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Chinese Military Police Massing Near Hong Kong?

Chinese Military Police Massing Near Hong Kong?

Are these Chinese military police gathering
near Hong Kong? A new poll says more Americans See China as
a Threat. And the Communist Party declares war on Buddhist
statues. That and more on this week’s China Uncensored. This is China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. This week’s China news headlines! What you’re looking at is a satellite photo of China’s Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, filled with what appears to be more than 100 armored military vehicles. That sports center is only 10 miles from the border with Hong Kong. Some people fear the Chinese military is preparing
for an attack, to quell the protests that have erupted in
the city for the past two months. I, however, am just amazed those alleged armored
trucks are keeping off the grass. On Thursday, reporters witnessed China’s
paramilitary police force, the People’s Armed Police, doing drills in the stadium, and shot footage of police and their vehicles
outside. According to my favorite Chinese state-run
media, the Global Times, the military police were massing in Shenzhen “in advance of apparent large-scale exercises.” Oh I get it, that’s why they’re at the
stadium. It really was for large-scale exercises. Clearly nothing to do with Hong Kong. Even though one of the exercises involved
some police “wearing black t-shirts similar to those
worn by protesters in Hong Kong” While another group of police “practiced charging at them” with riot
shields. So does this mean that Chinese military police are minutes from marching into Hong Kong? Is it time to panic?! Not so fast. The Chinese Communist Party is keenly aware that the optics of sending in the People’s
Armed Police to crush a peaceful democracy movement in
Hong Kong, is not a good look. Especially during the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. But the Party also wants Hongkongers to worry
that they could send in the military police. So it’s time to stop protesting because
the Communist Party wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to
Hong Kong. That they might be forced to do. US officials have suggested removing Hong Kong’s special trade status if China intervenes in the protests. Which once again shows who’s really to blame for the Hong Kong protests. The United States. Yes, “Official state media pin the blame
for protests on the ‘black hand’ of foreign interference, namely from the United States.” Which really hurts President Trump’s feelings. China’s Foreign Ministry also accused Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell of inciting chaos in Hong Kong. Which is ridiculous. These two people could never work together
on anything. Other Chinese media published a photo of a US diplomat speaking with protesters, under the headline Foreign Forces Intervene. Those reports have gone from irresponsible
to dangerous, according to the US State Department. They accused the Chinese government of leaking personal information about that U.S. diplomat in Hong Kong, including the names of her children. But the disinformation doesn’t stop at blaming everything on the US and endangering children. No, they’re way more sophisticated than
that. After one young protester lost her eye to
a police bean bag, CCTV posted this photo, alleging it was the same girl, that she wasn’t actually injured, and that she’s being paid off. Of course, that’s not the same girl, but I guess CCTV has a hard time telling Chinese
people apart. Of course you can’t be sure of the intentions of all of the protesters. Especially after Hong Kong Free Press released
this video. Why are protesters beating and arresting other
protesters? It’s because they were actually Hong Kong
policemen. They’ve now admitted to “disguising”
themselves as protesters to go undercover. Of course, this is in no way part of Beijing’s
disinformation campaign to incite conflict and make protesters seem
violent. That’s ridiculous. “I can say that during the time when our police officers were disguised, firstly they would not provoke anything. Reporter: “People have seen them yesterday
provoking” “We won’t ask them to stir up trouble, and we won’t ask them to conduct illegal acts.” So you see? Any rumors you may have heard about communist spies dressing up as protesters
to start trouble are completely ridiculous. Why would they need to do that when they have the Hong Kong police to do it for them! But stories like that may be putting protesters
on edge. Which could be why protesters surrounded three
different men during a protest on Tuesday and accused them of being undercover police. Two of them had to be taken away by ambulance after being roughed up by the crowd. Even though this man claimed he was a tourist, protesters say he was acting suspiciously. Turns out, he’s a reporter for the Global
Times. And now a hero in the Mainland. Must be why the editor in chief of the Global
Times said Hong Kong protesters should be shot on
the spot. Obviously not the protesters who are your
undercover agents. The other ones. That incident happened at a recent five-day
protest inside the Hong Kong airport. The first three days were peaceful. The fourth day, the Hong Kong government cancelled all flights, thousands of them, leading to tensions between protesters and
travelers. On the fifth day, the government sent in police to break it
