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that is onions garlic mushrooms and broccoli and that's gonna be good just you know what's at 400 probably a little bit too hot and that's what's going on next but the scene a cooking show there's a gun show and so let's get to the guns there's not going to be a lot of talking in this video because this fabric national FN is really high power I'll let the footage do the talking anyway let's get to it this is the Israeli FN bad-boy Beason is done a great job Sarah coding this thing looking forward to shooting it okay so this will be a deliberate standing ten meters [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I'm pretty happy with that Mac safety let's go look the target ten Rowan's ten meters back a bit of a flyer there but that's essentially nine rounds inside of a inch and three quarters that's a an inch and three quarters pretty happy with that it's gonna drift the front sight just over to the left to touch and ready to rock and roll Israeli FN thought step by bad Barbies in age nor was it I'll put the name of the company in the description below as he buy from them with confidence had to do nothing to this thing haven't changed his sights at all as I got it from him have a good one folks pretty much guaranteed that I'm going to

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  1. This is a rifle I’ve wanted to get behind myself. Unfortunately too cost prohibitive for me. I’m pretty unsatisfied with the YouTube videos on this rifle. Not much substance behind them in my opinion. Plus acquiring magazines or spare parts is mission impossible.

  2. Hey there chair, this is off topic but I have a tan famae sg 542-1 I was wondering if you knew anything else about them aside from what ERE has posted on their website?

  3. The sexiest Hi Power I have ever seen is to have the slide and frame both colored black and the grips to be a silver aluminum to match the barrel.

  4. and when you have a chance, a used west german or non rail folded slide might be a thought for you, yes, they are That accurate, and of course I have one!.

  5. I was issued one (the Canadian version) for a short while… loved it had to qualify yearly … great piece even though they were worn out.. Still think the CAF should just purchase new ones ..

  6. I always wanted a BHP… until I put a mag through one. My hands are far too meaty in the web. Hell, I get bit by my 1911 every now and again.

  7. Not much for the two tone myself, but to each his own. The grips look good. I put finger groove Hogues on my .40, dispensed with the mag safety,and did some trigger work. Left the 1944 Inglis just as it came off the line, of course.

  8. I've wanted to try the HP for so long but they are hard to find at rental shooting ranges…normally I would just buy one (either one of these or a Canadian made one) but I have so many 9's as it is. Anyway this video is testing my restraint! Lol

  9. You really can not go wrong with a High Power, only thing that would make it better is if it were a Canadian made one!

  10. I had a cz-75 police trade in cerakoted last year finish on it was crap but internals were perfect .my gunsmith /cerakote guy was very impressed with the trigger .I probably could have bought a new one for the same money but it wouldn't be the same to me.

  11. Cool pistol ! I was wondering if this pistol had the 'Hi-Power Bite' when i saw the hammer pressed into the web of your hand. The original hammer spurs were rounded on the end with a small hole ,and they were notorious for biting the shooters hand. Many gunsmiths would dremel off the rounded portion ,and end up with a hammer spur like on this pistol.

  12. Sweet look to the all-times classic! I did a similar nice color scheme to one of my pistols at home, using A-series Cerakote just recently.
    On the other note: I bet you know there's a huge gun show in Kamloops this coming weekend?

  13. Some people avoid the taint of Canik because of Turkish manufacture.
    I avoid the taint of an artificially created ethnic/theocratic state.
    I once had a Canadian/Chinese hipower with tangent sights and a grooved backstrap for a shoulder stock.

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