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Canadian War Museum displays Camouflage Exhibit

Canadian War Museum displays Camouflage Exhibit

now it wouldn't be a show on military museums if we didn't show you the latest display here at the Canadian War Museum here is the camouflaged exhibit camouflage came about because of the way the First World War was fought with aerial observation really wasn't possible before and long-range high-powered weaponry the need to hide things and people to survive and to fight effectively became hugely important in a way that really didn't exist before all of the examples from the First World War are hand-painted and that includes an American First World War helmet from the Canadian War museums own collection it's an extremely rare example very few of them exist we have the first armband of the French camouflage section which features a chameleon and also fantastic parade of uniforms that show both the evolution of camouflage right through a dazzling display of uniforms from all around the world one of the more intriguing things that we have in there is a fake tree First World War challenges how do you see on the battlefield when you're in the trenches and so what was done is take faithful sketches of trees and proximity to the battlefield and then go back to a workshop recreate that tree with a hollow core than by cover of night chop down the first tree put up the the armored tree and then someone very brave and very small would climb up inside of it and observe the battlefield from that perspective we also have the only examples of French papier-mache heads that were used to pop over the the parapet of the trench as a way of drawing sniper fire to then identify the positions of the snipers we also cover the more elaborate scheme of the Second World War the phantom army plans we have an example of a British para para dummy and an American para dummy a vietnam-era soldiers boot that has the soul of a sandal so as a way of concealing a soldier's footprints a fake tread

Reader Comments

  1. The art of camouflage is impossible to be linked to an original as history has only been recorded for about 5,000 years and anybody before that could have used a type of skin or dye to conceal themselves while hunting.

  2. They may have been the first to be given official camouflage uniforms but obviously others would have done something similiar to it before.

  3. the german ss were the first to use camo, and their comrades made fun of them calling them tree frogs, saying a true soldier use's field grey!

  4. the NVA or viet cong would not fall for that, and would know its the americans, the sandal tread is more realistic. but they need the tire tread which is what the vietnamese used for sandals.

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