up. Flights have since resumed. Time to visit Hong Kong! It’s the Pearl of the Orient! And it seems like Hong Kong police are getting at least some of their strategies from major Hollywood blockbusters. This is police firing tear gas… in a subway… at very close range. That’s horrible. Now it probably smells almost as bad as the
New York subway. And China has rejected a US Navy request to dock ships in Hong Kong later this month and in September. Finally, the Communist Party is doing something to protect peace in the region! Meanwhile, in a show of support for Hong Kong, Taiwan is offering Hong Kongers who come to
Taiwan humanitarian aid. Which, it’s shocking to think of Hong Kong as a place where people now flee from to get
humanitarian aid. And of course, in response to the offer, the Chinese Communist Party told Taiwan to remove its black hands from Hong Kong. But I wouldn’t want you to think the only
China news this week comes from Hong Kong. According to US Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, Sam Brownback, the US may consider sanctions on Chinese tech
companies involved in the persecution of Uighur Muslims. “Regarding possible sanctions on high-tech
Chinese companies involved in the oppression Uighurs, Brownback said they are ‘never off the table’ and ‘always a possibility.’” So…we may be soon seeing the headline “Trump Administration Sanctions China for
Persecuting Muslims.” We are living in the strangest timeline. Meanwhile, Coach and Versace have hurt the feelings of the Chinese people. The Chinese internet exploded in rage at the
discovery of t-shirts suggesting Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan were separate from China. They should really take a lesson from Hermes. Let’s just say, they know how to navigate Chinese sensibilities with this one-of-a-kind and extremely patriotic
Birkin bag. And at the low low price of only 124 thousand
dollars! It’s such a steal. That’s not a joke. Birkin bags can go for up to $300,000 dollars. Maybe the fact that this bag is so cheap hurts the feelings of the Chinese people. You’d better be careful about playing video
games. Because that’s the latest target of one of China’s most prolific hacker groups. According to this report by cybersecurity
firm Fire Eye, The group, known as advanced persistent threat
41, or APT41, injected malicious code into legitimate files that were later distributed as video game
updates. The reason this is significant is because it means a state level operator normally engaged in espionage activities has taken to financial crime. It’s always good to diversify. But it’s not just the video game industry
APT41 is targeting. They’re hitting other industries like “Healthcare,” “Media,” “Pharmaceuticals,” “Education,” as well as “High-Tech” sectors. I just hope they don’t hit the “small team making videos about China on
YouTube” sector. And it’s really not too surprising that this new poll by the Pew Research Center shows Americans’ view of China is becoming increasingly negative. “60% of Americans have an unfavorable opinion
of China, up from 47% in 2018 and at the highest level since Pew Research
Center began asking the question.” China is also tied with Russia as the perceived greatest threat to America. Greatest threat? Apparently most American’s haven’t yet
heard of… pumpkin spice spam! And finally, the Chinese Communist Party seems
to have it out… for Buddha. Buddha statues across the country are being
demolished, according to Bitter Winter, a magazine on religious and human rights in
China. Some are being dismantled. Others demolished. Of course, the Communist Party is surely doing
this to protect the Chinese people from Buddhist
extremists who might terrorize China. Such as by blowing things up across the country. And that’s it for this week’s China news
headlines! And now it’s time for me to answer a question
from one of you— a fan who support China Uncensored with a dollar or more per episode, by contributing through Patreon. LT Straven asks, “do we know any other nations in the world who have shown any manner of support for Hong
Kong and have done so clearly/visibly?” I’d say so far the US and Taiwan have probably shown the most support for the
Hong Kong protesters. As I mentioned, Taiwan is offering aid to Hong Kongers who
come to the island, and there’s been mass demonstrations in
Taiwan showing solidarity with Hong Kong protesters. Many high ranking US politicians in the Trump Administration and Senate have also voiced their support. However, as of yet, there’s been no concrete
action taken. I mean, other than being the black hands secretly behind the entire protest movement. Sadly though, the UK government has been kind of quiet about the whole thing, which is disappointing since the UK has certain
moral— if not legal— obligations to its former colony. The UK made an agreement with the Chinese
Communist Party called the Sino-British Joint Declaration. It set up the one country two systems model and was supposed to guarantee Hong Kong’s freedom and independence. Two years ago that China made it clear they didn’t consider that deal to have any
meaning. And the British, being British, apologized and quietly walked away. Thanks for your question. And if you have a question for me you want to hear answered on the show, sign up to join the China Uncensored 50 cent
army, by supporting the show with a dollar or more
per episode. Again, YouTube is demonetizing us so much we would have to shut down the show if it weren’t for your support. And to everyone, thanks for watching! Once again I’m your host Chris Chappell. See you next time.

