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Casio F91W Review – The Best Watch Money Can Buy?

Casio F91W Review – The Best Watch Money Can Buy?

On this video, we’re gonna be taking it all
the way back to where my watch obsession started, the Casio F91W. [opening music] So I’ve always been into watches. I mean, I’ve liked watches since I was a little
kid. And yes nowadays I do have really nice watches
and I am exposed to a lot of fancy and expensive watches. But at the end of the day, I’m a watch guy
at heart. Doesn’t matter what the price is. To me a watch guy is a watch guy. I mean, after all there are people out there
that don’t even like wristwatches. �What do you need a watch for? You have cell phone.� So you know who you
are. If you guys like watches, then that’s already
half the battle because there are people that do not like watches at all. For me it started really early. I remember as a kid walking into a pharmacy
for example and behind these glass cabinets they would have these cheesy little stands
with these Casios all lined up with different models. For me, those were my Richard Milles or my
Batmans or so on and so forth. It was like the watches that I wanted. They were sitting there and I think that that’s
where my obsession started. I started off collecting Casios. They were affordable and they were cool at
that time. It was just something that was like, it was
a craze at that time. In the 80’s Casio was booming. [bep] I’m serious. I’m pretty sure as a kid I used to chew on
this strap, you know? Jesus Chris, I’m not joking about that. I mean, were were kids. We were acting wild. [beep] So when I say that the Rolex Submariner is
the most popular and the best watch in the world, I mean in the luxury watch space. In the regular watch world, besides perhaps
a Timex, the Casio F91W is the most classic of all. I mean, it’s probably the watch that’s sold
more than any single watch in this world. Come to think about it, I haven’t held one
in my hand for easily 25 years. So I went on Amazon and I ordered one. Did this thing just beep? Yeah it did! Cool. If I was a little kid, so probably fit perfect,
but it just feels like a piece of [bleep]. Just to tell you the truth, you know? [Bleep] it feels like a rubber band. Feels like a piece of [bleep]. So I went on Amazon and I actually ordered
one and when I received the watch, the first thing that I realized is how small it is. I mean, I put it on my wrist and I was like,
what the heck? It looks like a FitBit of how small it is. But the second I held it in my hand it did
bring back a lot of memories. I mean, these watches were so cool back then. They were like water resistant and you know? Back then for me a watch that could get a
little bit wet and not get destroyed was a big deal, considering that this was a quality
watch back then. So I don’t know where it all starts. I mean, what is it with these Casios that
bring back the nostalgia. I kind of wish that I would have kept all
the Casios that I had in the past. I did have an interesting collection of them. From there they went to the calculator watches
and so on and so forth. This is way before the G-Shock era. But overall, they do have a special spot in
my mind for collections. So, if you’re out there collecting Casios,
I totally understand. Introduced in 1989, the Casio F91W had a retail
price of about $20. It was like $18.95. For some reason, I just feel like it was a
lot more money or I guess I was just a lot younger and it felt like a lot more money. But I do remember being a little bit more
expensive. Nowadays, I’m sure they could probably really
make this for about five cents. But it’s crazy, 1989 you had an alarm, a stopwatch,
a little small LED light, which I don’t even think was LED yet, but it was some type of
small incandescent bulb. Had a lot for $20. I mean, overall I think it’s just the most
universal cheap watch of all time. I’m not exactly sure what the millimeters
are, but I swear to God it feels like a 34mm square case. It feels like it weighs nothing. Twenty grams is what it weighs and Casio produces
around 3 million of these a year. I mean, where are they all or where do they
all go to? I have no idea, but that sounds like a lot
of watches between now and back then 1989. That’s a whole lot of production. Where are they now? There should be an entire island full of them. But this watch is pretty much for me where
it all started. From here, I only wanted to get the higher
model and the better one and that’s kind of where this watch collecting thing goes. You start off with one. You think that you’re happy and you think
it’s the last watch you’ll ever have. Ha Ha. It’s not so easy. [beep] I’m pretty sure I pushed the light button
