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China rebuffs Trump’s tweet suggesting personal meeting with Xi over Hong Kong

China rebuffs Trump’s tweet suggesting personal meeting with Xi over Hong Kong

as the pro-democracy movement in Hong
Kong continues to pick up a head of steam
day by day seems China has warned the United States not to interfere in
situation for more on this and other news from around the world let’s turn to
our kim dummy so tell me tell us more mark China officially turned on US
president Donald Trump’s tweet that he hopes a Beijing would humanely COBIT
protesters in Hong Kong this came from heartening the Chinese a foreign
ministers spokesperson on Thursday she said Hong Kong affairs are entirely
China’s internal affairs the spokesperson noted Trump’s a
previous comments the Hong Kong is a part of China and that they’ll have to
deal with that themselves emphasizing they don’t need advice she added China
hopes the US side will keep its word earlier on Wednesday Trump proposed a
Chinese President Xi Jinping to have a face-to-face meeting with Hong Kong
protesters to help resolve the crisis he said he has no he has a zero doubt that
if a president she wants to quickly and humanely solved the Hong Kong problem he
can do it suggesting a personal meeting

Reader Comments

  1. Trump, you have better things to do than poking your fxxking nose into Hongkong's issue. Go to solve your mass shootings problem first. President Xi is a great leader and he already has plan to resolve the present situation. He doesn't need your advice.

  2. Trump is dying to get a deal as he gets pressure for his delay on getting one 😂
    Now he tries the blackmailing method 🤭 Not with China you dump trump it doesn't work that way

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