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Clampy the Rock Crawling 1986 Toyota Pickup! – Dirt Every Day Ep. 22

Clampy the Rock Crawling 1986 Toyota Pickup! – Dirt Every Day Ep. 22

over the past year we have featured a lot of really cool trucks on dirt every day and this week we're going to show you my own truck this is clampy so clampy is a 1986 toyota pickup truck now I got this truck about 15 years ago and I actually got the truck for free but it looked nothing like this 15 years ago this was a bone-stock Toyota pickup truck 4-cylinder engine five-speed transmission that a friend of mine gave me when he got a new car and he gave this truck to me because it had 200,000 miles it came from upstate New York and it was rusting apart it had an old camper shell on the back it barely ran the frame was getting rotted but the thing was I didn't have a vehicle at the time or so I get this truck thinking well I can nurse it along until it dies but clampy never died in fact when I moved to California just come work for 4-wheel and off-road magazine this is the truck I moved to California over time I was like I want to do some upgrades to the truck one of the first things we did was we put some new seats in it lets the other seats were rotted out we put in these PRP little bucket seats made the truck much nicer to ride around in but it was still an old Toyota we eventually got a total chaos suspension we actually put this suspension on in a buddy's driveway took it out to the dunes and jumped it when we jumped at the camper shell blew off and the truck didn't break in half which was amazing to me 200,000 miles the frame is full of rust and it's still holding together I eventually decided I wanted it to be a rock crawler so all the independent front suspension got cut off we actually took an adapter from advanced adapters and put two transfer cases together to give us multiple low ranges and we cut all the old axles out and put one ton axis the rear axle was a dana 70 that I had from an old project it actually has seven seventeen years and a Detroit Locker seven seventeen seems like ridiculously low gears but for some reason it works in clamp I have this theory after driving clampy for ten years that you want to be over axle under engine what that means is you have more axle than engine so that way you have this little tiny engine that can just chug away but if you wedge big tires on their stuff you're a lot less likely to break because the axles are so big the front axle has an ARB air Locker 717s the rear has a Detroit Locker this gives us tons of traction to the tires I built this truck around 40 HP of G's now it has 40 inch maxes we've tried a lot of different stuff these big sticky tires make this truck work awesome over the time Plan B's changed a lot we put these fiberglass fenders on when we did the prerunner suspension we took the fuel tank from underneath the frame and stuffed it up above the frame built this whole kind of I call it my garden furniture rack in the back there it looks kind of funky but it's actually where we put our fridge freezer got a big 40 inch spare back there hi-lift jack toolboxes a warren winch up front and put a cage inside from all-pro off-road that's one of those things that we did really early on knowing that if we're jumping the truck we wanted it to be safe we have tube doors from Schafer's off-road that allow you to kind of lean out and see where you're going the truck is look at it's kind of falling apart but it keeps working the 40 inch tires get traction the tons of gearing keep it moving and this little four banger can just keep pushing clampy around originally the truck had a 22 re grade engine lasts forever well we were out rock crawling broke the radiator drained the engine and by the time we got back to camp we had blown the head gasket we probably should have got towed back but we didn't think that far ahead and next thing you know blown engine we decided to upgrade we put a 3rz out of a late-model tacoma under the hood it added about fifty hundred horsepower it's fun to drive you can beat it up but it doesn't break so far knock on wood knock on clampy clampy makes me look like a good driver between the sticky tires and the gearing and the short wheelbase and the torque II little engine it just seems to go wherever I point it half the time when I drive the thing I feel like it's just driving itself I'm just in there to kind of keep the truck company the wheels just kind of dig and grab and they find where they want to be and that's where the truck heads I just kind of keep it all under control you build a rock crawler you want it low you have this very little up travel and you get out here in these whoops and you're just beating yourself up but then you get to the rock trails and the thing just creepy crawls and droops into the holes and digs and climbs and scraps its way up the trail kind of like a little turtle you can see here where I would be out rock crawling and get into some rocks and you just don't want to stop you just keep going kind of mangles up the whole cab doesn't really make it that easy to put a real door back on but it's a trail rig that's what it's here for it's got a ram assist on the front steering that we did with the guys over at least earring it helps us turn the big tires the headlights are barely holding in there all the turn signals are missing it's not really street-legal anymore but it could be I mean with a little bit of work and some time I could replace all that stuff but it's a rock crawler I'm not going to do it this truck is for coming out here to the desert what I like about rock crawling is it's kind of like this methodical puzzle you're going up the trail you got boulders as big as Volkswagens all around you your friends are kind of cruising in their rigs and you're just trying to figure out the line you're trying to figure out where is my truck going to go with this wheelbase and these why the tires how is it going to work that's what's so much fun to me about rock crawler a lot of people try a lot of different recipes for whatever they're building this recipe that I built with clamping I kind of build it this way because I had the parts I had the big leaf springs to go spring under I had the low gears and the axles already so I didn't really know if it was all going to work I said four cylinder engine 717 years 40 inch tires it might Rock crawl but it may never run down the road it actually worked great when it all came together I'm not saying it's the fastest Rock Crawler I'm not saying it's the fastest thing on the street but it did everything good enough that I could go out and have fun I've never had to turn around and go home because of the truck being built this way I could always find a way around the obstacle or winch out like if it gets to that point hook the cable up drag yourself up the obstacle and go on to the next one and building a truck like clampy is a pretty low budget build I mean yeah one ton axles can be expensive but that's what I like so much about building this truck and building a rock product it doesn't have to be this high-end $100,000 go fast king of the hammers type race car it can be an old truck that you just want to go out and have a good time and I have had more fun in this truck in just about any of the trucks that I am that's it for dirt every day this week a lot of people really like my clampy truck and I wanted to show it to everybody if you like dirt everyday check us out on Facebook slash dirt every day look at our magazines or wheel an off-road we have for an off-road calm and then there's the four-wheeler super sight which is four-wheeler calm has all of our magazines that the whole company makes we will be doing updates online we may be holding contests may be giving away schwag or we may be coming to a place near you with one of our trucks if you want to come out and check it out we'll be there see in two weeks you

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  1. Is the front axle a low or high pinion? I have a Dana 60 out of a 79 dodge I got for free but I think it’s a low pinion and not sure if I should be building the axle because of it due to strength and pinion angle!

  2. I’d buy this off you in a heart beat.. love rough looking crawlers and just live forever, it’s like they have a soul.

  3. RIP Dirt Everyday. :(. I actually had a 2000 Tacoma with a 3RZ which my daughter (also a 2000 model) named Fred, and she's driving it now.

    Let me know when you guys are posting Dirt Everyday again and Roadkill, and I'll resubscribe.

    Hopes and prayers.

  4. i've got an 07 tacoma as my daily driver right now, but as soon as that new ranger comes out i'm gonna get one of them and then my trusty tacoma is gonna start getting the offroading love it deserves, it's already sitting on 35's, i did the intake and exhaust system on it already, 4" lift, next project is gonna be new front and rear lockers

  5. Should take a look at the English car show 'Top Gear' and what they put the same model through. They crashed into a tree, put it under water among other things. With minimal tools the truck started. The last thing they did was put it on top of a multi storey apartment that was being imploded. The building came down with it. The truck was really damaged but it still started after everything they threw at it.

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