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Civilian Marksmanship Program Sales Office, Anniston, AL CMP M1 Garand Shopping

Civilian Marksmanship Program Sales Office, Anniston, AL CMP  M1 Garand Shopping

all right getting out of the car here go ahead lead the way iPhone all right see all right taking a gander to the cmp sales office oranges up here yep bad weather but I guess any any weather is good gun by and weather right we're hoping they have some machine guns that we can mount on his wheelchair so we can um he's gonna he's gonna man a machine gun turn okay all righty let's have a peek all right Anniston Alabama CMP South room one carbines pretty cool some m1 garand barreled actions some rack great grands here right grades are 445 be looking at some probably service grade or field grade got some Craig rifles 3040 crates here and fairly decent condition a couple of supporters here or now these are carbines I'm sorry some more grands feel great yeah when Jeff nice in there all right well we're gonna start shopping here and select us some grands hopefully cool well they're our I went through four pallets Wow there's 400 holy crap they got a bunch don't they 18,000 we went they was 251 I was went through 18,000 I'm in and here's the finishing up when we got through those are brand new see they still got the wrapping on them oh yeah we're surprising on yesterday oh you learning would they they got about a hundred and something out of out of those they were three thousand dollars apiece he went through and help them select them while growing out we went through the whole thing yeah great deal okay all of that excellent well those greens are like brown yeah these are H and ours they collected H and ours and they was about we those were just absolutely new yeah I'd say so well I mean we've um we're set up to do with Parker izing all that stuff I might go through and read Parker eyes yes you know it's giving you finish and we'll redo the wood on them if you won't see agreed right well that one is caked in cosmoline for sure isn't it do that that's off that's something else that's something else see kram yeah Oh you taught me I mean it was good so this uh this lighter wood is probably the Greek wood this one's original alright you think you feel that maybe maybe just dirty right that's perch and that's call yeah looking on table figures a couple of decent ones here's some of the Mossberg in 44 incomplete rifles you can buy from CMP a lot of maroon just uh various stages of repair a lot of our missing parts trigger guards triggers all that kind of stuff but these might be you know a good project rifle they have their US property marked a well and get that show up there doesn't show up here's some of the 3040 Krag rifles that prompted us to adopt the Springfield we're getting our butts handed to us by the Spanish she's got the unique loading gate on the side that pops open but you're Kraig's this one's a carbine yeah she found find a full stock rifle show y'all see here's the full rifle see you have a magazine shut-off lever loading gate on the side and like I said this is the rifle that prompted the u.s. to adopt the Springfield the one I was talking about in the Mauser video showing be cool that one's missing the sight it's okay I was hoping then they would have these here these are the man accuracy devices that the Ordnance Department was using to work up ammunition pressure testing accuracy testing and it's basically a 1903 receiver made it to a heavy barrel heavy 30 Cal barrel like I said these were used to test accuracy in ammunition – kind of like a way to have a ransom rest where they you know bolt these down those are pretty cool they're only 500 bucks really not bad price for those it's got an Arsenal tag some sort honor kind of cool and cool stuff all right here the Kimber model 82's match-grade rifles the army got out of storage sent to the CMP their website the CMPs website advertises these is having minor Nicks and scratches from when they opened up the boxes to do inventory and as you can see right here some lazy private long scratch on the side of the rifle where you can tell some jackass just took a damn you know box cutter and just went shoot right down the rifle some lazy Joe did that but but that's an example of what they're talking about the scratches and Nick's where they've cut the packages open like I said some lazy guy just just didn't even care about the rifle and just sliced it open right there see if we can find any more have slices on them like that but overall the metal on there in very good condition have these really interesting diopter sights on them pretty cool hi hi Travis so here's a here's another example of where when they opened up the packages see right there you got a mark on the stock where someone just took a box cutter and decided to just give it a slice without even no regard to the condition of the rifle but pretty cool you can buy replacement barrels from CMP also these ones in yellow are junk barrels but you know I can use them for something project we have various prices on these barrels according the muzzle where lands and grooves throat row but you can buy extra barrels from CMP here we got a couple of cases to m1a ones here pretty cool paratrooper and ones folding stocks on these things are a hot commodity right now you can buy them only three grand big deal you

Reader Comments

  1. Will the CMP git the turn in GI Betetta or CMP HK2000 pistols? Curious as 2 thier fate? TY 4info wanted a Beretta 4ever!

