project that I'm going to keep these poles and I'm for this particular tarp tent I intend to use these multiple times so I'm looking for good straight poles I've got a lot of small maples in here some Hickory and different things like that so sort of be looking for and gonna be cutting several of those down so I just have to pick the right ones okay so we've got all of our poles cut for the a-frame section we've got a long Ridge pole cut over there and then I've got six tech tent pegs cut and I was able to use some of the same trees found one that have been down earlier so even though I have a lot of these poles you can't cut them indefinitely and I do want the other ones to grow but I have quite a bit of property in quite a bit of woods and I do want to manage it and make sure that the other trees are able to mature so all right let's go down there and get start setting out setting it up all right so we've got all of our poles here and for for the upright a-frame we've got a long Center Ridge Pole and then we've got all of our stakes and I'll have to cut and Whittle those brought the line to tie it out with and then also got the hatchet and I'm gonna use this to just clean up a lot of the knots and things that are existing along the sides of these poles to make sure that it's nice and smooth of course eventually I want to make sure I peel the bark off of all of this as well but for now just try to get it fairly smooth and from wearing holes in my tarp so I'll work on this and I'll get back with you in a little bit all right does it for all of the pulse all I have to do is widdle the stakes and get them in place and done properly and then we'll be able to start setting up our tarp shelter and remember like I told you in the last video when you're whittling stakes it's not only important that you you know put a bit of a point on there for driving in the ground like so but also make sure that you take time to crown the top so that as you pound it in it it won't smash your stake so bad make it mushroom around the top so just not anything fancy just a simple crown and there's your stakes do the other three and start doing some other stuff to put this tarp tent up so the first thing we're gonna do is that everything trimmed and properly put together here is using this cotton line and I will probably get some other type of cordage later on but for now this will be sufficient and I'm just going to cut a length or two of it and start lashing our front bipod together something like this [Applause] all right so that's the general idea I'm gonna keep doing that I'm gonna stake and tie everything out and I'll get back with you when I got that done all right that's looking pretty good and they're the only thing we have left to do we've got to put our stakes here on the four sides for steak rather on the two sides to stretch it out give us our nice tight look there all right do the other side and I'll show you what the whole thing looks like and there we have it you see setup staked out to the side very very old-school and also very cool let me get inside it and you'll get an idea of how big it is and easily set up inside of here and plenty of headroom and because it's so long plenty of room to stretch out and stay out of the weather so the size of this tarp there is plenty of room for two people I mean honestly you could actually get three people in here and even some gear plenty of room there's weather blowing in and this is just an excellent canvas tarp I'm really happy with it I like it a lot I think it's a great option I like the old-school look of the canvas and the fact that you can carry it and you don't have to have a whole lot of other resources just the tarp and when you get where you're going you can use poles you can stake it out because of all the multiple tie offs that are on it you can just use ropes and cords and make a tarp that way with very very simple things because it is square it allows you to make a proper plow point as well as just a whole lot of other configurations you can even drop this far end here bring that all the way to the ground and fold the corners in so that you can have only an opening in the front and there's just a lot of configurations that you can do most of you are familiar with tarps also I want to point out that this is video and number 99 and I'm really excited about video 100 and it's going to be quite an adventure for me it is going to be the 24-hour thrift store survival challenge and what that is is simply I have to go to thrift stores and pick out camping gear from thrift stores only so not allowed to buy it anywhere else and it took me quite a while to put together a decent kit but I did it really inexpensively and so I'm really excited to show you guys that should post next week to be video 100 so make sure that you look for that this is James bender for Waypoint survival please like share and don't forget to subscribe also make sure to check out the links in the description box below and don't forget to press the Bell button to stay notified of all of our upcoming videos and we'll talk to you next time hello welcome to Waypoint survival today there's airplanes flying overhead every time I try to film there's another one we're gonna do this one again alright well we've got all the poles cut these are for the a-frame I've got one for the ridgepole and then also

Reader Comments

  1. I'll always go for a tent due to bugs but love the classic lines of that thing.
    This took me back to my first camping trips as lad. Canvas and wood poles though we didn't have to make our own poles!

  2. That is a very nice tarp! No doubt it is top quality. That is the type of gear you can use for many years of service and feel good about the investment. I look forward to video 100! Congratulations on hitting that milestone James. I look forward to many more to come brother!

  3. Looking forward to episode 100 and the mini series. Now off to watch another video, as one is never enough. God bless.

  4. Oh love these canvass tarps.
    So hard to find good quality ones these days. Custom made, way to go.

  5. I remember an old timer prospector had a camp site with one of these back on the 60's. Awesome.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Great  canvas tarp shelter setup. Good tip about not mushrooming your tent stakes.    Very good custom designed tarp !

  7. I like the idea of your 1880 series! Sounds very cool. I have a canvas tarp myself I really like the old time gear I’m enjoying your channel and really looking forward to this new series. All the best my friend. Rod

  8. Really nice tarp thanks for sharing this awesome video can't want for your 100 video keep up the awesome work

  9. Real nice tarp. So looking forward to your 100th video. As always thanks for sharing. You make Mondays worth waiting for. Have an awesome week.

  10. Outstanding! I’m really starting to re-appreciate canvas again, it’s just awesome stuff. That tarp looks solid! Excellent brother!

  11. Hello my outdoors friend. It's a nice looking set up. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to the thrift store challenge, video #100. James, take care out there. 🤗

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