on mine so many times that I ended up wearing it out. I’m pretty sure. Also remember like as a kid like my fingers
hurting when I would push these buttons in to adjust it. Now with my big ass fingers I feel like I
push it and break the damn watch. [beep] So nowadays in 2019, I feel like this watch
and I don’t want anybody to get upset what I’m gonna say right now, but I feel like it’s
the ultimate hipster watch right now. They make it in a steel band, also in a gold
band, and it’s got it’s thing. It’s something cool. It’s very throwback. So, I feel like this is the ultimate hipster
watch right now. And it’s very in fashion we will say. Crazy part is that Casio has caught on to
that and they actually released the model W217H which is the same watch, but a little
bit bigger. In theory, you would think that bigger is
better, but actually it seems a little bit awkward. I feel like the head is too big and they used
the same size strap, so I’m not really sure that I like it. In this case, I would take the original F91W
over that new version, the W217H. I don’t like it. I think it looks little bit weird. It’s crazy that I did this type of video,
just because I haven’t really done anything like this before. I don’t know where it was that I saw one. I think one of the guys here that works with
me at the office brought one in in a metal band and it completely blew me back all the
way to the 90’s. You know, from here they had these other models
that had like geographic maps in there, which I don’t even know what they were for. You had the calculator one as well, which
was at least five to six different calculator models. Somehow, someway I’m gonna track them all
down just because I wanna reminisce a little bit and go back and get them. [beep] Have you ever try to like cheat in school
like in a math test with one of those Casio calculators? It doesn’t work. It’s like this little ass screen with these
stupid buttons. I had one. It didn’t work, plus teachers caught on to
it. [beep] Overall you get a lot of value with the features
of this watch for twenty bucks under. I mean, it might even be for ten dollars on
Amazon. I can’t remember what I paid for it. But you get a little bit or everything. You get an alarm, you get a stopwatch, you
get a day and a date function. You can’t really ask for more. They last and when it breaks, you throw it
away and just get another one. One thing I noticed is that this watch in
the back says �Made in Thailand.� Pretty surprised it didn’t say, �Made in China,�
especially for that price. I’m pretty sure that the one I had when I
was a kid said �Made in Japan.� Don’t quote me on that, but I’m pretty sure. But overall that makes the Casio F91W the
best cheap electronic watch in the world. They actually make counterfeits. I mean, that’s pretty bad. I don’t think people are actually buying the
counterfeits wanting a counterfeit. I think they’re just getting ripped off. They’re buying it thinking they’re getting
a real Casio when they’re not. Easiest way to check is push this button all
the way to right, hold it down and it will say �Casio.� Now, I don’t think that will
last for long before they have obviously the counterfeits are doing that too, but it’s
a quick easy way to check you’re Casio to know if it’s original. [beep] Back then this was like getting like a gold
Sub and then when the calculator ones came it was like the Richard Mille tourbillons. When you got it it was like check out my Richard
Mille tourbillon. [beep] The watch is just water resistant. It’s not until the later versions that came
out that then became 50 meters water resistant, which is still not much by the way compared
to like a Sub or something of that nature. But water resistant means, don’t splash me. That’s pretty much what it means in my book. It’ll be like a matter of time before somebody
makes like a whole baguette chandelier off of one of these Casios and floods it all down. [beep] Who knows? I’m sure DJ Khaled already has an F91 chandelier
by now. I called her chandelier! [beep] I’m literally gonna track down these on the
Internet and try to find a good amount of the ones I used to have and see if I could
buy them. I want like the original ones, not the new
remakes. It’s nostalgia, you know? Something different. [beep] Overall I think Casio it’s an amazing digital
watch brand and feel free to comment below how you feel about the Casio F91W and if you’ve
ever had one and don’t forget to hit the notifications bell till it looks like this and if you liked
this video, please like and share. Also, subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric, this is Watch Your Style!