Reader Comments

  1. Am I guessing another "Tiananmen Massacre" in the works ??? We need foreign media pour in the streets of HK to cover what's happening.

  2. Thanks Chris no one covers China as good as you. Also you entertaining as well, I'm sharing you video! Keep it up!

  3. Don't worry army is just show off only. China won't want to see bloodshed on their coming National Day (1st October). If there is bloodshed will to happen it is a good chance for UK or USA to come in to blame China this the what the protesters told to make it happen. Then HongKongexit by election will happen to be a HK country itself. Love HK keep on protesting.

  4. Like Brownback is going to sanction Microsoft lol. They'll get waivers like Texaco, Halliburton and everyone else in the 1% class.

  5. Budda statues will annihilate the Chinese military. There is a vintage japanese movie that validates this….

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  7. China is going to shoot itself in the foot if it cracks down on Hong Kong protesters. Chiese Communist Party has to understand even though they own Hong Kong, still, HONG KONG IS NOT CHINA. You can't force a Zebra to be a Donkey.

  8. What do they expect China to do after those protests, FFS.
    Wake the Feck up people, you are NOT under U.K. anymore.
    One china means you all are Chinese under 🇨🇳. Deal with it.

  9. Emperor Xi for life disapproves of the treachery and lies about the great emperor and will harvest the organs of those responsible for this You Tube station.

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  11. The honorable police state of China needs to go into Hong Kong and stop the democracy protest. You cant have a democacy too close to a facist communist state. Same reason why north korea will not permit its citizens to mingle with south koreans. Cant let them see its actually better elsewhere. Applies to North Korea as equal as China.

  12. Chris, how can I find out in advance the next pro Hong Kong protest in NYC.i want to support THE hong kong people.

  13. Firstly 'Blessed is the peace maker' not the warmonger, secondly both sides are in error and need work a peaceful solution also if you want to talk invasion of other lands in asia remember what happens to godless nations and what happens to those that honor the true living God.

  14. Look up the word 'Treason' in the dictionary see how your own western leaders have been getting away with it for too long, is Treason no longer a law? is it not acted upon? do you willingly corrupt and destroy you own lands while lining your own pockets, you think it's not known or seen? Gods justice prevail Amen.

  15. I have an uncle and an auntie. One of them is a rightless non-citizen in Brunei and the other is an illegal immigrant in the UK. Both of them were persecuted for being believers in Christianity in Brunei. They think that the HK protestors are idiots despite this, which means they support an anti-religious government (I call them gangsters). They're a pair of hypocrites who I'll never speak to again (though I haven't really spoken to both of them in years, thank God). My point is, the HK protestors are going to have a tough time because they are porbably surrounded by hypocrites and worse kinds of people if I can already find plenty of them in Southeast Asia and so close to me (I haven't mentioned my mom). I'm seriously afraid for them. There's been a lot of storms in Hong Kong, but I sense a bigger one coming. If the Hong Kong protests fail, it'd be a tragedy for the world. As for me? I don't know what to say to the proliferation of hypocrisy surrounding me. Any advice?

