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Chapter 1033 program provides excess military equipment to law enforcement

Chapter 1033 program provides excess military equipment to law enforcement

Herry surplus program has been supplying law enforcement with tools to protect officers and the public at virtually no cost to the taxpayers departments can get equipment the military no longer needs local farm Steve dent has looked into how much of this equipment has made its way to law enforcement agencies right here in Northeast Wisconsin Steve Oh Tom and Erin it's called the chapter 1033 program and it dates back to 1997 here in Wisconsin the most common items police have are the standard military rifles agency statewide have obtained two thousand rifles worth nearly a million dollars but this program allows departments to receive much more than just guns night-vision goggles bomb-proof trucks a rescue raft all part of the federal 1033 program all of which you can find at local law enforcement agencies the 1033 program has been essential for us to get gear that ordinarily we wouldn't be able to afford through just the ordinary budget process the big-ticket item in the program is the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle or MRAP you know I've always described it as a great thing bulletproof vest on wheels Appleton police Neenah PD door in Brown County sheriff's departments all have an MRAP that had a price tag of seven hundred and thirty three thousand dollars brand new for less than ten thousand dollars the sheriff's office was able to obtain an MRAP that hopefully we never have to use but if we do it's something that's critical to protect lives Brown County Chief Deputy Todd d'Alene says items like these are an investment in security for a community especially one like ours at Lambeau Field obviously if there's a situation where we were worried about explosive devices or stuff like that certainly we could have our bomb technicians get close to it deploy our bomb robots to determine whether or not it is a threat and while we're doing that we can further protect our bomb technicians in the MRAP which is specifically designed to withstand an improvised explosive device in Kewanee County the Sheriff's Department can see in the dark because of the 1033 program we got night-vision devices that we utilize we outfitted patrol and investigations with them also our SWAT team we have certainly used them on search and rescues completely dark we've used them to catch people who are up to mischief in parks at night those 24 night-vision goggles are worth more than 160,000 dollars the Green Bay Police Department dive team has taken advantage of the 1033 program with rope this truck and also a zodiac raft worth $25,000 and specifically we utilize it in the East River here in Green Bay because our larger ships their boats cannot make it this far because of getting under the bridges so this is ideal where it fits under all the bridges we can trail it right to the dive site and carry it right to the river they've also acquired for underwater scooters worth 5,000 a piece the underwater dive scooters were great pickup because they allow us to search greater areas of the river and lakes and not exhaust the diver the images from Ferguson Missouri response to protests have had an impact but according to Nina Police Chief Kevin Wilkinson it's not how you may expect we don't want the police to become you know the next national military and I've been in this game now for 33 years and from my perspective we've become less militarized it's more an issue of appearance what does it look like what does the police look like especially if they're in Swat gear or they're in here area police will continue to use the 1033 program but say they must balance getting necessary equipment and not having the police look like an army almost every law enforcement agency in Northeast Wisconsin has got equipment through the 1033 program but one county has chosen to go in another direction and that's the story that's on our web site as we are Green Bay comm interesting Steve what agency has the most of this excess military stuff if we can call it that well the surgeon Bay Police Department is really good they've got radios laptops televisions telescopes medical equipment lifejackets and even ladders surgeon very hazardous

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  1. We have the same thing going on in a in the state of Delaware in Dewey Beach, a town with 390 residents but 2500 items, You can’t make this stuff up:

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