  2. And yet they're still 1.1+k for a damned rifle in halfway decent condition….. especially considering that these rifles were about $20 – 30 when they were first made and issued to troops. Essentially, CMP took rifles that were ALREADY PAID FOR, took them back, marked them up into space, and sold them back to the American people who previously paid for the rifles in the first place. For shame on CMP!

  3. Springflied Serial number: 1855539; Is this an August 1943 production dated garand? Year on barrel is stamped: 1-S-A-5-44 (is this a 1944 barrel?). I was told this was a CMP Gun and the rear right side windage knob is marked with the letters DRC. Thank you.

  4. Evidently, CMP is just as greedy as corporate America. M1911 selling for $1,100.00 or more.
    If that's not bad enough, the hoops you have to jump through, to buy just one.

  5. I hope you know you just made me cry !!😭 all this beauty in one room I can't stand it !!
    Please this is way too much love in this place !
    Can you give me the address?
    My buddy and I are going here !
    Or there phone number ?

  6. The prices are way out of line and I have no need for an M1 Garand. Now an M14 would be my preference as that was what I carried.

  7. Hell we could use those m-1s if Trump will give to Americans to stop the invasion from the walkers to our border

  8. The CMP prices are way too high for these rifles, especially considering WE already paid for them once already. And they cost a staggering $17.50 new. Some mark up on guns already bought, paid for and used by our military.

  9. Can someone explain how exactly you can buy an m1 garand from cmp? I hear its a hassle but I'm not sure how.

  10. From the beginning I figured there was going to be more scalping going on when these were sold than there was during the Indian wars…and I was right !

  11. They are asking way to much for all there firearms. The CMP is a,rip off. To pay over 900 dollars for a 45 auto, when the government paid less than 50 dollars for each weapon years ago. Shame on the CMP, they are way out of line, maybe the government should investigate the CMP.

  12. Thus videos is very interesting, I love this video so much.😍 I love working in guns, so I will get an m1 carbine and buy an action parts for a project.

  13. Many years ago when we had honest, patriotic public servants, it was considered in the national interest to have an armed, trained citizenry. Civilian marksmanship was seen as a national asset. Today, our DOMESTIC ENEMIES in Washington have been working for many years to disarm us. These DOMESTIC ENEMIES see the American people as the enemy – but they won't come out an say it. They will arm terrorists around the world as they work to disarm the people they are supposed to be representing – the people who pay their salaries.

  14. More Vastly overpriced rifles ! CMP is Crazy Mega Prices. as anyone ever stopped to figure or understand how much they have in each rifle of the lots they receive. One group I calculated at around $23 each yet they want to ask thousands for some of them. Just bogus insane.

  15. Seeing this for the first time. I am in the process of ordering a service grade m1. Can't wait to get it, but I will be patient. When it arrives, I will be like a kid at Christmas.

  16. You wouldn’t believe the service grade M1 I purchased from CMP. It came from Anniston excellent shape with new wood and it’s a real great shooter!!! I’ve used it in matches out to 600 yards. No I didn’t place but got my rounds on the paper.🇺🇸😃

  17. Why is the CMP charging sooooo much for these US gov owned rifles. It’s all our tax dollars that org paid for all those rifles in the first place.

  18. Great video, very informative. Glad you love the rifles for the history. Many just want guns instead of appreciating what it was once manufactured for.

  19. How many congressthings did CMP have to buy to be named the only authorized seller of our guns? Vets should get first choice not some crooked thieves.

  20. I had an uncle that decided he wanted a M1 carbine like his issue weapon during WWII. This was back in 1960 or '61. Off of an ad on the back of a magazine, might have been the American Rifleman, he ordered a M1 for $19! I remember when it came he was a bit put out because it was in cosmoline. I sat and watched as my father helped him degrease it. Still, even at prices I can't afford, I am awfully glad that these instruments of freedom aren't being cut up for scrap.

  21. Good God I would be slobbering all over these things. We will never see anything like this here in Canada. Just the history in that room is crazy.

  22. I have a Springfield 1942 Garand, things a tack driver , with open sights off the bench with hand loads does a inch group. Most modern rifles with scopes can't do that.

  23. So can anybody buy these rifles from cmp? Or is it a private club? Can you buy more than one rifle? Cause I collect military surplus rifles and those prices are awsome.

  24. the cmp is run incorrectly the weapons are supposed to be priced where the average guy can afford a descent piece of history but they are not when the 45's get sold they should be about 200 to 250 but i promise they will not be reasonably priced its a shame the only people that can afford them are the people that can afford to buy a top of the line kimber
    45 such a shame the average guy gets screwed again

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