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Cheap Winter Clothes But Good

Cheap Winter Clothes But Good

Hey guys. So today I will make a short video showing
you clothing you need for the winter. Obviously not this. So I’ll put it on, I’ll put them on and show
you guys. I’ll be back. So the first is this. This is like a sweater, but it has like a
turtle neck. And it’s very comfy. Yeah, so this is the first. The second is a rain jacket. And it’s very, like you can hear the sound. So it doesn’t get wet. And it also has a hood which you can go like… You can also put your hands here. I’ll show you. Here, you see? Okay. The third is this flannel but it’s not a flannel
shirt, it’s a flannel sweater. So it’s thicker than a shirt. And you can button it. You know how to button a shirt, sweater in
this case. And it’s very warm. Like it’s very, feels warm. You don’t have to do the top button. And yeah it’s very nice, very soft. And then you can put one of these fancy hats
also. So you’re even warmer. Okay, I’ll show you the last outfit. The last outfit is this enormous coat. And again, you button it. This time I’ll button the top just because
it’s not a shirt, it’s not a sweater. And look it has a hood. And I can even do this. And ready to go. So yeah guys! I hope you are warm this winter, and that
you liked the video.

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