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Chinese Admiral Discovers Weak Point of US Military | China Uncensored

Chinese Admiral Discovers Weak Point of US Military | China Uncensored

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of US Military Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I m your host, Chris Chappell. The US military
pivot to the Asia Pacific region is undone. Stability in the region will deteriorate and
North Korea will rain nuclear fire up on all. And it s all because of the plucky wit of
one intrepid Chinese Admiral. The US is about to deploy the new Zumwalt-class destroyer
in the Pacific, a three and a half billion dollar, 15,000 ton vessel of death equipped
with the latest stealth technology and high powered electromagnetic rail guns. But much
like Superman has his kryptonite, the Zumwalt has a weakness its designers never could have
imagined. Chinese fisherman. That s right, according to Admiral Zhang Zhaozhong, the
chief weapons specialist and strategist for the Chinese navy, all he has to do is send
out fishing boats, wobbly in the water, inching toward the Zumwalt, place the explosives onto
its hulls [and] blow many holes in the hull. It will be finished then. The Zumwalt is no
good! But, but what about submarines?! I mean, those are underwater! Looks like the US is
one step ahead of you Admiral Zhang. Not to fast. Zhang has a plan for that too. You see,
seaweed is the one challenge the US never imagined a submarine in the ocean would ever
encounter. The Yellow Sea is too shallow. So as Zhang, again the chief weapons specialist
in China, says, they can lay out ropes of seaweed that will get caught in the propellers.
Then they won t be able to move. I wonder what he ll suggest to stop fighter jets. Admiral
Zhang has become known for his admirable, but often wrong optimistic predictions. In
2003 he said the US would never attack Saddam Hussein. The next day they did. He said Libyan
rebels would never find Moammar Gadhafi s hiding place, just a few hours before they
found and killed him. When North Korea was preparing to launch a rocket last year, he
said they had an 80% chance of success. It exploded moments after launch. Man, I m glad
I don t live in a country that makes ridiculous military predictions that are instantly disproven.
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Reader Comments

  1. "Mission Accomplished" all depends on the mission. If the mission was to keep the US embroiled in Middle Eastern wars indefinitely, it was spot on. Not even Mr. "I wouldn't have invaded Iraq" Obama can resist it.

  2. Naval have CWIS for that exact purpose. Any fishing boat will get shredded with 20mm before it even comes close.

  3. actually, he made the most accurate predictions. think about it, every time he makes a prediction, the opposite is always true,

  4. I'm not surprised by how bullshit this show is but how many people who believe the bullshit. Ignorance is bliss.

  5. I admit that freedom is very important, but we should be serious. In addition, Mr. Zhang is just a bit of a humorous military commentator, what you say is his metaphor, his nonsense.Do you really think the Chinese army is so ridiculous? Don't forget in the North Korean u s soldiersis how to die and cry also ur Macarthur。

  6. China's aircraft carrier couldn't even land their fighter planes safely. They may have to resort to kamakazi type of attack when come to war in the South China Sea.This is their weakest point !

  7. Zumwalt doesn't have Railguns (only the last ship in the line may have it) though it is designed to accept them when they are ready

  8. weak point, bull shit there is no weak point it's about destroying the whole planet do you have the kohones to do it we will prevail ….. free Tibet

  9. 看了评论我感到战忽局的工作真是太成功了。民宣部就知道破坏局座辛苦经营的成果

  10. Actually, submarines do get lots of troubles with thing like fish net, sticking in its Propeller. Some submarine had to come up and become captives because of this kind of problem


  12. This man is no Chinese military commander, I don't know what his work is exactly is ,he is only doing a TV program which is called Strategic Bullshit Office by our people. He is also doing advertisement for company running wargaming products in China by playing World of Battleship on social media live, he is also playing a Japanese game of fucking little girls with names of battleships of Japanese naval forces in world war 2.

  13. Oh yes… no one can beat the US Forces… cause every unit cost billions of dollars….

    but wait? what if on one of your billion-dollars-superunits come 10 cheap but quite effective common weapon-systems? Yeah exactly the US lose billions of dollars for nothing.

    Mass beats quality ! We germans know that… trust me

  14. 我简单地查看了一下评论区,发现局座的战略忽悠还真有用!感谢局座在行将退休之时为我朝国防事业作出的贡献!/English Translation : I found that most of the comments on this Admiral are exact. He is not just naïve, but also stupid.

  15. 局座233前几天还看了他的直播挺有意思的
    Yes China is week , our generals all suck , USA is strong strong

  16. the american people have entirely no sense of humor at all did you see him laugh while saying that joke?. we like general zhang because he always tells jokes. he is now one of the biggest stars on the internet in china.

  17. The weakest point of the U.S. military is it's unwillingness to wage total war on those who attack us & the ambitions of those in power distorting the truth to the people to further there agendas.

