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Personally for school, I think it’s best to keep your outfits simple since you’re gonna be sitting most of the time and it’s just more comfy when there’s less going on, but by simple I just mean fewer pieces and not necessarily plain unless you want that look so you can still play around with the style and design of the clothing for this first outfit I went with the classic sweater and skirt combo which is a perfect go-to as the weather starts to cool down and transition from summer to fall you can also wear tights with this and that gives you another option to add more style because as you know, there are a lot to choose from and what I love about this outfit is that it’s easy to put together but each of these pieces has its own unique design and detailing which helps to elevate the overall look without you having to add anything more to it Now, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t throw in an all-black look and it’s unintentional but somehow it just always happens to end up that way also, you don’t really have to think or try when wearing black because more often than not it’s going to give you an effortless clean look so for the second outfit, I wanted to put the main focus on these black jeans that have a celestial pattern printed on them which is why I kept the rest of the outfit in the same color family these pants are a fun way to add something different in your wardrobe while still keeping it subtle and adding over a leather jacket ties the look together but, I think for an outfit like this you can pretty much wear anything on top or just wear it on its own This third look is super casual and comfortable so it’s the perfect outfit on days you don’t feel like trying or if you’re running late and can’t be bothered to come up with anything to wear but still be cute and put together It’s a cozy look and you can build on it with additional layers or accessories so, I love outfits like these and the color palette of this gives me beginning of fall vibes which is making me excited because I’m kind of over the heat and getting a million mosquito bites but yeah, I also think adding a hat like a beanie or beret would be a great addition for those autumnal vibes Outfit four is probably one of my favorite looks because it’s really chill but with a blazer, it gives a hint of sophistication so, even though baggy jeans have a more relaxed feel to them I think that the blazer helps to even it out which makes this outfit wearable for a lot of occasions whether you want to look dress up or down I’m really loving loose wide leg jeans and pants at the moment because you can wear them with so many different styles and honestly, they’re just really comfortable so if you guys are over or want a break and variety from tight or skinny jeans, I recommend trying this style I personally prefer wearing a more chunky shoe or one that has a platform with them because it balances out the bagginess of them and it especially helps if you’re worried about it looking like a potato sack because, same The next outfit features this black hoodie that I’m loving and it has a red dragon embroidery running down on both sleeves It reminds me of Mushu and makes me feel in tune with my girl Mulan so, I’m here for it The hoodie itself is long enough to wear on its own so I just added some biker shorts underneath and a belt for some shape I probably will also wear this with leather or patent leggings when the weather gets colder I also wanted to keep the clothing the same color and break it up in the shoes so I wore black denim jacket and then white boots to complete this look I like this type of outfit because you can really wear any shoe with it and it’ll still match so, hoodies are a must-have for school and pretty much, everyday A t-shirt dress really is the most comfortable and easiest outfit you can ever wear because there’s nothing more to it and you can get really inexpensive t-shirts slightly oversized and wear it as a dress so it doesn’t actually have to be labeled as one to be one Since t-shirts are so simple, you can really add anything you want over it If you’re trying to avoid it looking like you’re not wearing pants because just wearing a t-shirt can look like that then, try to find ones that are long enough to pass or reach the end of your hand but most likely, you’d wear some form of shorts or tights under so I don’t think that’s an issue Outfit 7 is an easy go to look and you can’t go wrong with an outfit like this because it’s cute, comfortable, and created with basics This is something you can wear often without looking like you’re repeating an outfit and you can change the style by simply switching your outerwear and shoes I really like that these vans are slip ons so without laces makes it one less thing to have to care about when you’re on the go Simple and comfy outfits are always one of my favorites and something I gravitate a lot towards This style is ideal if you don’t want to look like you’re trying but still do slightly care about your outfit Look 8 the ultimate lazy and comfy outfit and if you don’t want to put too much effort into your look, this one is for you On days when you stayed up all night trying to finish an assignment or study but still need to show up to class early in the morning, this is a good outfit to wear There’s not much to it but it looks like you kind of did it on purpose instead of actually not having anything to wear or time to put together an outfit each of these pieces, I think, are essential for school and I don’t know why but there’s just something about those effortless, looks like you don’t care outfits that I find attractive to wear But of course, please keep your clothing clean and don’t actually not care because hygiene is important above all For outfit 9, this is I think, a look for when you just want to feel cute…that’s really all and something about a pair of high-waisted shorts and thigh high boots make me feel that way you know, sometimes you just need some motivation to actually go to class and I think feeling good about yourself does help with that I also do want to say that any outfit you personally like is cute So don’t think too much about what other people might feel about it and just wear what you like because you’re the one who’s gonna be wearing it and not them so other people’s opinions really don’t matter I hope that you can get some ideas from this video but still, just wearing what you like and feel comfortable in will always be the best and moving on to the final outfit of this video, I wore striped button-up shirt with a turtleneck underneath I think this combo is a really simple and classy look and turtlenecks are an easy way to add more layering to your outfits especially if you get ones in different colors and prints this denim skirt actually has shorts underneath but I like that it still looks like a skirt and not like those skorts that look like a skirt in the front but then in the back you can see they’re just shorts also, if you feel like mini skirts are too short then, I would look into skorts or ones that have shorts built into it because that way if you’re not graceful, it really saves you and of course you can add shorts yourself but, it’s a nice little bonus when they come sewn in with them So, those are all the back-to-school outfits that I’m going to be including in this video, I hope that you guys enjoyed it Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video!

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  1. Yeeesss!!! Another video!! I love your videos so much! I get to hope that I will get that same clothes as you :3.

  2. love your outfit videos so much!! you have such a stylish but simple and comfy style. I need the two denim jackets immediately, may i ask what size yours are in? 💓

  3. The fact that I was like I need that cardigan and then realised I’m wearing the exact same one. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. All these outfits are so cool, but I think some of them are a little too much for school (or at least my school lol) but I would still wear them somewhere else too! Subscribed. 💖

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