  16. Did you know??

    China, US, or UK do anything to take over the Sout China Sea.
    Hongkong and the Phillipines are the key to winning "The War of the South China sea".

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    Fellow 50 cent compatriots, please help report these Chinese shouting "Free China" to pro-democratic supporters in Toronto, Canada. Even the police thought they were hilarious. You all bring shame to the motherland!

  23. well no shit i fcking called it that is what they did to the island in the phillippine now they r doing it agen if the people of Hong kong dont go to war with china then they will be taken over after hong Kong net will be taiwan and so on they might even go after singapore they will take over every area that have a strong chinese back ground.

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  25. HK needs to take this opportunity to vote on who will be HK handler. I personally will welcome HK to be one of the US states or territories. US Gov would better interact with HK Gov than Beijing. Beijing is a godless nation of dictatorship, HK is a god fearing democracy that has nothing in common with Beijing.

  26. I am very happy so many people focus on chinese issue and talk about it. China is a good country, people here are very friendly. But sometime it have some dictatorship.and violence,and new Nazi thoughts.and so many negative things. You know how this thing star happening ?it all because of one [email protected]带带大师兄,you guys call search him from Google.he even related to burn up notre dame de Paris !

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  29. Hi Chris, great show, being British I wish you would highlight more things about UK's Government lack of support for an Ex-British colony, maybe they should be sending in more black hand trouble makers. A final thought, any chance we can see more video's about the under cover cops pretending to be protestors and actually causing trouble so as to refute the BS that the China state media are saying !

  30. What's the population of Hong Kong is only 7 million people, the United States has at least 14 million illegal immigrants. So why don't we build a wall, remove 7 million illegal immigrants (of the low-skilled labor variety), and natralize 7 million Hong Kong persons legally. This is of course a joke, but only partially. I leave it to the reader to figure out which part. But think about it, what would you rather have: low-skilled labors or high-skilled laborers.

  31. The good ole' USA needs to drop some freedom on HK. I bet those protesters would really appreciate some care packages full of small arms.

  32. Thank you for the amazing content you've put out. If only more people watched your videos, less ignorant the world would be concerning what's going on with HK and China.

  33. You're right. Pumpkin Spice Spam IS the greatest threat to all of humanity. I wouldn't have even imagined it. But then, I don't have nightmares. : )

  34. The Hong Kong protests have nothing to do with "democracy" and "freedom", but the issue of the extradition bill, to which Hong Kongers are divided on. The extradition bill in theory is a phenomenal idea. If someone commits a crime in a foreign country, but makes it back to their home country, then the onus is on the home country to extradite this degenerate to the country that he/she violated. The fact that some people are protesting that alone, including some judeo-westerers, is truly despicable. But the issue is the slippery slope that the Chinese Communist party is implementing, which is that if the party feels threatened by a non violent and non subversive Hong Konger, then they get to force an extradition that will allow this innocent person to be tried on the mainland. But that's not even the main thing, as the main thing is that mainland China is getting pretty aggressive with Hong Kong, and is really pushing for political annexation. I understand why the Hong Kongers and the Macanese are a little worried, considering how poorly the Turks and Tibetans are being treated by the mainland.

    The reason why I am writing this is because I'm sick and tired of seeing people claim that the good people of Hong Kong and by that extension the world want American grade freedom. Newsflash from the wars in the middle east, and that of Americans in the nationalist movement, the majority of the world just doesn't want it. The majority of the world doesn't want to trade growing up in a happy family for growing up watching just T.V. The majority of the world doesn't want to trade it's local cuisines for McDonald's. The majority of the world doesn't wan't to be told that they are responsible for all the ills in the world, and that if they just became individualistic and pulled themselves up by their boot straps, then they may get a slither of a chance of success. It's not that the majority of people don't enjoy saying what they like, eating anything in moderation, being entertained, or working hard. It's just that people have their peculiarities and subjective ethical standards that matters to them, nationalism matters to all good people. If we want a superior world of greatness, honor, and eternal posterity, then we must respect of own nations and then all others as well. China needs to understand this (they are just about too), America really needs to understand this, and Israel especially needs to understand this. Follow and improve on the Japanese and ASEAN model if you need a guide. Hail to all my fellow nationalists out there, and to a better world. ^-^/

  35. Does anybody notice the similarity between the comissisioner of police Tang Ping Keung and Marvin Kaplan "Henry" of the 70s TV show Alice????? It's fucking spooky!!!