Reader Comments

  1. Damn, Eric reviewing Casio watches! I'm impressed! Thanks for sharing where Watch Your Style came from 😉

  2. I recently bought the metal bracelet silver casio for 20 bucks. Forgot the model. Must be honest…sick watch. I wear it and love it. Of course i like my Sub way more lol. But this casio is bad ass. Gives a warning beep top of hour…gives an led at night. I used to love this watch in the 90s. Im glad i bought it again.

  3. When I was a kid age 10 which was 1965 those 'pharmacy' watches used to be Timex–hehhehe,,  I have a CASIO sports watch on now, WR to 100 meters and I shower with it on sometimes no problems. Great watch to wear when I mountain bike, exercise, etc.. if I fall its better to throw out a CASIO than an expensive T swiss sports watch

  4. Great video, congrats! My first watch was a Technos in the early 80’s, but I had some Casios in the late 80’s early 90’s. Then in 1995 I got a summer job and with all the money I earned I managed to buy a Tag Heur 2000 Chronograph (which I still have it until today).

  5. Just got a Casio W-800H a few weeks back when my Oris 65 stopped at the gym…this watch does it all plus 100M water resistant to swim or shower…$17 bucks on Amazon and does more than my Hulk and Omegas combined…cool retro piece

  6. Benefit of having Casio watches is that they are affordable and that means you can buy a lot of different ones and have fun with them. They are my favorite

  7. I remember the 1st time I saw the blue light instead of the green!!! You would have thought I saw an angel

  8. WOW Eric, you just went 100 steps up in the "best watch and lifestyle influencer" ladder for me. It shows up and coming watch enthusiasts (like me) that it is just ok to also love certain models from low-tier brands (I personally love the citizen bullhead vintage chrono and the seiko pogue); it shows that passion for watches is something that is not exclusive to snobs or people who make millions. Our passion will get us (in time) to our own personal RM / JLC / VC grail models, but this video reminded us collectors that it is the journey and not the destination, the one we should love and enjoy. Respect.

  9. Been collecting G-Shocks for the past few years now and currently have about 180-185 or so. Last big pick up was the Optimus prime set and these are what my collection consist of. All limited collectibles, except for my Frog-men and a few others. But my daily wearers are my GMT II, or my Apple Watch. Unfortunately my G’s are my baby’s! G-Shock cases and tower to go with the collection and I’ve even met the creator of the brand and I can say that he’s a real nice guy!
    Love the vids brother! Keep it real and keep me coming!

  10. That was my first watch. Ive got the gmw-b5000d for nostalgy purposes. I wear it and also the skx009 and sarb017 when i go to chill to nowhere (travel vacations, specially at south africa that frightened me a bit when i was simply wearing an iwc le petit prince watch).

  11. Great video and lovely watch! Of course I have got one too, every watch lover in The Netherlands owns one. We call it the "OBAMA & OSAMA" watch, as they both owned one. Obama still does I think 😉 Regards from Hollland! Thank you 🙂

  12. I hear there is now a 2 year waiting list for this watch!!! 😂😂😂 Nice to see a review that we can all buy anyway we wanted

  13. We all have our humble beginnings. For some of us it ended up with us having drawers or cabinet stocked full of G-shocks and Seikos. LOL
    It'll be nice if you could share with us how your Casio collection led to your first automatic, luxury, tourbillon etc etc watch.

  14. Check out the Casio G Shock GW5600, carbon fibre, magnesium, solar powered, atomic clock. I've loads of G Shocks but its the one I wear most days.

  15. I there, I really like your vids and your thoughts about watchs.
    i’m Thinking about getting a Rolex oysterquartz.
    I think I would not be the only one to appreciate to have your opinion on this unusual Rolex.

