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CBD In The Military Legal?!

CBD In The Military Legal?!

I know what's going on guys so this video to begin with I want to go and start out and say thank you to my mom because she's always sending care packages and then she sent this one because I asked her if she cause here on the island a lot of stuff that we see on Instagram social media so they have in the States we don't actually get here on the island or if we do get it it's usually like super super late so if you guys have any thinking about the sour patch kids cereal she sent me a bunch of sour patch kids here and luckily we did have it here on the island because it's only at Walmart so when I got it pretty quick additionally here like this is mostly the Valentine's Day stuff so Valentine's Day candy the in some sour patch kids this let's kill this and we will talk about the main topic of this video seeing it on social media so much is CVD so a lot of people asked CBD is it legal does military test for CBD things like that well with CBD with CBD it is pretty much a product or a substance that is in marijuana so the thing about CBD and marijuana the CBD does not have or what they are marketing that CBD does not have THC so TC is the mental altering effect or mental altering ingredient that's usually in the cannabis plant so supposedly that's taken out of CBD drugs so that is what CVD is very quickly CBD usually comes or it started in like oils or started in the part of the oil is now the CBD gum CBD chocolate CBD drinks honey lip balm like pretty much anything you can think of that you could ingest or put on topically in their CBD ingredient that has been made with it and so very very easily to get your hands on you go into most of the supplement stores now they have CBD pretty much everything so the two studies or the two the two resources that I got my information from is medical news today comm and then I also got it from operational supplement safety so operational supplement safety is a website that is that is used and updated by the DoD on things and substances and ingredients that service members or DoD employees can take and can't take and what is actually tested so as I did videos long before talking about substances or supplements you could use in the military operational supplement safety I'll put the link down below you can check out the website I have used a lot bounces off of different supplements that I've looked into taking things like that but it's really good because last thing you want to be taking ingredientes a harmful to you or ingredient that can get you kicked out of the military so operational supplement safety if you have any questions on any supplements instead of asking everybody just go to that link go to that website and check it out for yourself so to start with CBD so we're going to go from the medical news today in 2018 June 2018 so just last year FDA approved the prescription use of CBD oil or purified form or C the CVB oil and for treating two types of epilepsy so I have like some key points I've already read it right over some key points that I want to go over I have highlighted some of the risks there's still lack of available long term safety data so there hasn't been a long research process that's came with CBD so that's the reason why a lot of the risk factors are kind of up in the air but they have not performed any Studies on children most of these studies they they formed a lot of the studies on mice I think that's what they said I think that's what one of these has most of the research was done with mice and rats so yeah just keep that in mind so right here CVD is different unlike THC it has no psychoactive which means that TV does not change a person's state of mind in which they use it the Journal of experimental medicine found that CBD significantly reduced chronic inflammation and pain in some mice and rats so how they found out that the mice and rats had pain I don't know and how they found out that it reduced some of the inflammation and pain in those rats is a good question so same Medical News Today article people tend to use prescription over-the-counter drugs to relieve stiff and pain or stiffness and pain including chronic pain some people believe that CBD offers a more natural alternative to relieve in some chronic pain also some benefits or what are known as or considered as benefits that CBD oils are used for chronic pain epilepsy Parkinson's ease Huntington's disease sleep disorders in glaucoma and post-traumatic stress disorder a general anxiety and disorder panic disorder social anxiety disorder an obsessive-compulsive disorder again I'm not really stating yes T yes CBD is amazing no see buddy's not amazing I'm just giving you some of the information because a lot of people don't want to look it up for yourself so I decided look it up for you make a video about it give you the highlighted information instead of reading over pages of stuff so main thing main question main answer that people come up with can use CBD in the military and is it legal so on operational supplement safety I believe it's the second page yep so it is page two right there is CBD legal can I use it in the military on the first first part of this section CBD is prohibited for use by by service members meaning no you cannot use it legally you cannot use it if you are in the military it appears that some CVD oils and products as well as other vapes vapor oils liquid products may contain synthetic marijuana fake weed or spice so not saying that CBD is not what it says is supposed to be well that it is what it says it's supposed to be but what my take is the reason why they say no right off the bat prohibited for any service member is because pretty much CBD can be sold almost anywhere that self image have been sold they started in like some some convenience stores so once it becomes legalized as in everywhere it can sell it there's gonna be a lot of pretty shows gonna be a lot of hits when it comes to saying that there is CBD or advertising CBD and now people are coming back with THC in their system so plus a lot of places that you would probably come in contact with the CBD product probably is not the best place that a certain number should be but yeah there's your answer so CVD is prohibited for use by service members and this was updated January 18th of 2019 so like I said go to operational supplement safety comm read the article yourself if you have any questions you need this right here should answer it for you it is the black and white on CVD as of right now will this change possibly but as of right now it is illegal for any service member to use CBD no matter the toils gummies chocolates drinks does not matter so yeah anyways that's gonna be the video also want to throw out that new venture apparel is going to be coming out with some new shirts I printed these shirts here on-island also has the island chain on the side I'm going to link the Instagram page if you guys like to check it out also the website would be down in the description box I still have some of the hungry dough and the games don't put those two pictures here if you guys interested in that and I came out with the ladies shorts venture pair of shorts come out with a broken E and a black so make sure you're checking out the venture apparel page on Instagram I have not dropped these yet when I do drop them I do plan on doing a giveaway so make sure you are standing by for that so yeah I know it's been like a little bit since I made on the video but hope you guys enjoy this one definitely plan on making more let me know your thoughts on CVD if you have tried it down in the comment section and if you think that the military will eventually allow it or if they won't allow it so make sure you give this video a thumbs up make sure you subscribe now catch you guys

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  1. Thanks fam. This is very helpful.
    P.s. I leave for Navy bootcamp on 10/29 and I have also signed a contract to be a HM Corpsman as well. Thanks for all the constructive content.

  2. Hey man, be weary. Im an Ex-Navy and currently working on a border patrol career. I use Cbd for pain and epilepsy (thanks VA) anyways, I just took 100mg of lazarus naturals full spectrum 1500mg and yep. Im stoned lol believe me i know the difference. Good luck in your career

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