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Chris Kyle: American Sniper | 10 Questions | TIME

Chris Kyle: American Sniper | 10 Questions  | TIME

subtitle Hi, I’m Belinda Luscombe I’m an editor at large at Time magazine Chris Kyle’s a former Navy SEAL. He’s also quite possibly the most lethal sniper in American military history And he’s here today to facing difficulties and muttering of friendly fire with 10 questions at Time magazine Mr.. Kyle thanks for coming. Thanks for having me, so we’ve got this new book American sniper it’s kind of not done amongst new Special Operations guys to talk about your your your stuff Yes, it is kind of frowned upon, so why did you decide to do the book? I wanted to be able to get it out about not the sacrifices that the military members make but the sacrifices that their families have to go through about the Single mothers now raising the children and doing all the day-to-day house chores, but then also Stories about my guys who deserve to be out there They didn’t get the Medal of Honor, so you don’t know about them, but they died heroes and people should know about them I believe that number is a hundred and sixty is the sort of number of Confirmed it’s not sniper kills. Can you tell me what explain what it is to have a confirmed sniper kill all right? Well while you’re on your sniper rifle you take a shot and the guy goes down and you have to have witnesses verify that he is dead and Does it get recorded as part of the battle damage assessment or every time we’d come back we’d have to fill out an assessment of what happened throughout the day the time the place the Caliber used the distance he was what exactly he was doing where he was standing what he was wearing It’s all into detail so and there’s that somewhere we can’t get them out of an ad but somewhere There’s a hundred and sixty of those forms with your name on them Yes, ma’am, what goes through your mind when you’re shooting at a guy. Do you guys the first time of killing someone that? You’re not even sure you can do it I mean you think you can but you never know until you actually put in that position, then you do it, and then you Double thinking yourself like can I really do this, and am I going to be okay, and then you’re asking your leadership Am I cleared hot to be able to do this am I going to be in trouble. You know this guy is really bad And then you’re worried When you get home now the politicians gonna hang you out to dry and put you on trial for murder The first kill that you write about in the book you actually kill a woman, and she has in one hand The hand of her toddler and in the other hand she has a grenade Was that the hardest well that kills you how to do I had to do it to protect the marine so? Do you want to lose your own guys or would you rather take one of them out? Do you have two? sets of kind of Heads and that you have your I’m back in America head, and your I’m at war head Two different people you turn it on and turn it off you a little more aggressive when you’re at work And then when you come home You relax and try to be the different person and my wife always said that when I came home from work I’d take my cape off and float on the Dorcas I’d stubbed my toe or break my toe or something at home, but at work I was fine does your wife still have to say your name before she gets back into bed It’s not as bad, but that was even before I was in the military I’ve always been extremely jumpy when I’m asleep And the reason your wife has to say a name before she gets back into bed. I will come up swinging So depends on how tired if I’m out cold then You can ring doorbell, and I’ll be asleep. I have to ask this question, but are there any kills you regret No Not at all Because they you feel like it was either you killed them or they killed other Americans. Yes, ma’am You know you say in your book actually that most I think I’m quoting in most Americans Can’t handle the reality of war and the reports they they sent back the reports being journalists didn’t help us at all Which actually sounds a lot like Jack Nicholson in a few good men. Did you realize that you can’t handle but? Is that is that how you feel that just works just can see we should just you’re on Jack’s side in this one Yes Ma’am you do not think for the most part the public very soft You live in a dream world you have no idea. What goes on on the other side of the world that the harsh realities that? these people are doing to themselves and then to our guys and there are certain things that need to be done to take care of them now if people but if people did start out with the Impression before they had read your book that You were that a person who had killed? upwards of 150 other people was a violent person Maybe you’d be a blood thirsty person I I’m not sure that the book would free them of that feeling I really don’t care what they think of me I? Mean I’ve got my family. I’ve got my friends. I’m not trying to make new friends and the people who if you actually spend time with me you find out I’m just fun-loving guy No, I yes. I have been trying to be a little more aggressive if I need to be but I don’t go around Dumping people if you never got to kill another person again, would you be okay with it one time? I don’t have to kill to live, but you were good at it. I was decent at it What if killing people turns out to be the thing that you were better at than anything? I know that’s not true I’m a better husband and father than I was killer And I’ve got a job now. I’m pretty good at I’m pretty comfortable with not having to kill anyone now I don’t don’t take deer hunting away from me Chris Kyle thanks so much, thank you You

Reader Comments

  1. Chris did not kill because he was a blood thirty lunatic, he killed to save lives and serve his country professionally. This reporter is disgusting and the questions she asked him are down right disrespectful.