  16. Thanks pal!!!

    Now because of your video there is a waiting list and double the retail for this casio!!! (Sarcasm)

  17. I'm from Portugal and I buy one when I was a kid! I'm 35 now! I recognize instantly….. Very very cool

  18. Casio de Acero is my favorite; In fact, my brother has a 1983 steel casio that is highly valued.
    On another topic; Richard Mille watches are very expensive: precious metals, engineering, sapphire letters and complications, do you think these are good alternatives ?:
    -Tag Heuer carrera calibre Heuer 1
    Ref: CAR2A1N.FT6100
    -Hublot Aerofusion Titanium Bracelet
    Ref; 528.NX.0170.NX
    -Bell & Ross
    BR-X1 Tourbillon R.S.18
    -Zenith Defy El Primero 21
    Ref: 95.9000.9004/78.M9000

  19. Cool man. I got mine in the fifth grade. Riverside Elementary here in little Havana. Early 1980's. I bought it right there around your shop in downtown. They still are sell them around your shop.

  20. Eric what is your ethnic background? My great grandmother was named Maria Rivera and her mother's name was Felix Torres. Both were descendants of Spanish heritage but lived in Mexico.

  21. I used to have a casio game watch back in '87. My class mates loved it. Wish i still had it. It was the GR5 winning racer.

  22. I've had my CA53W calculator for 16 years. Only had to change the band last year. Best part, same battery still!!!

  23. Yo Eric, please teach me to appreciate a Cartier , I just hate them….. REALLY … I don't see y it's worth it … Make a video on cartier

  24. I love the f91w, great watch, I have mine on a black nato 18mm strap, it's great, very light on the wrist, very accurate and reliable, easy to read, and cheap too, mine cost only £7 and the nato was only £3, so that's £10 for a smart, reliable and accurate watch, what's not to love👍

  25. I remember owning a Casio watch when I was a teenager in the 1980 I didn't even know if there was a watch brand name Rolex at that time.

  26. A watch is functional jewelry. Also easier to look at the time than to go to the smartphone. I like the Rolex you are wearing.

  27. Thumbs up!! Still collecting G Shocks as well <3 And why the hell not – it‘s Part of my childhood and i feel really young again when wearing them

  28. So enjoying to watch you on this on.
    You should try the light blue F91-W:

    1) plastic moore nice feel
    2) still light and small and nice
    3) perfect color for sumer

    Best summer watch!

    But I miss a Timer on it, and it should have 4 bottons. They should be made in Japan.

  29. Thanks for the video eric.these were supercool in the eightees.i seem to have been totally into rotary watches in 1989.

  30. look what i found on aliexpress for your richatd miles

  31. Great to see you going back to your watch lover roots. The F91W is an amazing beater/travel watch. I grabbed one for work ( I work in manufacturing) and it's also great for traveling so if something happened I'd just buy another.

  32. I love it! I still have my first Timex which got me excited about watches, 1st communion present.tons of sentimental value.46 years old now.Bought my first rolex and 50.Thought I would buy one but no I was bitten hard.Have 7 now and 8th is on the way. I love them. I look forward to Eric's videos the most.Good job brother

  33. I don't get the hype ove the f91. Its so small my 10 year old won't even wear it. Maybe if it was bigger but then just get a G shock

  34. Eric please do more Omega and Vc I would love to see your take on these brands. Also I love that you appreciate all price levels that's dope and it shows your true passion.

  35. I remember a friend of mine had a built in tv remote(it looked like a calculator). I believe it looked the Casio your showing, I remember around 97'-98' we were in 7th grade….. nobody knew he had that watch but me, he would turn on and off the TV in the classroom!😆🤣… the teacher would look around the classroom like WTF, is going on…..she never found out what was going on, so she had the tv replaced 😆… this continued on for some time, I remember that the maintenance dude was called in one time while we were in class he was left scratching his head…..the teacher and maintenance people never found the "problem". So she eventually disconnected the tv when it wasn't in use. Man that Casio brought back memories

  36. I thought this video was for April fools… I ain’t never thought I’d see this kid review a Casio LOL 😆 wowzers this dude could make a $10 watch look a million bucks. What a guy. Loving my Casio more now LOL 😂

  37. Casio F91 was and still is the prefered watch for terrorist will garner you unwanted attention in airports and secure U.S.goverment sites makes an excellent timing device for I.U.D,s and semtex exposives masked in everday electronics.

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