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Chris Hadfield’s Space Kitchen

Chris Hadfield’s Space Kitchen

Let’s talk about space food. In the early days of space exploration, food was mostly squeezed out of tubes and brought up in dehydrated packets. But today we can have quite a variety of food. There’s all sorts of things that we normally consume on Earth that we have here in space. We just need some minor adaptations. In the case of sandwiches, we had to substitute for bread, so we decided to use tortillas. But why? Mostly it’s because bread of course makes crumbs. When you eat them on Earth, the crumbs fall down to the ground. But here, crumbs are just going to float away. On the other hand, the tortillas that we use are heat-treated and specially packaged in an oxygen-free environment to prevent mould from growing. They’re packed in packages like this. And thanks to that process, a tortilla like this can be good for 18 months. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to open up our tortilla, we’re going to get our peanut butter, squirt it onto the tortilla, get our honey, squirt that on there, and we will have a peanut butter and honey sandwich in space. Open up the tortilla, and voila. A weightless tortilla. OK, we got one tortilla. Whoa! It got away. Take my peanut butter, open it up. Hmm, can’t rip it. Fortunately,we have space scissors. They’re attached by a tether so they don’t go floating up. Take the scissors, cut open the peanut butter pouch. Peanut butter’s open. Squeeze it onto the tortilla – carefully. And now a little honey. Hey, I noticed something cool about the honey. Instead of the bubbles sitting up at the top, because there’s no gravity to make them float up, the bubble is floating in the middle. OK, all closed up, and the envelope of peanut butter and honey’s ready to eat. Hmm. Not too bad. Last piece of my sandwich. It’s been pretty delicious. But my hands are all sticky. Got to clean up. We don’t have a sink, we don’t have running water. You’ve got to watch yourself up some other way: disinfectant wipes. All cleaned up, niceand hygienic on the space station. This goes in the trash. Lunch is over. Delicious.

Reader Comments

  1. "Speed limit: 28000 Km/h"

    That doesn't sound safe at all. Don't you know that you only save a couple of minutes by going several Km/h faster, but you increase the risk of dying on impact greatly!

  2. Передавайте ему привет из России!
    И пожалуйста переведите его на великий и могучий русский!
    Нам (русским) тоже очень интересно!

  3. Absolutely amazing! I still can't get over that we have people IN SPACE!!!! Why isn't it on the news 24/7?

  4. How does Chris Hadfield shave while in space? Or is he only physically capable of growing a mustache?

  5. Not to say that's stupid or anything, but it's a real sign that they have to pay attention to. The ISS is closer to earth than you think, so they still have air molecules (albeit very little) up there. If the speed was exceeded, the ISS would start to rip, which would be a major problem for the astronauts up there.

  6. The colored monitors are Méxican Invention also. lol
    Google and Youtube's creators were thought on Stanford by a Mexican teacher.
    And the mousepad they might use, was invented by a Mexican 😀

  7. The colored monitors are Méxican Invention also. lol
    Google and Youtube's creators were thought on Stanford by a Mexican teacher.
    And the mousepad they might use, was invented by a Mexican 😀

    And burritos aren't Mexican. They are from the Texas frontier.

  8. See? This is how with ISS mankind makes new inventions! I'll have tortillas, peaunt butter and honey as new snack.

  9. Your videos are giving me lot of perspective on stuff for my sci-fi comics. I am curious about your guys waist disposal.

  10. I looked you up just to say how totally awesome your version of space oddity is! Wow! My husband and I have watched it like twenty times. You are one cool dude!

  11. Seems kinda wasteful/inefficient to package the tortillas and peanut butter that way. But then again, I'm not sure what would be a better method (when keeping in mind that the goal is to keep the food fresh, that is).

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