  2. That woman should be ashamed of herself… i know im late to the party with this but that disgusting…

  3. i have the utmost respect for this true American Patriot. The interviewer?no an ounce. very disrespectful questions. RIP Chris Kyle. 🇺🇸🙏

  4. Makes me so sad to think its been so long since his death. What a good ole Texas boy, just doing his job AND being a good father/husband. I love how humble yet well spoken he is. I really did not like the last few questions at all.

  5. Chris "I murdered American citizens from atop the Superdome during Katrina " Kyle. Oh yeah dont forget he also punched jessie Ventura in the face, oh wait no ! A United States Court , found that to be a lie….ooohhhhh, well, he did kill the Syrian sniper,! Remember from the ,movie, nope that was ,made up to, damn.

  6. Amazing how people treat our soldiers with such disrespect after they have fought and risked their lives for them. This interview was terrible, people should never ask anyone theses questions.

  7. Now that's a true hero, thank you Chris's for your service! Wish you were still here with us!! My best to the family you left behind!!

  8. This is sad….watching this in 2019 makes me cry…..god bless your soul Mr. Kyle. God bless your family and loved ones❤️

  9. I don't know why I am tears up listening to him. He is like any of us…yet the sacrifice he was putting out. I am so thankful he is on our side! May God bless his soul and all the people he once loved.

  10. I’m sorry but that is one nasty looking woman.seems like she could have at least brushed her hair and cleaned her glasses off for this interview

  11. When she said "but you're good at it" I wanted to fucken beat the shit out of her. Who says that, you kill if you have to not cause you're good at it

  12. I CRIED LIKE A BABY WHEN I SAW THE MOVIE ENDING!!! Poor guy. Bullshit that somebody had to get him over here. Makes me pissed. THANK YOU CHRIS FOR YOUR SERVICE. R.I.P

  13. I know An Australian Veteran From Papua New Guineas war in 2000s. And he is straight forward tells me killing stories.

  14. Interview lady: are there any regret?
    Chris: No.
    That is the quote of a Great American Hero

  15. Chris Kyle A liar. Just look into all the claims of him shooting people from off of top of the Superdome in the Louisiana. These were 100% made up stories by him, also in his book Jesse Ventura had to sue his wife because he was a Navy seal that could not stop lying. Chris Kyle was a fucking traitor. Propaganda for sure

  16. im here bc i just finished watching American Sniper. so sad that he was taken from us so early. Rest in Peace Chris Kyle.

  17. This lady is making him uncomfortable with certain questions. You can see him get a little anxiety to those questions. But he’s strong too he keeps a smile on his face too. This lady though she has no idea how to talk to a seasoned veteran.

  18. Time Magazine, go fk yourself and Take down this video. You’re a disgrace!! This is how you treat an American hero?

  19. To bad he lied in his book cant really take his record breaking kill tally for fact when it's only his count. Lying about the number of bronze stars he got. Jokes on him

  20. Didn't he talk so much shit that he got killed over it shhhhh I'm not insulting seals he is talking bout how many people he killed bullshit his not even crying omg

  21. I don't know why but he doesn't get my trust and I kind of don't like his attitude. There is something weird in the way he talks and acts. He seems also very influenced by politics.

  22. Thank you sir for all you did for us and your self. My you Rest In Peace In heaven and God Bless your family

  23. The public are very soft he says, to an interviewer who absolutely reeks of……the public being very soft.The gulf between these two is Grand Canyonesque.

    Before everyone thinks this lying pos sociopath is so great Y dont you watch this Joe Rogan nterview about what he done to Jesse Ventura. Lied about punching him and tarnished his reputation. He lied about shooting looters during Katrina and about attempted car jacking at a gas station. What kinda guy is so insecure with himself that he makes up stories about that. Lied about his medals too. Probably lied about number of sniper kills too. A true war hero doesn't glorify his job in the military either. Karma caught up to this jerk.

  25. This guys a proven liar. He lied on Jesse Ventura. He lied about shooting looters after Katrina. Carlos Hathcock is the real American sniper. Fucking sociopath

  26. This reporter is one Hell ugly old Lady she thinks She's Hot when she's NOT!!!, STOP those stupid Questions BITCH!!!!!

  27. That ozzie Osborn wanna be tried to bate him into getting upset I think he handled it well,the man was good soldier who did what his country asked

  28. 1:00 Belinda Luscombe is an asshole. She just moved straight on from what he just said like it meant nothing? As for later on in the interview does she not understand that he killed these people to protect assholes like her?

  29. So glad this asshat got his head blown off. Good riddance to you and now your bastard kids get to live life without their murderous father. 🙂

  30. Chris Kyle was a fraud. Hey lied in his book and it was proven in court. Real war heroes don’t need attention. Sorry he died but he had no credibility

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