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canvas chimney section for military tent

canvas chimney section for military tent

right YouTube exert laughs life and on a package to turn up today just the standard post on his back 10 until there but it was all black don't know I've got a nine by nine British sonic command post ten couple weeks ago last week to me to go throw got weeks gone and I'll put a picture in here there you go and and that the main reason I wanted it was because few weeks before that I bought a nice thick wood stove the economy's a wood stove and tape without the flue cover or this is listed as the chimney canvas cover I've got this anchor anchor supplies I think it was they were not nine by nine and British our Arctic temps and I was looking at the Arctic ten because a slightly bigger but I want the Headroom over six foot tall and I'm sick of ducking and diving from tents lot of a tent fan but I do love this nine by nine I've had it up Danny allotment and hence episode if you're my facebook my so they come up pieces off the frame built in my living room you there's a crack intense so this any supplies it's listed on there is 19 pound fifty and its listeners brand-new and it's even where I was made I said it's bottom inside is top inside edge and there's immaculate really well-made and that's all double stitched single stitch training outside mainly because if you do choose to stitch it that'll be the second stitch stitch it but the thing I had to do I'm fontina so I've got big full-on proper wood-burning stove with a fall its flu and a lot of these Bell tent covers and stuff I've seen what for two-inch flows across miles for four points from Inc inches so this would be the four points I mean kids it's listed as they're in the forage a way that opens up that should keep majority of the water so that's the enzyme that skip over show you were to get on the inside yeah cordage here which actually looks like it in the amount by night it's super bowls when you're not using it you can zip it up I've just closed up temporarily save time open it she'll a canvas chimney modification kit 2012 maybe mm and then the nsnumber and lms Franklin limited stitches gone for the popover either looks like good airiness frankly must be the company and make them yeah the same sort of brand-new difference between brand new canvas like this it's really ridges like a waxy feed coat / – it's over the apex of the brief passing shot down off it the same on the side I would have three inches over the side the tenth moment I'm decided to glue it on because it's bad enough we're going to cut a hole in the roof from the 10 put the load the holes in their profit can't find anywhere mostly to machine stitch it to do this by hand so yeah I'm just going to glue it on if the glue comes away what can we stick it back down it's not a problem but if a stick she comes away and I'm at in the field I'm gonna have to do glue it back down anyway fancy stitching this – fall in the middle of December it's got top the lay is a fireproof material I'm sure watching a shot now everything's not clear that is fabric goodies what material is it's fireproof and a lot of people who self lose flashing have the black one that's like a latex rubber plastic nobody is silicon I think it is that the black one takes like 125 degrees and the brown red colors one takes about 250 degrees and I'm worried that my flu gets to about about 3 to 500 degrees maybe to put on how well I spoke the fire so I need something sufficient and this looks like the better job this white cardboard it's rock solid because to stick that on I need to let's go friend I need to get the tent up to do it and at the moment I'm John a soft ground work out Danny allotment to get the new shed it's getting delivered next weekend and then hopefully next Sunday to Shepherd you up and they'll be space to put the 9 by 9 up and then stick this he ever really not looking forward to that first cut effort a great big hole in the tent I'm gonna try and cut the hole and attend the same size of this black material same dimer for ya that's a scary stuff got the tips about gluing laughter here I've had gridded blue silicon we've got some grip grab stuff for some he got work but again it doesn't have to be permanent permanent because if it does peel off after a couple of weeks it's fine I can just reach take it down I broke the main reason for after this 10 is it's damn awesome the of 9 by 9 really you know the 12 points well sometimes it's cheaper than online buy mine but it's just too big too much to pull away I put the 9 by 9 up in 12 min 11 minutes 12 minutes by myself the first time I put it up so that's the 10th free cover hold a chimney canvas section I will put a link in the description down below for anchor supplies right bought it from and you can check out the stuff they've got on there right TTFN 73 catch your next time hopefully the next video or this will be installed on the 10th if a winner camping and long-term bug out oh so I'm a Bible Adam I just live in a tent yeah yeah 19 pound 50 and about a 5 a PMP turned up about three days worth

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  1. It's called an Exhaust Jack, or Stove Jack. You should be able to get Canvas Glue in the UK which is Bloody strong and stays flexible. .

  2. Yello mate , in the video you said that you were gunna cut the hole the size of the diameter of the black stuff , surely you only wanna cut the size of the flu , the rest is to spread the heat ??
    All the best ,73

  3. hi buddy . nice kit . always good when theys something too play with . hopefully one time too get myself a dutch army hoop bivebag . ha ha one day . ATB too you an family

  4. They work well, I got mine from exactly the same place and it worked well. Hopefully see you again at the Shaky Christmas event.

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