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Clash-A-Rama! The Series: Goblin’s Eleven

Clash-A-Rama! The Series: Goblin’s Eleven

How’d that get in here? If re-elected your Barbarian King,
I’ll make the Village more like myself… Mighty, fearsome, and enormous! Yeah! I’m also running for Barbarian King, and I ask you, do we want a King
who sleeps outside on a square? Do we want a King who comes home
safe and sound from every battle, and then immediately falls asleep? Well, excuse me!
Being awesome makes me tired! But remember that as your King,
I’ve brought prosperity to this Village! In fact, our Elixir Storage
will be full by sun-up tomorrow. And once it’s full,
we’ll upgrade our Laboratory! But that’s tomorrow,
the day you’ll all vote for me. Until then, we have to guard
our precious Elixir in case… We’re attacked! Mommy! Herb! I’m setting ’em up for you! Come on, go down,
go down, go down… Yes! Gotta remember
to keep that elbow tucked! All hail our hero Joe! Yeah! Joe! Joe! Joe! Today’s election day. So, obviously there should be
no question who to vote for… the King who gave you
all the Exilir you’ve dreamed of! Empty? What happened? Our Elixir Storage will be
full by sun-up tomorrow. That’s a lot of Elixir. A lot, a lot… But there’s no way to steal it. Oh yes, there is. I have a fool-proof way to get it, but it’ll only work
if everybody does his part. What do you say, guys?
Heist on three! Okay, who took my watch? Frag, Brap, LeRoy,
you’re in charge of machinery, because you’re our brainiacs. Yag and Gorn, you’re helping Brug,
our expert explosives handler. Step one: the plan. Step two: you all listen amazed,
as I describe the plan. Step three: the machine guys drill
a tunnel directly under the Village. Step four: we drill up to the surface. And we drain the goods so quick,
nobody’s the wiser. Step five… We take the elixir back here. And for the final step… We get used to the idea we’re rich! You think we can pull off
something so complicated? Yeah. ‘Cause we just did! Oh right. Let’s divvy it up! We’ll do that, but first we need
to deduct caper expenses. The gold mines we got
the carts from cost 150 Elixir. The torches for the tunnel,
500 each. And the drill set us back
one million Elixir. Your get rich quick crime
just made us super broke! Well, yeah, but we were all
part of the heist of the century. Pretty cool, right? Huh? Right? You promised to protect the Elixir! Hey, he didn’t keep it
from getting stolen either! At least Joe was brave.
He risked his life in the battle! Gotta remember to keep
that elbow tucked! Yeah! Go Joe! Go Joe! Go Joe! How am I losing to this idiot? There’s a Hog Rider born
every 45 seconds, but this is
a story of a very special one… A puny little guy who no one
ever believed could become a Hog Rider. No one, that is, except for me.
I adopted him. At six months old
he was ready to try solid food. Maybe too ready. So, I decided to see if he could be
up to the challenge of being a Hog Rider. I had to teach him
that you hit everything but the Hog. And he certainly didn’t like
every part of what was involved. But there was something in the kid…
Something that just kept going. I never wanted to stop raising him,
but one day he was ready, and I knew
I couldn’t hang on to him any more. It was time he chose a Hog,
and headed into battle. To my surprise,
he’d already chosen one… Stop already!
You’ve filmed my entire life! We’ve got a battle to go to. Me. That’s right. He chose me. Did somebody say ‘Hog Rider’? Did somebody say ‘election sign’? Citizens, I’ve been arrogant and boastful
and a terrible, yet tall, listener. Should you re-elect me,
I’ll continue to be tall, but I’ll be a better listener
and a better ruler for it. – Boo! You stink!
– Get out of here! Don’t feel bad. Change is natural. Really good talk. I’m glad
I can count on you. Every vote counts. Yes. Every vote counts. Hog Rider! – Let’s do this thing!
– Yeah! All right, new plan! This time we charge
in different directions! Got it? Got it! Yeah! Well, this is just embarrassing. Just as I suspected. Your bones, brains
and goopy bits are all normal. Then why do we crash into each other? As your doctor I have to inform you
the four of you are unsynchronized. Oh, no! Calm down. I know something
that can cure you. It’s called ‘singing’. The more harmonically in tune
you are with one another, the more you’ll anticipate
each other’s moves! We’re just trying not to fall down Every time we move We are not big fans of singing But it gets us in the groove How we love to be back swinging Slashing stuff
and chopping with our swords Can’t you hear the people screaming Crap here comes that horde! We did it! We’re gonna be super-famous.
Nothing can stop us now! Floyd was such a great bass!
What are we gonna do? I’m kind of a singer, so if you’re looking
to fill that guy’s shoes… You’re in! Hail, hail, the swordsmen are here What the heck do we care What the heck do we care Hail, hail, the swordsmen are here What the heck do we care – Hey, guys, condolences. Need a fourth?
– You’re in! Oh, I’ve got a sword,
the best I can afford It’s so sharp, that I use it to groom To groom! Is it me, or the new guy
is a show off? No! And the last one who’s left
is a big bag of bones With a bomb that goes kaha-ha-boom! Thank you. Every vote counts. – I’m here to vote for King Albert.
– Me too. – Me too.
– Me too. – Me too.
– Me too. – Me too.
– Me too. – Me too.
– Me too. – Me too.
– Me too. – Me too.
– Me too. – Me too.
– Me too. Every vote counts!

Reader Comments

  1. In Quartet Goes Kaboom, you can tell through lip syncing that the first bass guy was not on the far left of their line under the crown. With headphones in, you can hear the bass more on the left side. Thus the barbarian second from the left should've been Floyd. This means that there was fairly likely 2 bass singers throughout the whole thing

  2. I hated it when the goblin used the camera when the hog rider left. But it was so gross and funny.🤢😅

  3. Lol this was before it was 5 barbarians interesting 😂 I wonder how the singing would be with 5 of them

  4. The ending doesn't make sense because if they lost all their elixir then how did they have elixir to train the archers unless if all the expenses the goblins had to pay went to them which makes me ask if that's true then was the village helping the goblins steal their own elixir? Think about everything that I just said 🙏🙎🙊

  5. I’m not kidding when i say this, when the goblins came flooding in, I got a notification that I was being raided!!

  6. When I saw the goblin enter the hog rider's house I thought he was gonna steal the camera but he danced and he was good at it aswell

    Edit:didn't the hog just feed the hog rider hot dogs that are made of pigs meat that hog is a cannibal

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