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Chinese Luminox Homage for $6 – FULL REVIEW – I Review Crap!

Chinese Luminox Homage for $6 – FULL REVIEW – I Review Crap!

Hey everybody. Today we’re going to look at
the cheap six dollar Chinese watch from SOKI. First wristwatch check. Today i’m
wearing my Casio dress watch on a nice black gray and orange nato strap. At any
rate let’s open this thing up. So yeah, six bucks doesn’t get you anything
in the way of packaging or instructions but it’s not like you really need it
anyway. These type of watches are all over ebay selling for under ten bucks
that include shipping all the way from China from various different
distributors. As you can see it’s a Chinese quartz watch and is basically a
homage to a Luminox watch. In fact I’d almost In fact, I’d almost say it’s a near exact copy except for
the SOKI logo. Now when i shot this video i had not yet set the time on the
watch so you can imagine my surprise when I was about to check it out and
notice that was already set to the right time at first i thought wow they set the
watch for me how nice but that really didn’t make any sense then it dawned on
me… I’m betting that part of their quality control the factory is to set
the watches to the current time and wait for an hour to and remove all the ones
that failed to keep a reasonable time now parts of China are exactly 12 hours
different from the east coast us which explains why the watch looks like it was
set for me. Anyhow I just found it interesting at any rate from a distance the watch
looks great however up close and in your hand you can tell where costs were
cut. The case is not made from black PVD covered steel but it’s just a matte black
plastic. Not necessarily a deal breaker as it still seems sturdy enough. Although
it’s not made from real leather I like the double buckle strap as it
looks nice and is one of the few leather straps that is big enough to fit my huge
wrists the cases 41 millimeters wide or forty three millimeters including the
crown 48 millimeters lug to lug and can take a 22 millimeter watchstrap. The
watch comes in a variety of additional colors depending on your tastes so yeah
at any rate for six bucks shipped to me from directly from China gotta give this
watch a thumbs up anyhow please like comment subscribe and thanks for

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  1. Just got this soki in from ebay for $3.5. Crown(which is not black but sliver) fell off right away pulling out to adjust time. Popped off the caseback & found a chinese quartz. It is a fake soki. Yes even a $6 watch has a fake.

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