  36. Any true interviews here? I just see newspapers, screenshot. No any real interview..ur channel is just ur opinions.i guess

  37. The China communist party is fuming over the push back being the thug authoritarians they truly are.
    What happened to the LONG game they're supposed to be so greatly admired for? Winnie the Xi can't wait.

  38. Christian's enter Muslim countries at your own risk. Muslims enter communists countries at your own risk. Americans get the hell out of Hong Kong while you can.

  39. “Peaceful democracy movement”
    Apparently peaceful means attacking innocent civilians and bystanders who do not see eye to eye and having a “Red Fear” like mentality to people who aren’t part of the cause. And with many cases of attempted murder on police missing their targets just by inches and many protestors armed with makeshift armor and potentially lethal weapons, this movement has not been peaceful for a while

  40. Two Hong Kong police officers were caught red-handed when torturing a 62yo detainee arrested for assault on police (reported to be unrelated to the anti-ELAB movement) at the isolation ward of North District Hospital. The hospital sent the video footage as evidence to Legislative Councillor Lam Cheuk-ting. Lam released the video at a press conference today with the detainee's sons to show how their father was tortured for at least 20 minutes.

    Credit to: Lawmaker Mr. Lam, Democratic Party, 國際文宣組

    full eng subtitle vid below


  41. If you're a US Citizen and is planning to visit Hong Kong China and the rest of the country of China good luck Trying to leave China to come back home to the United States of America because China has placed EXIT BANS on EVERY US CITIZEN that currently in China so if you're a US CITIZEN YOU COULD BE STUCK IN CHINA FOR YEAR'S AND BE HELD THERE AGAINST YOU'RE OWN WILL…I currently have a family and friends in China that are US CITIZENS and they can't come back home because of the EXIT BANS CHINA HAS CURRENTLY PLACED ON EVERY US CITIZEN THATS CURRENTLY IN CHINA

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  45. Oh wait.. You mean the United States is making China Communist Party feel the pain..Just like China has been doing it too the United States in North Korea. Africa. Man made Islands. Warning Japan. South Korea. India etc…

  46. Wow, this is so crazy. What if a group of friends disgust as a cop and start shoot blanks at their friends that are disgusting as protesters and record it? Or if someone one disgusted as police and beat up the police disgusting as protesters? HK police department just opened pandora's box when they thought that was a good idea.

  47. Look HK has been corrupt since the Opium wars. It was always a den of thieves, smugglers and gangsters. No shit the rich and powerful as soon as the British government left, shook hands with the new government out of Beijing. Its special status was only left intact after 97 because it represented about 25% of China's GDP. Now its less then 2%. The reality is, and as sad as it is, Hong Kong will be in complete PRC control by 2047. What you think they would magically and radically change the system then? No as they said, they will gradually incorporate Hong Kong in to the Beijing sphere. The people are protesting something that the British where forced to agree to, after forcing China to agree to a 150 year rule.

  48. No worry. China troop won’t get thru border. Demonstration will last for a quite period but not too long. Hongkongese can’t afford the hurt brought to own life. HK economy will go down in the following at least 2 decades. Pollution of HK will decrease by losing some idiots moving to Taiwan and western countries. Wish they would find ideal “freedom” dreamed for.

  49. For international convergence, please share the following blog about french police violence since 17th of november 2018 :

  50. The Indian state also uses the same tactics. The effort is to brand the protestors as terrorists and deserving og death

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