  18. Dude he is more a comedian now, he's not any official for many years now, a lot of funny things he say is just to gain humor and attention

  19. The U.S. can make china glow in the dark for the next thousand years.( as stupid as the ccp is, they have to know that.)

  20. Zhang is an expert in weapons, but not strategies. He does a great job in estimating (and cursing) foreign weapons, but just opposite in stategic prediction.

  21. interesting how he could accurately predict the opposite of everything that happened. Dont u think he could be hinting that he ''knows'' every move?

  22. hah they used the oblivion score for their propaganda video, what's next horse armor on their internment camps.

  23. ….OMG, it's only a TV show with entertainment, Mr.Zhang is very famous in China for his words, most were humours, it's very funny to see Chris to talk about him so seriously

  24. So basically, give the U.S. military zero reason to even try to distinguish between Chinese civilian and military targets at sea. Awesome.

  25. Chris, you are making better prediction than any Chinese admiral.
    I hope you don't blame Chnia when Zumalt frequent broke down and having numerous quality and desigb issues.

  26. Funny thing is there were few imperial Japanese admirals existed saying that kind of ridiculous strategic proposes. In the end, Japan lost war.

  27. US citizens are so convinced that the US military is some unbeatable force (convinced mainly by looking at Hollywood movies and propaganda). You can see some propaganda in other countries, yet you guys are blind to your own propaganda. The US military isn't anywhere near as strong as most naive American citizens have been brainwashed to think it is. You guys lost the war with Vietnam, you lost the war with Korea twice. You even struggled and basically lost in Afghanistan.
    Japan took over Korea and large parts of China very quickly, but the US military is so weak that even after a war torn Japan retreated and pulled out of Korea and all went home, the US military which had joined WW2 late in the game still couldn't take over just Korea as a country, only managed to take half of it and eventually gave up and stuck with the southern half (this is when Korea split into two countries, the southern half being the half which America managed to capture). Then comes the Korean war later one, the US fail yet again to take over the north. After this loss the US desperately tries to take over Vietnam, but fails there also.
    The US military hasn't ever done anything impressive, the most impressive thing the US military did was play a large roll in Japan surrendering. But in objective history this wasn't the US military that did all of that, Japan was already at war with many countries for years before the US even joined the war and it was Russia which really pushed the Japanese forces to retreat out of Manchuria and Korea which lead to Japan's defeat. The US itself couldn't beat a fresh Japan that didn't have to fight other countries, since the US couldn't even beat Korea. lol

    The US may be number 1 in the world for making propaganda though, US citizens are the most brainwashed people in the world. They actually believe that their country invented the automobile and electricity, lol.

  28. Do you know how many times the submarines got trapped in the iron nets the fisherman plotted for growing seaweed…..?

  29. I just rediscovered this channel after two years his voice has changed too much for my (very subjective) opinions its like he breathed in helium.

  30. Showing the "Bush Mission Accomplished" right after pointing out the Iraq prediction that was proven wrong the next day is very funny.

  31. Funny, 10 years earlier, David Hagberg in his book By Dawn's Early Light has the Chinese believing that their natural defense against the Seawolf was the shallow water of the Yeller Sea. None-the-less the commies fear the Seawolf. Seaweed won't phase Seawolves – the first class of American submarine to utilize pump-jet propulsors over propellers, a feature that has carried over to the newest Virginia class. As a result, a Seawolf is capable of eighteen knots on the surface, a maximum speed of 35 knots underwater, and a silent running speed of about 20 knots (10 times quieter than the La-La Land class). Can dive shallow and up to 3,000 feet below with 2 inch HY-100 steel, baby! It has stores for a combination of up to 50 – that's 5 0 suckahs punk motha fuckahs – Mark 48 heavyweight torpedoes, Sub-Harpoon antiship missiles, and Tomahawk missiles. Alternatively, it can substitute some of this ordnance for mines. So don't buck with this gorilla.

  32. Hk, I am Chris Chapple. I want to see people in China suffer, so send me money so westerners can enjoy seeing them suffering.

  33. It’s like saying I’m going to beat that guy in a fight by letting him punch me in my forehead, he for sure will get his hand hurt!

  34. WTF..!!!..that admiral should be given HONOR for his great and brilliant Ideas..!!! disHONORable Discharge…hahahahaha…how stupid and idiots are there people in command..LOLS..!!!!!

  35. Mr. Zhang is a true patriot of China. He consistently focus on introducing younger generations into military information and even accepts the "position" of the "chair of the Strategic Foo-You department" that some young people gave. He certainly made tons of wrong conceptions regarding, say, Iraq war, but the lack of understanding of the new warfare and the extreme overestimation of the intent for Iraqis to fight. And regarding the "fog against Ray" and "seaweed to hold submarines", they are both legit in the context he is talking about. His closeness to the masses (he even regularly ride metro) and his knowledge has actually made him one of the most important military strategists of China; putting him as "comedian" will leave every general elsewhere as "untouchables".

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