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Chrono24 Talks – Rolex Watches | Daytona | GMT Master | Explorer

Chrono24 Talks – Rolex Watches | Daytona | GMT Master | Explorer

In the wonderful world of horology Rolex
represents the pinnacle of fine watchmaking. The quality and the design
of the timepieces, all correspond to Rolex having a strong brand power and
being known across the world. Their consistent production spends over a
hundred years without lacking excellence. Since you enjoyed our last videos
featuring our beloved colleagues from the Chrono24 headquarters in Karlsruhe we thought it would be fun to talk with them again, this time about their thoughts on the green brand with the golden crown. Just like in the previous videos the topic was a total surprise to them as we wanted to hear their honest
and unbiased opinion on Rolex. So let’s see what they have to say. What do you think about Rolex? Rolex. About Rolex? Super exciting brand.
It’s the incarnation of the luxury watch. You can see it everywhere. They
haven’t changed their design for a long time and I think that’s what
makes them attractive as well. A brand with a lot of prestige. Technically sound movements that are a very reliable, very accurate, extremely accurate in fact
compared to many other brands. Who do you think is a Rolex wearer? What type of person is a Rolex wearer? I rather see men wearing Rolex than women. Consultants for instance. There are of course people who don’t know anything about watches but they know Rolex and so they wear Rolex just because of the
image and what it stands for. But there’s no general description for Rolex wearers. At least the sports models are meant to be worn in tough circumstances. But most of the people that wear Rolex, I wouldn’t imagine them in these
circumstances. I think most watch enthusiasts come across this point in their watch journey where they actually get that Rolex is a brand that has a lot to offer. Which one of those guys you think is a Rolex wearer? Both of them? none of them? Both smoke Cohiba. He does and I think he’s a Rolex wearer. It’s tricky because now you bring in the political stuff. Both of them. I know that Fidel Castro wore one. I would always take JFK because I like him more. Fidel Castro. I like how he looks. He’s a good-looking man and I wouldn’t say no. Fidel Castro was wearing a Submariner and JFK was wearing a Day-Date on
the Jubilee, right? You have a tray in front of you. Would you remove the cover and see what’s underneath. I’m guessing Rolex. Nice. Oh nice. Okay, nice. Rolex all the way. If you had to choose one Rolex of this tray which one
would that be? The GMT Master. The Explorer 1. That’s simply the classic. This is the most difficult question of the day – so far. I would go for the GMT
Master. And also this one is very nice with the patina. And the bezel is in a very good condition. It’s so difficult. One of these two. – So either the Datejust or the Explorer? – Yes. And I would probably… Ashley I said one. I know, I’m thinking about it. Just give me the time. Certainly, it would be the GMT Master. I think I would go for the Datejust. I would probably go with the Datejust. So finish the sentence for me. “If Rolex was a car it would be a…” Porsche. Ferrari. Mercedes. Mercedes S-class. G-Class. Porsche. 911. Rolls Royce. “Guys who wear Rolex are…” self-confident. Interesting. Successful Super cool. That’s a very very hard one. Not making a mistake. Versatile. “I would only sell my Rolex if…” If it happens one day that I cannot fill my fridge. I would sell the fridge. [Text]: Thanks to our lovely collegues!

Reader Comments

  1. What i feel about Rolex? I feel the deepest respect for Mr Hans Wilsdorff, a man who grey up as an only child, living with his aunt and at a very young age know what he wanted, to make watches. He started with Mr Davis, so the Wilsdorff/Davis watch company started. The way he later build his dream into a brand it was until the sixties, when Mr Wilsdorff died, is coppied by so many other brands we know today. From IBM to computer and phone companies, they all did what Rolex has been doing for the last 115 years. Still making the watches people dream of, "A Crown For Every Achievement". To make you feel proud wearing a Rolex, not just because of the watch but what you had to do to buy one. Brilliant. That is what i feel about Rolex. The man, his vision and a watch still relevant in todays world.

  2. Rolex as a brand has changed. It went from a cool brand who made versatile tool watches to a brand whose products became too affordable. In the 80s and 90s, everyone had one. I bought my steel sports watches in the year 2000 for £2600. They then decided to limit production to copy the success of Patek Philippe and here we are today where they’ve become idolised and worshipped with the help of social media. I didn’t like wearing mine when they became “affordable” and today I don’t like wearing mine now they’re “unaffordable” and over-hyped. For me the best years were when nobody noticed.

  3. Your new layout is shocking . Just lists approved dealer. I now don’t know where the watch is coming from and who is selling it make the whole process very long and I can’t be emailing every watch dealer to find out who they are. It’s a big mistake. I shall not be using Chrono24 agin

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