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Cast Reunion with Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton | Strike Back | Cinemax

Cast Reunion with Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton | Strike Back | Cinemax

Today, we have
Uncle Strike Backs turning up. So, uh, Philip Winchester
is in today. And, uh, Sullivan Stapleton. -(LAUGHING)
-What’s up brother, man? (CHUCKLES) -(LAUGHING) Some things never
-MAN: Some things never change. Let’s go. It’s just as intense,
if not more. (GUNSHOTS) -It’s like we do it the justice
-Yes. -…that these guys did.
-Yeah. (GUNSHOTS) They’re Section 20 and they’re
busting their asses -and they do an amazing job.
-SULLIVAN STAPLETON: Yeah. It was awesome to watch ’em
while they work together. Don’t tell ’em this,
but they’re my heroes. -Now.
-Come on, one more. Yeah, baby. Good! It’s really cool.
Dream come true. -Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
-(LAUGHING) You’ve gotta start where
they left off. -Yeah.
-Gotta work extra hard,
extra hard. -Which was mental.
-Yeah. (LAUGHS) And then– yeah,
and everyone was like, “So, that’sStrike Back.”On me. That’s not how
we’re doing things. Wasn’t askin’, dickhead. They’ve done an amazing job. -STAPLETON:And we’re not dead.
-(LAUGHING) You know, not yet.
But we could always come back. (LAUGHING)

Reader Comments

  1. Scott and Stonebridge need to come back permanently! I watched the first episode and it's good but its not the same without them!

  2. owhh shit… haha… hell yeahhh….. biggest fan of philip n sully…. glad their back…. eventhough they're back not for good but u get glimpse of them man… damn… thts just awesome

  3. Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton kept quiet about their returning appearance on Strike Back. They got a ton of questions if they’re coming back for an appearance from fans. This definitely made my day.

  4. Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton must come back to the series. Then Strick Back will be the perfect actions series for me in 2018. Greetings from Germany

  5. I really really hope the duo isn't returning to the series just to be killed off like John Porter at beginning of season 2! that will be hard to stomach after the deaths of Locke, Dalton, Baxter, Sinclair & all the other deceased members of section 20! it will be so fucking grim if it did happen!

  6. The way I see strike back vs the new strike back is like comparing Heath Ledger's performance as the joker vs Jared Leto's performance. They never should have written them off. Even though they show up as guests, I don't think the show will survive. Also that's ruined the awesome ending that they wrote going out guns blazing.

  7. What I loved is that Sully and Stonebridge constantly reloaded their weapons, like it were real life. They also did things like press checks, transitions to their secondary weapon, and also fired from different shooting positions. It was like watching a well choreographed dance; their tactics were solid. The new SB team try to replicate the same tactics, but fall somewhat short in delivery. It's still the best action series on television right now.

  8. Just finished watching episode 9 I got so hyped when Micheal and Damien made an appearance I wanna watch the finale already😂👌🏿💯

  9. Phillip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton brought the series back to life with their great chemistry. The new team is boring so far. No chemistry. Just like True Detective S2.

  10. First 3 episodes weren't the best and considered blanking it but as a huge SB fan I carried on watching and I am glad I did all the cast have done well and played their roles very good

  11. On the last episode Stonebridge says to Scott let's go to sao Paulo. So next series could be with them in Brazil!😎😎

  12. The better part of Retribution? Sorry to say, but it has been the five minutes they were on. Not only they are having real chemistry and brotherhood in life, and are funny but when they are being tough and badass: they own it.
    Novin is a caricature, and the Captain too and have too much time on screen. The other two boys: we barely see them.
    They killed the only cool character of the show, Jensen… the production/writing team really made a mistake this season. They killed a great memory…

  13. For next season please made a better work with the plot and twists, this one was absurd in many ways, very weak, but i really love the cast

  14. Shit talking and tactical side was always amazing between the original American series. New show falls short. Stonebridge better not die

  15. Should've known Stonebridge and Scott would still do this. They've said numerous times they know how to do nothing else.

  16. This sucks and blows at the same time, our real soldiers must be so pissed off with the amount of bullets flying around and all of them missing, at one point they hide behind an aluminium tool box and the bullets don't even penetrate the roller door, what are they using, nerf guns??? just absolutely shite, and then theres
    the characters, just way to much emphasis on trying to up the woman like in everything these days, and the two blokes are Terrible actors, probably why they brought back the other guys from last season as they saw the show sucks without them

  17. The new actors' characters lack personality and are downright boring. The writers should just let the actors play as themselves since the real life people have way better chemistry danzar characters. The old ones characters are way better.

  18. Apart from the Aussie lance corporal I'm not really feeling any of the new series. I'm honestly just watching to get to the bit where Scott and Stonebridge come back. If I didn't already know that they would be in the new series I probably would have stopped watching after the first episode.

  19. Watched the whole new season.. We need more Scott n Stonebridge . could go back to the start but Porter was never that good

  20. I really enjoyed the new season. I feel like the writers bit of a little more than they could chew with the complexity of the plot, so it was a little jumpy at times, but the action scenes generally felt just as good as the past seasons, and I really liked the new team!

  21. Roxanne McKee should have been Lara Croft instead of that other chick in the recent Tomb Raider movie. She's much sexier and her accent is superior. I love how Stonebridge & Scott are back but Captain Reynolds is one of the main reasons I've been enjoying the new season. She is a BadAss

  22. Please bring them back! It's not the same at all without them. They were the essence of the show. The chemistry and humor just isn't the same. S

  23. Scott and Stonebridge need to come back. chemistry is gone tried watching new cast but just too cheesy. these guys made the show what it was. if they don't come back might as well cancel the series

  24. This show went south big-time when they got rid of Scott and Stonebridge and replaced it with PC bullshit.

  25. I’m so dissapointed WITH SCOTT & MIKEY! 😣 You did NOT take over strike-back back 😣 I watched season 6 retribution and IT SUCKS WITHOUT YOU GUYS (MIKEY AND DAMIEN FULL TIME ON SCREEN!!!) 😣😣😣💔 I’m cutting legit!😣 🥀💔 I cant watch the show without the 2 golden boys signed full time back 😔

  26. Just finished season 6 myself, and it was kind of a letdown. It's quite interesting how virtually the entire fanbase seems to agree.

    The choreography seemed blant and obvious, even sloppy. Scott and Stonebridge were always so solid when it came to movement and communication. The new team just seemed to be standing around just shooting more accurately than the enemies. Scott regularly dropping a F-bomb when bullets came too close, added to the intensity – but like I said, this new team doesn't act that intense at all. God, the first scene with Macallister when an Arab is standing a few feet away from him with a gun ready to shoot him, and all he does is turn around casually and shoot the guy, already immediately showed that Strike Back was going to have less quality. Scott and Stonebridge rocked the entire thing from the first episode.

    It's kind of sad that by episode 9 I realized that I wouldn't experience a sad response to any of the main characters dying. When Scott and Stonebridge came into the picture I was continiously waiting for them to enter the shot, and to me it almost felt as if the new team was just taking their screentime.

    The ending was interesting and screaming 'season 7'. Its as open as an ending can get. I know what most people want, heck even what i want, but its very unlikely that they're just going to put Scott and Stonebridge back and split up the screentime between the now 6 members. The best thing they could do is make different Strike Back variations, with team A and team B.

    Lets see what happens next…

  27. The new season is good, I kinda like the team so far, but sometimes it's like they are trying to copy the "old" characters and attitudes way too much. They should not be acting like copies, they should be them selves and different. A Team up with the original cast would be awesome, they should definitely be part of it …… of the best action TV series ever produced, but only with Philip and Sullivan it's the real deal for me.

  28. Found this series way late and binge watched the entire series. I miss Scott and Stonebridge so much already. At least give them another special forces show together… man they have that IT factor. You can't just replace that with anyone.

  29. 😭PLEASE come back.. 🙏🏾..I just cannot get into the present team. I tried I REALLY did. And they’re not bad, but they’re just not you guys!

  30. Currently watching the new team, it’s not the same but it’s still the best action out there. Best looking women with guns ever!

  31. Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton must to come back to permanently. The original team is the best! (Scott and Stonebridge ).Then everything will be better.

    It will be better to watch the Strike back.

  32. And of course they have to add the Token chick in there that had attitude and just as tough as the boys. This PC bullshit in entertainment has to stop.

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